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The air is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. The leaves are starting to change color as farmers haul in their harvests. Fall is upon Bellacoste!

Something’s cooking! Smells great, but needs a little longer in the oven: our event update is coming next week. Our intermission quests and all previous event quests remain available! In the meantime, we have a lot to share with you to tide you over!

Our Fall seasonal quests Pumpkin Picking and Fall Harvest have returned! Joining the seasonal lineup is Forage and Findings. Ready to get out into the autumnal weather?

Our September monthly quests are back, too! Joining Schoolhouse Shenanigans and Autumn Exploration are two new quests, Campfire Magic and Redwick Cabin Cleaning. These new quests grant a little mage or knight experience, so be sure to do them while they’re here!

That’s not our only quest update this month! In addition to our seasonal and monthly quests, we’ve added 10 brand new Callings!

A line up of the 10 new Callings, these badges alternate between bronze, silver and gold.

Our new callings, from left to right: Trickster, Seafarer, Safari, Meteorology, Party, Loner, Nobility, Commoner, Urchin… and finally, Overachiever!

The Overachiever badge is a special badge for characters that love collecting badges! The Overachiever badge is earned by collecting 45 Gold Badges from any of our Callings on one character and grants a title: Overachiever.

This special badge will grant a +5 coin bonus on any future quests done with that character.

Those with the moxie to complete such a feat will also be rewarded with the Overachiever profile badge to forever show off their accomplishment!

Ready to claim your Overachiever badge? Since this badge is a massive achievement, its claim is in Badges & Reward Claims instead of in Callings.

Fall flower divider

Our Fall seasonal pippets are back! Check in with Amaryllis at the Pippet Shop to pick up Maizard, Spungus, Red Spungus, and Chiropon! Don’t forget about Pupkin and Cursed Pupkin who will be available in October only.

Maizard PippetSpungus PippetRed Spungus PippetChiropon PippetPupkin PippetCursed Pupkin Pippet

Two new pippets have been discovered in Brouzet! Welcome Appowl and Cactopus! Both are available in the Pippet Shop now!

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Fluorspar Foundlings has reached out to us, desperate for help! Their program is working well… too well! Word has spread to the far corners of Bellacoste, and poor Vespilet and Romulon are suffering a bit from their success. There’s too many orphans!

Vespilet and Romulon trust you, as one of their most valued benefactors. Will you answer their plea and sponsor a child? Your help will keep Fluorspar Foundlings’ doors open and lights on.

Starting now, orphans that have been available in Fluorspar Foundlings for a long time will become available for Golden Rhyo as well as remaining adoptable with a Foundling’s Seal!

Think carefully before you adopt, however! There are more uses for Golden Rhyo on the way in the future.

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This September marks one year of Ko-fi! We’re running a special event all month: SUB-TEMBER! We’re celebrating and we’d love it if you joined us!

For the entire month of September, all new and existing members will receive a BONUS Noble Coin! That’s right, from Seedling to Bouquet, all tiers will receive +1 Noble Coin for being subscribed in the month of September! Like most Ko-fi rewards, these will be handed out in the first week of the following month, giving you right up until September 30th to become a member and benefit from this special offer!

That’s not the only way we’re celebrating! Starting this month, members that have supported us for an unbroken year will receive a brand new profile badge marking their anniversary, the Beautiful Bouquet! This badge will be rewarded to anyone at any membership tier, even if they’ve changed tiers, as long as they’ve never missed a month. Thank you so much for your support!

A beautiful bouquet of flowers with unusual bronze roses.

The Blossom ($20) membership tier is getting upgraded! With how tight budgets have become this year, we wanted to make this tier a more appealing option for people. Starting this month, members of the Blossom tier will receive a Ko-fi Parcel every month! These parcels will contain 1-2 of the same items or currencies that Bouquet tier members receive, but randomized. That means you could get the rarest item available to them, or maybe just coins! It’ll be different for everyone, every month.

A colorful envelope sealed with a flower.

Do you like pippets? Coffee and tea? Are you a member of our Ko-fi? Boy, do I have news for you!

Available now we have three NEW coffee and tea-themed pippets in our Ko-fi Shop! These pippets are different from others we’ve offered in the past, and are only available to be purchased by members of our Ko-fi. Which is your favorite: Cawfee, Gyogon or Cinnabun?

This wraps up our Ko-fi updates! Thank you again for your support over this past year. Your memberships have directly impacted our ability to continue working on Pouflons, as well as produce new merch! Speaking of which… expect to hear some merch news, and soon!

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It's Sub-tember, but it's also Suki-tember! Members of our Discord chat banded together today to put together a daily prompt list... all about Ursuki!

Participation is purely optional! Join us in celebrating those good, good Ursuki this month!

Don't have one of your own? Why not check out Ursuki open for gift art or our NPCs? Don't forget gift writing is an option as well!

Fall flower divider

I hope you enjoyed this month’s updates, we’ll see you in another week with our event– wait, hang on. There’s something else? Bellacoste may be cooling down, but Brouzet is heating up.

We’re well on our way. When the east wind blows, turn into it. Take your first steps into the unknown, but tread carefully. Danger lurks at every branch in the path. 

But the higher the danger, the more valuable the reward. Dig into the dunes, but keep an eye on your surroundings! Thunder rumbles above and unspeakable things shift the sands below.

Introducing Buried Treasure, a new activity in our Specialty Market.

At random intervals during the month, Pouflons Staff will load this shop with a random number of Buried Chests, treasure that contains exclusive items unavailable anywhere else, if you’re lucky!

You can also drop unwanted items into the dunes, you naughty litterers, you! Have an item you want to donate for other users to grab? Simply select “Donate” on items in your inventory and cast them into Brouzet!

Think carefully before picking up an item, as you can only dig up treasure once a week, or every 7 days. But don’t tarry too long, or the item you wanted might be gone!

Oh, by the way, you might want to check it out now, because in celebration of its launch we’ve buried 20 chests. Good luck!

The journey to get here has been long, and it will be longer still before we’re done. This may be your last chance for reprieve before diving fully into the unknown. Will you take a moment to rest and recoup at the oasis?

An arcane storm looms in the distance, the smell of ozone thick, even here. Monsters lurk, shadows without a name. At least here you can take comfort in the familiar. Pippets sleep and play peacefully, even as the storm rages on the horizon.

A luckolotl tugs at your fur. Maybe a little companionship for the road isn’t a bad idea? Would you like to take it with you?

We’re absolutely overjoyed to announce the return of the previously retired familiars, Luckolotl, Hermyte and Ubra!

All users can now purchase a Luckolotl Carrier, Hermyte Carrier and an Ubra Carrier that will allow you to choose a Blue or Yellow Ubra from the Pippet Shop.

Because we’re licensing use of these familiars, only one carrier of each is available for coins. For extras and all of their variants, look no further than our Ko-fi Shop, where all of these familiars are now available for unlimited purchases!

Thank you for sticking it out with us! We hope you enjoyed this update and all the Brouzet teasers. We’ll see you next week with the next part of Fog of War!

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Hey there! Did you know we have our own Ko-fi? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peeks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our Etsy Shop! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own Discord? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission Cake or Rhiow for a Custom Design or Redesign?

The August Raffle ends on September 7th, be sure to get your entries in!

The Crown Cafe will be cycling in all new stock for Fall on September 7th, be sure to make any final purchases on Summer Stock before then!

Fluorspar Foundlings is once again accepting new orphans. The monthly cap for Golden Rhyo has reset!

Chester and Mochi will be opening the Legend Shop as normal from September 10th through September 20th.

Did you know we have Twitter? What about ToyHouse? Not to mention the newest social added to our lineup, Instagram! Follow us for more Pouflons content!

Have you seen our Endemic Life Survey? We’re accepting any and all suggestions!

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our Discord and select the changelog role!

August Change Log:

Aug 4th: The remaining mod sales have been consolidated into a single sales post!

Aug 5th: As threads begin to unravel the true name of this event is revealed! It is not Deep Below nor Starfall. This year's event scenario is known only as "Fog of War"! As such, the on-site gallery has been renamed from "Deep Below 2022" to "Fog of War 2022".

Aug 10th: Fluorspar Foundlings now has a shop icon! You may need to clear your browser cache or use ctrl+F5 to do a hard refresh in order to see the update!

Aug 16th: Pippets and carriers have been divided a little more specifically! There is now a “Retired Pippets” category as well as an “Event Pippets” category! Retired pippet carriers will still group with their original carrier grouping so to reduce inventory clutter, but opened carrier boxes will sort the retired pippets into their own category! Pippet carriers have been moved to the bottom of your inventory page so you can get to your items faster! Fear not, your carriers are still there!

Aug 27th: Our Market Shops page has seen another small update! You may need to do a hard refresh or clear your cache to see the update. A new section has been added between Coin Market and Cash Market: Speciality Market. This is for “shops” that don’t use a true type of coin, like Fluorspar Foundlings. The shops have also been centered… looks so nice!

Aug 28th: All Callings have been updated to reflect that you can submit your submissions together instead of separately for the three badges!


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