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Hello everylon! Yesterday we began some significant updates to our site, notably the top navigation bar and the shop splash page! These updates had to be pushed live for us to continue working on them and so that we could find bugs, so you can see them now! They just aren't quite done/smoothed out yet, so you may encounter some issues for the next few days.

In order to properly see these updates you will most likely need to do a hard refresh on your browser. For most browsers holding CTRL then hitting F5 works, but it's always best to Google for your specific browser! If a hard refresh fails, you may need to clear your browser's cache.

Current Updates:

  • Navigation Bar: Our nav bar has seen significant updates! Everything that used to be there is still there, just in a different layout. We've also added a lot of NEW links, like to Pippets for example!
  • Shops: Our shops have been consolidated to a single page that hosts both coin and cash shops as well as Fluorspar Foundlings, our Ko-fi and our Etsy! This link is now found under Explore -> Play -> Market Shops!
  • Mobile: Our mobile nav bar wasn't playing nice on phones, so the GUIDES link section has been turned into a static link for mobile users only. Clicking that link will take you to a page where all the Guide links are hosted.

All of this is still a work in progress so some things will still be shifting around in the coming days, so hang tight! When it's all done we hope the browsing experience will be much nicer.

If you run into a critical bug, please submit a Report to let our team know!

Issues we are aware of:

  • Some themes may need color tweaks.
  • Some text is smaller or in a different font than it should be. FIXED: requires another hard refresh or cleared cache!
  • Dropdown links are appearing jumbled. FIXED: requires a hard refresh or cleared cache.
  • Mobile users are encountering problems with the link menus. FIXED: required consolidating Guides links into a link page instead of menu for mobile only.

For live updates on this process, please join our Discord!


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