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July is here, and it’s time to make the plunge! Our July event Selstice has begun!

Last year, our summer was consumed by fighting back monsters from the Rift! Aequor has reached out to the mainland to offer us a more relaxed introduction to their sovereign city in our returning quest, Welcome Back to Aequor. Don’t feel like getting wet? Delve into our two NEW event quests! Queen Nouvel has invited King Ericius to mainland Bellacoste for a diplomatic meeting in Fish out of Water and they need your help guarding his procession and showing him around! The city of Chrysanthos needs your assistance in creating and passing out wanted posters in Comet’s Trail.

Our July monthly prompts have returned! It’s time to get back to nature at Summer Camp! Gather around the fire to spin spooky stories in Campfire Stories. There’s a new quest that grants a little experience as well if you’re up to the task, Guarding the Boardwalk.

Everybody’s favorite mysterious capricorn vespire has thrown open his door to all tourists! Our Selstice Shop has returned with all of your seasonal favorites!

All Selstice items other than pippets have been added to our Cash Shop as well.

Oh my, what’s this? It looks like a new pippet has appeared in the Selstice shop! Looks like Aequor is trusting us with the care of the Citriark, an intelligent but temperamental companion! Citriark is a new Summer pippet!

A Selstice guest artist advent will begin later this month, starting on July 13th!

Our June events have come to a close, and what a ride they were!

The Baby Boon sale in our Cash Shop has ended and Bloom, Geode and Sprout Tickets as well as Growth Potions have returned to their normal prices.

Did you catch that Baby Boon Recruitment is now active year-round? Recruit your friends and earn rewards any time!

In June, we hinted at some upcoming quests geared towards helping new and established players become proficient in navigating our site and participating in Pouflons! Lorekeeper Lessons has a planned 18 NEW QUESTS, but due to some upcoming layout updates, development is currently paused.

I’m happy to announce that the first two quests, 1.1 - Beasts of Bellacoste and 1.2 - Choices, Choices! are available starting NOW for you to complete!

These quests are different from our other quests and must be completed in order. Lorekeeper Lesson quests can only be completed once per person.

We would appreciate any and all feedback you have on these new quests as we continue developing the rest! Were they helpful and thorough enough, or is there information on the topics covered that you think would be useful to add? Let us know!

Pippets for Pride was an astounding success this year! In 2021 we raised $1,000.10 for The Trevor Project. This year we raised $5,133.53. With the triple-matching of donations that their board of directors did at the end of the month our donation had power of $15,400.59!

Every donation is a force of good and I can not begin to tell you how emotional the team is over our community’s endless generosity. I’m tearing up! You’re wonderful. We love you. Each and every one of you.

Our donation shop may be closed for the year, but you still have a chance to pick up one last Pride-themed item for FREE! Because of your amazing, mind-blowing donations, we’ve put a free gift in the MYO Shop for ALL users to claim.

This free gift contains a Pridingo Carrier, a choice-box for a baby MYO of your choice and a roll on a loot table containing all of our current Starfall and Pippets for Pride event items. This gift will remain available for the month of July.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Thank you! Thank you so much! The Pouflons community showed its might and together, we made a difference. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Pippets for Pride will return next June!

A new NPC has appeared! Have you seen the Heartwood wanderoot, Chicory? I hope we find out more about them soon!

Our Starfall event quest Starlit will continue through July 19th at 11:59:59PM EST! It’s time to choose which way to escape with Terryn to best avoid capture!

That’s not the only Starfall news this month! 

Both the Star Wings trait and Starfall Tail trait have been updated to add new features!

Star Wings Upgrade: On top of the star shape, star wings can now have moving star markings on only the wings that will stretch and "trail" off the wings. This will work in a manner similar to how Fae wings produce shedding but it isn't traited!

Starfall Tail Upgrade: The shape of the tail is no longer limited to only star or moon shaped, but can now be other planetary shapes as well!

Additionally, we’ve added an ALL NEW trait to the Starfall Shop and Cash Shop, Starfield Atmospheric Effect. This atmospheric trait will allow for orbiting rings, asteroids, comets, or constellations to appear around a character. This can also include solitary stars. The ability to do these things will be removed from atmospheric and will only be accessible via this trait. Normal non-constellation stars will still be accessible via normal atmospheric!

The next part of the event will begin in late July or early August. I hope you’re prepared! You didn’t forget to pack sunblock, did you?

We welcomed three new moderators to our team in June! Fyre and TytoArts are our new FTO Moderators ready to help newcomers get settled in Bellacoste. SeaCrest joined our General and Writing Moderator team as well! Neat-Cat and Grey retired from the General and Writing Moderator team this month, thank you both for all your hard work!

Hey there! Did you know we have our own Ko-fi? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peeks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our Etsy Shop! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own Discord? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission Cake or Rhiow for a Custom Design or Redesign?

The June Raffle ends on July 7th, be sure to get your entries in!

Fluorspar Foundlings is once again accepting new orphans. The monthly cap for Golden Rhyo has reset!

Chester and Mochi are taking a break this month and will not be opening the Legend Shop in lieu of some summer fun!

Our seasonal Coin Design Sale is coming up in August! Time to start saving!

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our Discord and select the changelog role!

June Change Log:

June 1st: The Wander Berry Badge now shows the bonuses it grants for you and your bonded wanderoot!

June 2nd: All Starfall event pippets are now in the Cash Shop as well.

June 13th: Knight and Mage quest pages have been updated with a little more information on each specialization! This information is also on now under the occupation tab!

June 14th: There is now a UNIQUE turn-in prompt for Foundlings. Please use this if you wish to turn in bloom, sprout, or geode designs that you have created in exchange for a Golden Rhyo! It is still located in the Badge & Reward Claims prompt category!

June 17th: Whoops! Cherub Body was missing on the trait list as a trait for cherub ursuki. It's been created! As a reminder, this is a PRIMARY legendary trait for cherub ursuki. It will be back-granted to those that already have it for free.

June 28th: The quest text on Boon Chest Claim has been updated to clarify that a pair of people (recruiter and recruitee) may only claim one Boon Chest!

Example: Cake referred me, so I can claim a Boon Chest for us both. Cake can't then claim a second Boon Chest for my referral!


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