Fluorspar Foundlings

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Vespilet, Romulon and Bread embrace, happy to announce the grand opening of their orphanage

It started with a single child, lost and alone on the streets of Fluorspar.

One might think this was a strange place for a lonely orphan to find themselves, secluded in the southern reaches of the Ebony Wreath. Yet, the remote town had a reputation that, as tenacious as its residents, had reached the farthest corners of Bellacoste.

If you don’t have a home, you’ll find one in Fluorspar. It didn’t matter who you were. What you’d done. Who you loved. Fluorspar welcomed the poor, the broken, the lonely, the downtrodden. The orphans that the rest of Bellacoste forgot.

What was one became many, a city of foundlings that prided themselves on finding worth in everyone. Even the most tarnished could shine once more, if only given the effort.

With hammer and with sweat, the misfits made a house a home. Come what may, give us your worst! We’ll take it with a smile on our faces.

It started with a single child. Now there were many. This was not the family they were born into, but the one that they chose. And, you know what? They couldn’t be happier.

Walk Fluorspar’s winding streets. Immerse yourself in the sights, the sounds, the smells. Enjoy the mountain views. Drink in the scent of the ocean.

And, before you go, consider visiting the city’s orphanage. Pay it forward.

Colorful bunting with yellow, blue and red flags.

Not too long ago, we helped star-crossed lovers Romulon and Vespilet escape the shackles of their unaccepting families. Over hills and broken roads we raced, leading them to Fluorspar– and each other.

The pair never forgot our kindness. Pay it forward. That’s the law Fluorspar lives by. Through stone and mortar, they’ve given their all to give back. The city shines brighter because of us, because of them. 

Introducing [ 𝔽𝕃𝕌𝕆ℝ𝕊ℙ𝔸ℝ 𝔽𝕆𝕌ℕ𝔻𝕃𝕀ℕ𝔾𝕊 ], home to anylon without one of their own.

Colorful bunting with yellow, blue and red flags.

As part of our ongoing initiative to improve the experience of players new to Bellacoste, we have opened an adoption center with ready-made designs ready to go for those who are unable to or would prefer not to design their own first character for the game.

A NEW option has been added to the [ FTO Box ], the [ Foundling’s Seal ]. By accepting this option, you will forego a FTO myo ticket and will instead gain a single currency to spend at Fluorspar Foundlings. Make sure there’s a design you want before taking this option– once you’ve obtained a seal, you will not be able to get another FTO Box.

Foundling's Seal, a wax seal that allows you to adopt a single character from Fluorspar Foundlings.

Where do the designs come from? When a baby (bloom, geode or sprout) design is surrendered to us, they’ll be put into Fluorspar Foundlings. But that doesn’t happen all that often!

That’s where donating designs comes in. Do you enjoy designing characters, but don’t want to use them yourself? Why not donate them to Fluorspar Foundlings?

What’s in it for you? Well, for each donated design, you will be granted a single [ Golden Rhyo ], a brand new currency that I think you’ll find very interesting, very soon.

You can earn up to three Golden Rhyo a month by designing a bloom, a geode and a sprout for Fluorspar Foundlings.

A Golden Rhyo, a mysterious new currency with a heart shaped hole in it. Said to bring good luck to the bearer.

Be sure to read the paperwork before you get started!

Colorful bunting with yellow, blue and red flags.

To all newcomers who have accepted a FTO myo ticket but have yet to make a character: you now have the option to exchange your ticket for a Foundling’s Seal! Our FTO Moderators (the Royal Gardeners in our Discord) are ready to help you.

To exchange your FTO ticket, either comment in the #newbie-help channel on our [ Discord ] or submit a [ Claim ] with “Foundling’s Seal” in the URL section of the Claim.

We hope you enjoy this update! We’ll see you later this month with Lorekeeper Lessons, a brand new set of quests that will help you through your first few weeks playing Pouflons.


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