Pippets for Pride Charity Auction

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Im here to greet you on this, the last day of may to say we have a lot of exciting things coming up for the month of June! As some may know last June we raised $1000 in benefit to the Trevor Project as part of our Pippets for Pride event! This year we'd love to double that amount, which you'll hear more about in the coming days! But in order to help with that goal our guest artists have created a batch of designs to celebrate Pride this month.

All proceeds from these auctions will go towards the Trevor Project! The dates of when each design will go up is listed below the previews. See you tomorrow for the start of our celebration!

This advent features the talents of: peregyr, kamodo030, lynstrommr, teadino, onioned (leek), lord-starryface, crystalgryphon, bearwithglasses, and heavendeluxe!

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