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Hello one and all! Thank you for our patience in April while we worked hard on our massive site update. I have some updates for you about that to kick May off!

I’ll start with the bad news first– this update was substantially bigger than any of us anticipated when we started it and isn’t completely done. There are a lot of small things that still need to be done, and when you add them all up there’s a significant amount of work left to do. The team will continue working hard this month to fully complete the update.

HOWEVER! The big parts are done, and that means I can tell you the good news– new MYOs and Design Updates are open once again! Keep in mind that our update isn’t completely done, so there may be some rough patches along the way. We’ll be available in [ Discord ] to help you through it!

Let me take a moment to show you what we did and elaborate on what still needs doing. Last month, we completely rehauled our trait system as well as cleaned up our item database. If you take a look through the [ Encyclopedia ] you’ll find a wealth of new information on every single item in the game as well as most traits.

Let’s take a look at [ Items ] first!

Let’s peek at the Deepsea Potion as an example. All items should now tell you what they do, what traits or effects can now be applied by them if applicable, where you can get it, and how much it costs.

Some traits links may be broken currently as we did the item update before we worked on traits, but never fear! Before all is said and done, everything will be working as intended.

Oh yeah, before we move on? You can sell any item that can be bought for coins back to the shop, too.

But what about [ Traits ]? Let’s look at Heterochromia.

Not all traits have completed information quite yet. When they’re completed, they should look a lot like this example. Each trait will have information on what it is, where to get it, who it can be applied to, not to mention example images (in some cases, multiple!) and a little flavor text, too!

You may have noticed that this is specifically Heterochromia for ursuki! Many traits now have what’s called “sub-traits”. These traits allow us to have traits that are the same or similar to each other grouped but exclusive to the species they can be applied to. You can even group traits that other species have, but in another rarity tier! That means more clarity and more visual examples!

What we’re currently working on to complete this update is primarily example images and flavor text, so we’re practically done! We’ll continue to work hard to finalize this update. I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

Once everything is completed, we’ll make another announcement. I predict that we’ll be done in a couple more weeks, but if it takes longer than that, the update may get rolled into the June announcement.

As you saw above, a lot of things have changed! There’s quite a hefty list– and more changes will be coming before we’re all through. Here are some notable changes so far:

  • All of our seasonal shops have been renamed to reflect the Bellacoste holiday they occur during instead of the month.
  • The way the Enchanted Length Modifier functions has changed! It now works as a modifier for size, length and visibility, replacing traits that affected only these things in the past (ie: chibi wings, transparent wings, etc).
  • Pouflon hybrids have had a monopoly on dragon-style horns for a long time. No longer! Vespires now have all three styles– Sulfury, Spiney and Spade– as enchanted traits. Pouflons no longer have access to the named traits, but instead have a catch-all trait similar to Cherub Horns named Dragon Horns. Yes, this means that with the appropriate potions and spells, you can access other vespire-style horns as well. Like their nose horns or royal horns? They’re yours!
  • The various Unicorn Horn styles have been rolled back into a single trait for Pouflons with an example image to show some of the different horns you can get! Unicorn Horns are no longer available to vespires or ursuki without the use of the appropriate Cherub and Unicorn potions or amulets as the unicorn traits come from a special pouflon-only sub-type.
  • Speaking of sub-types, they cause a bit of havoc with traits and sub-traits. We trimmed down a couple of extraneous ones this past month, Leviathan and Sea Dragon. All characters that previously had these sub-types were reassigned as Capricorns, as these traits permit a Capricorn-like transformation. The Capricorn sub-type will be assigned to all characters with these traits moving forward! However, these traits still have to be applied by their event-specific potions and spells and can not be applied via Capri Potion or Amulet.
  • Scales! There were so many scales! Capricorn Scales went away as a specific trait and is now an innate feature that you can add to any Capricorn character. We added a new secondary trait to replace Capricorn Scales– Capricorn Form. This trait grants the shapeshift and nothing else.
  • Color Shifting now allows you to shift your character’s runic color as well!

There is MUCH more to come! That includes new traits, new legendary images for the Weebly and MORE! I can’t wait to tell you all about it when everything is done!

Thank you again for your patience with this update!

We have a couple of new [ Monthly Prompts ] for you to enjoy!

This is a light content update due to the nature and scope of the site update. Our current event quest, [ Sins of the Father ] has completed, but the next part isn’t quite ready to reveal just yet. I can’t wait to share it with you a little later this month. In the meantime, Deep Below and Sins of the Father will remain available to complete as legacy quests.

May is the last month of spring! You know what that means! This is your last month to get the spring-seasonal pippets Bundelion, Chexen and Tulipir in the [ Pippet Shop ]!

Our spring [ Seasonal Quests ] will only be available until the end of May, so if there was one you were hoping to do, time to get to it!

You know what else? The Spring Coin Sale is coming later this month! I hope you’ve been saving! This Coin Sale is going to function differently than the previous two– you won’t be able to bid with coins you don’t have. Money a bit tight? Did you know that you can submit completed works to our [ Gallery ] for a bonus coin?

Hey there! Did you know we have our own [ Ko-fi ]? Ko-fi members get access to a lot of cool perks, including on site rewards, monthly streams, and sneak peaks at what’s coming! Your support directly helps us continue making updates like this one, as well as creating new merch to sell in…

Our [ Etsy Shop ]! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own [ Discord ]? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission Cake or Rhiow for a [ Custom Design or Redesign ]?

The [ April Raffle ] ends on May 7th, be sure to get your entries in!

Confused about the trait or item update? We’re not quite done, but we’re happy to help you with anything you need in our [ Discord ].

[ Sins of the Father ] has concluded, but is still available as a legacy event quest. There’s no new quest yet, but there will be soon!

Did you see the [ Endemic Life Survey ]? It's open indefinitely, so take a look!

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our [ Discord ] and select the changelog role!

I covered a lot of our Changelog updates earlier in the update, so I’ll only cover things I didn’t mention.

April Change Log:

April 2nd: If you didn’t open your Egg Hunt eggs from last year, they were opened for you to allow us to clean up the item list.

April 4th: Our [ Trading Rules ] have changed to be clearer and easier to understand.

April 5th: Raffles now reward bonus coins for bonus effort (backgrounds, featured characters, etc!).

The summer seasonal event has been renamed from Mersummer to Selstice.

April 6th: All Knight and Mage tier boxes and Affinity boxes have had their images redone to more clearly indicate that they're boxes that need to be opened. You may need to do a hard refresh or clear your cache to see this update!

The new knight and mage NPCs have been added to our [ Toyhouse ].

The [ Dawn Garden ] account has had its characters sorted by type and numerical values (NPCs, Slots, Raffles and Auction Designs in that order) to make it easier to peruse! All NPCs have had their gift art/writing toggles set to allowed and their ToyHouse profiles linked for ease of access.

SOME of our NPCs now have pippets! Check them out!

April 7th: A subgallery on site for Deep Below quest chain submissions has been created! any current works that fit that event will be moved there!

April 11th: The enchanted trait "Bioluminescence" is now known as "Glowspeckle". It will still be enchanted in rarity. If your character HAS the event rarity "Glow Speckle" trait you will be compensated for the downgrade!

April 15th: Shapeshifting Affinity and Dimensional Lyss Affinity have been renamed Shapeshifting and Dimensional Lyss respectively. Both have been moved to the Universal Traits category.

April 24th: The legendary Pippets for Pride exclusive trait Rainbow Runic now allows you to shift between an unlimited array of runic colors! Mood runic!


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