April Raffle!

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April's raffle is here and it's the gnuttiest raffle yet! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:
Pouflon MYO Slot (ML #696)
Pouflon MYO Slot (ML #699)
Gnut of Unusual Size
Gnut (x2)
Cherub Horns Spell (x2)

Deadline: May 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to April's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

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fey Avatar

This is my favorite raffle ever !

2022-04-27 21:52:32

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