January Update

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Hello everylon! Oh the things I've got to talk about this month! We've brought so many new and exciting things (and some still to come this month).

  • A new section of Rule #9 has been added and updated. Please read it as it is vital to your interaction with the game! [HERE]
  • New Monthly Quests [here]
  • Event Quests start January 10th and will be [here]
  • Most all quests can be completed with writing, you can find guidelines [here].
  • RP submissions are also applicable for coin claims now. More info can also be found at the guidelines linked above.
  • Until the 15th of this month a super special [Legendary Trait Shop] will be open
  • The [December Shop] will be open until the 9th!
  • Introduction of a whole new species on Bellacoste!
  • A new site banner contest is open now until January 16th for entries! It's called "New Years Wishes."
  • We have a community collaboration prompt this month called "Asterfall Ball" in the Monthly Quests tab, you can read more about it there.

Coming later this month on the 10th is the beginning of the Bloom Event! What does this mean? It means little pouflons will start making themselves known. This will be a new way to get a pouflon as the price of a bloom ticket will be roughly half of a myo slot! There will be more information on this event as it becomes available.

As mentioned above we also have a Legendary Trait Shop! It will be open for 15 days this month and will return every month for 10 days at a time. The stock will rotate and will be more limited in the future, but as this month is the special launch it is both open longer and has more stock.

The last major announcement is about a new species that's waving "hello" in Bellacoste, [Ursuki]! 

"Ursuki are magic beings who resemble tanuki and bears. Their magic specialty is Illusion – they possess unparalleled abilities to create illusive tricks to fool other creatures, which also aid them in fishing and trapping. Their diet consists of fish and insects as well as plants and berries. "

Their myo tickets are available now in shops and we're so excited to see what everyone comes up with!

As a final point of business the December Raffle is wrapping up on January 7th. Lot's of fantastic prizes for the raffle are available. You can find more info on that [here].


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