Endemic Life Survey: Ongoing

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Good evening everylon! The Knight Scouts in Bellacoste have sent you a letter and are looking for a little help! They're doing an endemic life survey and need everylon's help to document the wildlife and plants and ecosystems in mainland Bellacoste, the Ebony Wreath, and in the oceans and Aequor!

Please see inside the letter for further information:


Yes hello! We're hosting open submissions for endemic life in Bellacoste! If you've ever had thoughts or ideas about plants, animals, crops, flowers, monsters, etc that one might find in Bellacoste now is the time to share them via this form!

This is NOT a contest and therefore doesn't have a closing date. Some limitations to submissions DO apply so be certain to read EVERYTHING on the form before submitting.

If you have questions after reading the rules and requirements, as always, you can direct those to the #❔-help-❔ channel in the discord server!


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