Happy Poufiversary!

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Good evening everylon! It’s a very special day today, did you know? One year ago today, Cake and Rhiow bought Pouflons! It’s our… POUFIVERSARY!

We thought we would mark this special occasion with a celebration! Starting today and carrying on for the rest of the month you can look forward to some fun activities, savings, and surprises!

To kick off our celebration, we have a special [ Scavenger Hunt ] that will run through January 31st. There are seven hidden prizes, can you find them all?

We’re running a sale for the rest of the month in the [ Cash Shop ]! ALL normal stock items (coins excluded) are discounted by 15%! This is the biggest shop sale we’ve had to date, so stock up while you can!

This month we’ll be running more [ Discord ] raffles and games than usual, so be sure to join us!

We added two new items to our [ Etsy Shop ]! Stop on by and claim a Puppea or Ichigato Charm!

Thank you for being here with us to celebrate! We’re so thankful for all of you every single day. You make our community such a wonderful place.. We love you! Happy Poufiversary!


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