December 2021 Advent

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Hello everylon, the month of November is almost over and we're happy to announce our December Advent! 12 lovely artists and 12 STUNNING designs will be going up for auction every odd day this December starting on 12/01 and running through 12/23.

Each design will be capless auction, many have bid incentives and come with bonus art so be sure to read each sale carefully to know exactly what you might be going for! There will be no previews before the sales go live so at 12pm EST on the alloted date the sale will fully go live for bidding and end 48 hours after the final bid. With all that said lets get into these amazing designs!



Dec 1st - Gingerbread Snack by ducclord
A sprinkle of sugar, a dash of cinnamon and a lot of love, this pouflon runs their own little travelling bakery!

Dec 3rd - Penguin March by reiitan
A cheerful pouflon who has the gift of bringing snow sculptures to life. They can be seen marching alongside their newfound friend.

Dec 5th - Mistletoe Prince by bearwithglasses
A handsome, elegant prince from a snowy mountain kingdom, this pouflon is known for throwing enchanting parties when winter rolls around.  They're exellent at ballroom dancing, and with mistletoe strung up around their antlers for the holidays, they seem to charm and woo everyone who comes their way. Single and very ready to mingle.

Dec 7th - Revelation by arboret
After the truth comes revelation. Be not afraid.

Dec 9th - Aurora Borealis by kyurikai
This mysterious old pouflon wanders the frosty winter forest helping those in need, using their big fluffy body to keep others warm. Don't worry they don't bite.

Dec 11th - Frosted Embers by lurkwoods
This kind pouflon wanders the snowy south, hoping to help any wayward traveller a bit of respite in their warmth. Helping everylon they can brings them great joy and they can often be found telling wondorous stories filled with hearty laughter to anylon willing to listen. They do look forward to the warmer spring and summer months when they shed the heavy weight of their horns, though.

Dec 13th - Northern Moon by goatr
Without horns or fur, come whiskers and purrs; you may even hear a strange meow! When it's late at night, and the moon's shining bright, this pouf is the happiest around.

Dec 15th - Angel of Light by lusomnia
A small Pouflon who owns a candlemaking shop, where they spend most of their year making candles. During the cold and dark winter months, they walk around all of Bellacoste, donating and gifting the candles to those who need a little more light in these times. 

Dec 17th - Hart-Warming by lynstrommr
This pouflon loves the cold, but struggles to find others who feel the same way. They try to warm up those around them, but keep getting told that they're even colder than the chilly air. Easygoing and genuine, their warm personality makes up for their cold nose.

Dec 19th - Krampus by ponkochi
While there are rumors of a demonic being who punishes bad children during the winter months, this pouflon is anything but that. Despite their somewhat startling appearance, they’re actually a big softie at heart and deliver coal to those that need to warm up during the cold winters.

Dec 21st - Boughs of Holly by jaywalkings
Reticient and reserved, this pouflon shares little about their past. Their broken antler? A souvenir from a scuffle. Their wreaths of holly? In remembrance (but of who?). Their aura illuminates their path on their neverending quest, and they take solace in their solitude... or does it bring them loneliness?

Dec 23rd - Snowshoe by onioned
Among the snowy mountains, a solitary pouflon walks lightly over the fresh snow. The rising sun shines on them, reflecting off the ice of their horns in a prism of light. This pouflon is at home in the cold, and has an uncanny way of traveling easily through the snowdrifts.


Each design has a SB of $100 and a MI of $5
Bidding begins at 12pm EST on their alloted day
Bidding ends 48 hours after the final bid
These are capless auctions with no auto-buy values



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