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Happy November, everylon! Did you get everything you wanted from the October Shop? The Maizard has moved on to the [ Pippet Shop ] for the rest of the season. The shop may have moved on for the year, but Blessings and Curses have not! The [ Blessing and Curses Quests ] will remain active always as a permanent way to alter your character! Additionally, the Blessed Idol and Cursed Effigy will be available in the [ Cash Shop ] year round!

As the Lamentation comes to a close and the vespires emerge from their subterranean song, we ease into the Fete Passing, a somber, bittersweet holiday for pouflons. The air is getting a bit chilly, time to bundle up with our [ monthly quests ], Sweater Weather and Bellacoste Bake Off! Perhaps you prepare for the feast by visiting departed loved ones in an all-new event quest, [ Time of Remembrance ]?

Are you curious about holidays on Bellacoste? A brand new lore page just dropped on our Weebly all about yearly festivals, check it out [ here ].

A couple of months ago we started our revamp of vespire traits. That’s now complete! You can view all of the changes and new traits in each trait subsection for vespires on our Weebly site. Several traits have changed rarity and many more have been added! In the next week, we will be updating all current vespires on site to reflect these changes! Any downgraded traits WILL be compensated accordingly.

Many exciting things are going on behind the scenes on the dev team! In advance of an exciting knight/mage quest addition that will be coming next year we need a little help from you, our lovely community, to help design the new npcs for these quest lines! The Knight/Mage addon will include 6 new subtypes, 3 for each, that will allow for a little more variety in how you do your knight/mage questing. The six new subtypes are as follows:

  • Knight Scout
  • Rogue Knight
  • Royal Knight
  • Potion Mage
  • Druidic Mage
  • Seeker Mage

You can read more about them [ here ].

You may submit a design ONCE for each path. Submissions will be open from Nov 1st - Jan 31st. Rules and prizes are listed in the google form which doubles as your submission! If you have any questions regarding the competition feel free to ask!

[ NPC Design Contest Information and Entries. ]

Did you guys know that we have an [ Etsy ]? We have some new and interesting items coming soon, but for now, remember to get your holiday shopping done early!

Interested in in-game goodies, streams with the queens and exciting looks behind the scenes at upcoming content? Join our [ Ko-fi ] for all this and more!

Rhiow has Bellacoste customs and redesigns open! Find out more information [ here ].

Don’t forget! Our [ October Raffle ] ends on November 7th! Get your entries in [ now ]!

See you next month for the mysterious Hibernal Equinox!


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