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“And that, little buds, is how Nouvel became Queen.” the elder concludes, nodding decisively as if to punctuate it. The end.

The blooms murmur amongst themselves as the sun sets. The stars rise-- and there’s a couple of new ones, not that anyone’s enjoyed stargazing lately. A chill settles into the night as the matron stokes the fire. They huddle closer together and one requests, “Ma’am, another story? A scary one this time!”

“A scary one?” the grandmother responds incredulously. “That one wasn’t spooky enough for you?” She snorts at their imploring faces before she settles back down. “Alright, alright. Your parents will have told you to stay out of Marshgrave, I imagine, but have they ever told you who’s really out there in that swamp?”

The blooms chatter, jostling around her before settling. “The Sickle Sister!” they all chime, little tails wagging. Who didn’t love a good Bogeyman story? 

“Ah yes, that old witch! Did you wee things know there used to be two of them? They owned that old wood, and they ruled it with sharp hooves! Back in the old days, we dared not venture into the swamp, the sisters’ll curse you!” The old pouflon grins wryly. “But wouldn’t you know it, one day, one of the sisters withered. The other, bitter in her grief, turned her back on the world. You could creep the swamp, if you weren’t too loud…”

She rustles her tail, causing a couple of the kids to jump. The matron laughs before continuing, quieter than before. “There the old witch stayed, shut deep in Marshgrave, curse upon whoever should bother her. Some say they’ve seen her, always different. A hag. A blossoming young lady. A bloom!” She blows a puff of air at the nearest child.

“The Sickle Sister is a shapeshifter, you see! A form changer! Some say she’s even passed herself as her lost sister, if you believe the stories.” She grins as the shadows creep closer. “Some say she’s the only one in the world… but they’re wrong.”

Her audience blinks and she smiles knowingly. “Another bloomed, the sweet first daughter of a noble family. Proud and with a strong heritage, they were aghast when their firstborn shed her petals and… her shape as well. Before them hulked not their daughter, but a vespire! In fear, they cast her away…”

The blooms shifted, whispering amongst themselves. A vespire? How could that be true?

“Lost and confused, the little noble girl was abandoned in the swamp, and that night the old witch found her. Surely she was done for! But in that weedy thing, the Sickle Sister found kin. For the first time since her departed sister, she’d found another shifter.”

The blooms murmured then. Their parents had never said anything about this!

“Now they rule the forest as they once did, blighting those that cross them!” the old pouflon cries, eyes twinkling as the young’uns startle. “The Sickle Sisters live on, trust me on that. Remember, little blooms, tread carefully in Marshgrave!”

The matron reclines as the bloom animatedly discussed the story, debating its merits and how true they thought it was. The older ones assured they weren’t scared and the young ones startled at their own shadows.

As the moon rises, the elder smiles.


As the harvest moon rises and the pouflons tend to their fields, the vespires of the Ebon Wreath descend deep down into the earth. In the months of plenty in Bellacoste, the vespires recall those they have lost.

They travel further down than usual, into the deep cavernous caves formed when the world was still new. Some bring momentos, but they all bring a song. Together the Stratas sing the lifesong of those who sang before them, the threads of so many lives lived forming a deep, resonating tapestry.

The song could carry for days, and at its strongest it could be felt far above the caverns, soaring straight to the surface.

They had a word for this, too difficult for those above ground to pronounce, and so it became known as The Lamentation.

As our heroes return from the Bridge, life gradually returns to normal. The crack in the sky mends, but the rifts at the end of it remain. The Nothing is quiet, but not defeated.

Corrupted Coins can now be traded with other players! The [ Corrupted Shop ] will remain open for the rest of the year, but it will close its doors and the Skyfall event items will vanish from the [ Cash Shop ] on January 1st, 2022.

Event items may return for limited releases in the future, but some of them will be going away forever-- be sure to get your Woolyne Form Tickets, as that will be gone for good in January!

The “New Healing” quest will remain active through January 1st. All characters that have not been cleansed by this time can have their corruption removed via a Design Update-- however, characters cleansed this way will not receive the “Cleansed” title.

Thank you again for participating in our biggest event yet! The team hopes you had a great time-- we learned a lot, and can’t wait to share the next big thing with you!

Oh, bloom, are you brave enough to venture to Marshgrave after what the elder told you? Perhaps you don’t believe in ghosts, and scary stories are just that: stories.

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong.

Once you go into that swamp, you don’t come out the same. Everybody that goes into that place? They come out BLESSED… or CURSED. But if you ask me, there’s no real difference, is there?

This Lamentation, we’re ecstatic to announce an all new, PERMANENT questing system for [ BLESSINGS AND CURSES ]. Similar to affinities, these quests are more involved than most seasonal quests, and as a result they permanently alter your character.

These quests are available year round, and some traits may only appear seasonally! But beware-- if you apply a Blessing or Curse to your character, you CANNOT remove it with a normal Design Update! To remove a Blessing or Curse, you must embark on a third quest chain, ABSOLUTION.

This update includes a number of new traits, which you can read about [ here ].

As the leaves begin to change and a chill creeps into the air, all of Bellacoste lets out a relieved sigh. Autumn is here, and things return to normal just in time for the harvest! Whether your character is hard at work in the fields or enjoying the feast that follows, there’s a ton to do!

In fact, there’s a bit of trouble in Goldfair! The harvest is imperiled by yet ANOTHER batch of pippets! Oh, Amaryllis, get that cauldron of yours under control! Do you think you could help out with the Run of the Pippets?

Beyond the glimmering lights and sparkling conversation at the harvest feasts, an expanse of forest beckons. Ghosts flicker amongst the trees of Redwick. Why not help St. Asphodel out in Giving Up the Ghost?

Just feel like dressing up? Show us your best duds in Costume Party!

Our Lamentation [ Event Quests ] have returned! Additionally, check out this month’s new [ Monthly Quest ], Treats and Trickery!

The [ October Shop ] is now open for business! Be sure to read over what the potions do, as several of them have been tweaked this year!

Did you spy the new pippet? Maizards have been found all over the fields during harvest, and they desperately need new homes!

A little short on coins after the coin sale? Don’t worry! All of the October potions and spells are stocked in the [ Cash Shop ] as well.

An October Advent will begin in the second week, with the first designs previewing on October 7th, going live on October 8th. There will be more designs each week!

Don’t forget! September’s [ raffle ] ends on October 7th! Be sure to get your entries in before it closes!


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