Hope and Stardust | Skyfall ♊︎ Rallying Cry

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No matter how hard they fought, it felt like there was no chance. Skyfall would claim more than their stars. It would take everything.

That was a promise.

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The ash filled their lungs. It choked them. The Nothing was oppressive. It loomed all around them, unseen except for a frightening shiver. The swarm glittered above, a threatening blade to be swung by a judicious arm. Aequor was overflowing. There’s no more room. Nobody else could cross.

Where there was no hope, fire cleaves through the darkness. Overwhelming heat oppressed the oppressive, the deft hands of Queen Asaaj at the center of the vortex. The nameless many who should flinch from that heat instead turn towards it, their voices joining the Mazri queen.

Elsewhere, magic sings through the air and elemental breath bellows. Here, so far from home, the queens of Bellacoste fight, for once, with the other-- not against. In all these years of peace, no common foe to unite them, tensions grew so taut the carefully penned treaty threatened to fall apart.

Here was the antithesis of all those years of strain. The Old King rears his ugly head, a sardonic twist to bared teeth. Where there was no option for peace, they didn’t have to pretend-- and Azariah, Nouvel-- they didn’t. The Ancient lit fires along those coveted pieces of sky, hatred burning so hot in her heart that she did not notice when Nouvel came away burnt, too.

For her part, the queen of Chrysanthos barely felt the flames. Before them stood the end of everything she’d worked for from the time she’d been her daughter’s age. It would take more than singed feathers to turn her away from the king, his body aglow like the sun. Nouvel burns bright, too, for Bellacoste.

Jishui and Tejat, hand in hand, conquer their own demons, yawning before them with the inscrutable power of the universe. All over the Bridge, eyes turn towards the sky, visible in glimpses, as the twins reach for the blackness and it reaches back.

The stars escape, their fiery trail blazing across the sky and brightening the dark. Their mortal husks still stand, reaching eternally, as the constellations spiral across the empty sky and bring light where there was none.

Then, they begin to crash to ground, white-hot stars studding the Bridge, melting its old prickly swords. They drive craters deep into the Nothing, leaving openings for others to flood into the depths and strike where the miasma was still weak. Like ants they would carve roads through this monster, one impact at a time.

By fire, by blood, by ancient history, by treaties and those who broke them, by stardust, inch by painful inch, Skyfall starts to cede ground.

For the first time in a long time, a faint ray of hope flickers. They were so weary, eager tinder for the first flicker to catch and spread. Here, where things once appeared darker than ever, hope blazes out of control.

Press the attack. Finish this.


As hope races across the Bridge, a RALLYING CRY invigorates you!

From now until the end of the event on September 30th, ALL DAMAGE AND CORRUPTED COIN EARNINGS WILL BE DOUBLED. The [ Corrupted Coin Guide ] has been modified to reflect the Rallying Cry!

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