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PHASE THREE of Skyfall ♊︎ has now begun! This is the final phase and it will last the entirety of September. Something’s very very very wrong in the Bridge, but I’m sure it’s Nothing.

Cloaked in the skies of dozens of failed universes, the entity living in the Bridge has risen and made itself known to us. Is this what’s behind all of this? We’re not sure, because it’s not saying. Some call it the Nothing. Difficult to perceive and unimaginably horrible, the Nothing lacks a form of it’s own. Clothed with stolen sky, some have begun to call it Skyfall.

Two new [ quests ] have released with Phase Three! The nature of the Nothing is transmutive. Face the horror head on in Skyfall. The entity you face can take on a number of different forms. It may be drawn as it truly is-- an ever shifting Lovecraftian horror-- or it can take on the form of your character’s fears. Stand against it now, or both Bellacoste and Andras may be lost, consumed by the Nothing and trapped, forever, in the Bridge.

Explore the nature of Skyfall and corruption itself in Stemming the Flow of Corruption. Corruption feeds on our fears, manifesting them and deviously worsening the more afraid the host is. The Nothing has grown tired of our games and is attempting to flush us from this place by any means necessary. Face off against villains of our shared past and show Skyfall that we aren’t so easily defeated!

There are several unlocks remaining in the [ Corrupted Shop ]. You’re pretty close to the next one. Don’t stop now!

September is here, and with it, Autumn has begun in Bellacoste! Need a break from Skyfall? Why not kick back and indulge in our new [ seasonal quests ], Pumpkin Picking and A Time of Harvest?

Summer’s finally over! We sure got into a lot, didn’t we? Did you enjoy our Bellacoste Beach Episode? During Pride month we as a community managed to raise over $1000 for The Trevor Project! This summer we introduced an all new recurring event, Mersummer, and with it we revealed a never-before-seen city of capricorns, Aequor! We capped our summer off with the continuation of Skyfall. What did you think? Let us know your thoughts in our [ Seasonal Feedback Survey ]!

Note: We will have a unique feedback form for the Skyfall Event so please try and save that feedback for when that survey goes out at the end of this month!

There are several auctions to be on the lookout for this September! We will host a Skyfall auction  the week of September 13th. I’ve heard rumors that there may even be a Coin Auction starting sometime during the week of September 20th. Make sure to save up your coins! There will be some unsold mod designs for grabs as well as a handful of guest artist designs! Our monthly mod design sale will be at the end of the month like normal. See you then!

Did you see our [ Fall Banner Contest ]? Enter by September 24th for a chance to have a permanent seasonal theme designed around your banner design!

Last but certainly not least, our [ August Raffle ] ends on September 7th. Make sure to get your entries in by then!

Whether you’re ready to lean into the season change or you’re chomping at the bit to show Skyfall what for, we hope you enjoy the final month of our crossover event!


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