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SKYFALL ♊︎ BEGINS N̵O̴W̷.̵ BEWARE-- D̷O̶ ̵N̴O̵T̴ ̸T̷O̸U̶C̴H̴ ̵T̸H̵E̵ ̵C̵O̸R̸R̷U̴P̸T̶I̸O̸N̸.̴

Welcome, at long last, to Skyfall ♊︎! For the next two months, we will dive headfirst into the unknown, and by the end of September, we will have reached some well-deserved conclusions. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! Right now we’re only in PHASE ONE. There is much, much more to come. Let’s take a look at what we know now, shall we?

As many of you figured out from the Skyfall intermission, this event is a crossover with [ Woolynes ]. Please check them out if you haven’t yet, and drop our event organizers on their side a line if you have any questions about Andras! Thank you to [ Alley ], [ Key ] and [ Pines ] for your support!

This event isn’t taking place in Bellacoste OR Andras though… but somewhere else entirely. Learn about The Rift and The Bridge on our new [ destination entries ]! Pixel images are on the way, but aren’t quite completed yet. Let us know if you have any questions!

Did you spot the new NPCs in the release story, [ Don’t Panic ]? Jishui and Tejat are neither pouflon nor woolyne, but they appear as both while in The Bridge! That’s so confusing… perhaps some clarity might be found in Phase Two? WHO KNOWS? Our new NPCs now have entries on our [ Characters ] page.

Phase One of Skyfall ♊︎ has brought all new [ Event Quests ] with it! Are you helping with Stabilizing the Rift, be it above or below water? Perhaps you’re ready to embark on the journey of your life in Into the Rift? Stabilization, exploration, and search and rescue our the top priorities in Phase One. Finally, help us locate and secure our missing NPCs in Axel and Avalon. 

More quests will unlock as Skyfall ♊︎ progresses! Get in early if you want to experience the story from start to finish! ALL quests in Skyfall ♊︎ will reward Corrupted Coins alongside regular Coins. If you’re looking for more peaceful ways to earn Coins, look into our existing [ Seasonal Quests ], or our new [ Monthly Quests ].

Through the hard work of dozens of brave explorers, the Rift in Aequor has been deemed safe and may now be traversed. Beware-- entering The Bridge is NOT for the faint of heart! Traveling through the Rift will INSTANTLY corrupt all characters that have not been previously Corrupted or Cleansed. Corrupted characters may participate in the prompts but will generate NO Corrupted Coins (regular Coins will be rewarded like normal)-- tread carefully and be sure to heal the Corruption as soon as you can!

Characters that were previously Corrupted or Cleansed will not be Corrupted again, but if currently Corrupted will need their affliction to be healed before they can proceed at full rewards. BEWARE!

Confused about how Corrupted Coins work? They’re a special event currency, and so the normal Coin claim guide doesn’t apply. Please read this special [ guide ] on Corrupted Coins before you submit your quests! Concerned about earning Corrupted Coins instead of normal Coins? Never fear-- at the end of the event there will be options to convert your event currency to normal currency if you so desire.

If you don’t? Well- there are a number of new rewards available starting TODAY in the [ Corrupted Shop ], as well as all of the rewards from the first part of Skyfall. As with the first part, there are MANY additional rewards available to unlock as we progress through Skyfall ♊︎.

Yes, the numbers are quite high, aren’t they? Never fear-- Woolynes are contributing to the event progress total as well. Bellacoste and Andras are in this together.

Several rewards are available starting now! First is the Lycore Cub, a strange kitten from another world-- and one who misses their mother terribly. Rift Eyes have also been made available for Corrupted Coins! Finally we have an unusual MYO-- let me talk you through that reward.

In part one, I promised a BIG PRIZE to those who participated in three prompts from that stage. If in addition to your part one prompts you complete, at minimum, Into The Rift in part two, you will receive a VERY special MYO ticket that enables you to create an all-common alternate form for the character who stepped through the Rift… as a woolyne.

One of these tickets will be provided to everyone who meets the prerequisite requirements! You may [ Claim Your Reward ] by completing the special prompt "Skyfall MYO Exchange" - make sure to link ALL three Skyfall Part One quests you completed as well as your Into The Rift prompt featuring the character you want to redeem your free MYO ticket for. Be sure to link the character as well so we can pass that on to the Woolyne team!

For those of you who did not participate in part one OR would like to make an alternate form for any other character, never fear! The third and final item available in the shop today will permit you to do just that. If you purchase the ticket, PLEASE fill out the claim form above with your ticket attached as well as the character you would like to lock the alt form to.

PLEASE NOTE: these are not free-for-all make your owns, they MUST be an alternate form of one of your Bellacoste characters! You may make your pouflon, vespire OR ursuki into a woolyne. Please note as well that these slots are common only-- you will have to earn any other traits you’d like through the Woolyne ARPG.

IT IS CRITICAL that you fill out this prompt whether you earned a free MYO ticket or purchased one from the Corrupted Shop. Thank you for making communication between our two groups as seamless and efficient as possible!

Once your MYO has been created by the Woolyne team, we will delete your ticket on our end. Likewise, if you’re coming over from Woolynes, welcome! Let us know if you need any help and enjoy your time here in Bellacoste!

The [ Badge Claim ] for the Skyfall event badge is still available. You may submit Skyfall ♊︎ quests for the badge as well, but you may only claim it one time! Be sure to get your badge if you haven’t yet!


Almost done, I promise! A couple of reminders for you before I let you go to explore Skyfall ♊︎!

Our [ July Raffle ] will be coming to an end on August 7th at 11:59:59pm EST! Make sure you get your entries in before the raffle closes!

Got legendary thoughts tumbling around in your head? As always, Chester and Mochi will arrive on August 10th with a fresh supply of legendary items! Be sure to catch them before they close up shop again on August 20th!

That’s all for now! I hope you’re as excited as we are about Skyfall ♊︎! If you haven’t yet, why don’t you join our [ Discord ] and talk to us all about it?


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