June Legend Shop Opening

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It's that time of month again! Our favorite ursuki duo is back in town and after all the hubbub last month they're ready to move some stock! Let's take a look at what they have this month!

Chester and Mochi have brought the Nudibranch Potion, the Sea Dragon Spell and the Leviathan Potion this month! You can purchase them in the coin shop and the cash shop.

I'd like to tell you a bit more about the individual traits, too!

The Nudibranch Potion is much as it was before, but it now has a pouflon example image. The potion comes with three possible traits, Nudibranch Antenna, Nudibranch Nubs and Nudibranch Tail! It can be applied to all three species.

The Sea Dragon Spell has returned as well with a minor change! It now grants three possible traits, Sea Dragon Fins, Sea Dragon Tail, and the all new Sea Dragon Whiskers! These traits can be applied to any species.

Finally, the Leviathan Potion has returned this year but will not be available as a quest reward in July, so get it now! Leviathan has seen some big changes to set it apart from Capricorn, so I'd like to go a little more in depth about it.

The Leviathan Ears, Leviathan Wings and Leviathan Tail are still available much as they were before! Leviathan Fins has been slightly modified to now include an optional spur on each leg.

New to Leviathans this year are elongated Capricon Tusks that can point up, down, or outwards. The Leviathan Frill trait adds a frilled fin around the neck. Leviathan Gills appear along your character's ribs instead of on their neck. Finally, you can now add a Leviathan Sail that runs down your character's spine and tail!

The Leviathan Potion, like the others, can be used on all species! Additionally, sometimes a Leviathan will be... noticeably larger than their peers. Could be from their heritage?

...That's actually not all. The shop opened on my special day, so I'd like to share one other thing with you, because it's special!

Available now, VESPIRES have a Whiskers trait! The rare variety can be short or medium in length, reaching your vespire's chest. The Whiskers can be smooth or tufted!

There are Enchanted whiskers too! There are two varieties-- Multiple Whiskers, so more than one pair of any style whisker, or Extra Long Whiskers for your extra long needs!

...And who could forget Dragon Pouflons? These hybrids can now apply the new secondary Dragon trait, Dragon Whiskers with a Draco Potion, Draco Amulet, or Little Legend Potion.

That's all for now! Sorry for the late cross-post. The Legend Shop will be open through June 20th!


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