Beach Episode

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In the dark hours of night, the heroes of Bellacoste flooded from their homes for one. last. push.

The Entity is dead. The sky is open.

...Time to go to the BEACH!

To start things off with a splash, we have some new summer prompts that take you to our very own Pouflon Beach Episode! What kinds of things does your character enjoy doing during the summertime? Whether it's swimming, lazing in the sun, or eating all the ice cream they possibly can, you can explore all of this and more in our new monthly and seasonal prompts!

Emerging from the depths for the very first time is an all new capricorn NPC, Naia! Why don’t you show her how the landwalkers do it in our June event quest, Part of Your World?

A new pippet has been discovered! Found fluttering around boardwalk lights, the Dramoth can be a difficult tame, but it’s worth it! The Dramoth is now available for the season of summer in the Pippet Shop!

Additionally, we’re celebrating the start of summer with BABY BOON JUNE!

For the entire month of June, all baby tickets (bloom, geode, sprout), growth potions, and anything BABY will be 15% off in the cash shop! Not only that, but we’re going to have a 10% off sale on some cute little bundles of coins for your new bundle of joy! 

To celebrate Baby Boon June, every Friday, we will be releasing a batch of 5 babies from our amazing guest artists and mods, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those!

[ Baby Boon June Advent ]

The best way to celebrate Baby Boon June? With friends, of course! Recruit your best pals, and for every new person you bring to Pouflons in the month of June, we will gift a Boon Chest to both you AND your friend!

To claim your recruitment chests, have your friend submit a request to our form. Make sure they include both their Lorekeeper username and your own so you can both reap the rewards!

[ Baby Boon Recruitment Form ]

FINALLY! This one we’re all really excited for…! 

Introducing… Pippets for Pride!

This month, we will be doing a donation drive for THE TREVOR PROJECT, an organization that provides crisis intervention and relief to LGBTQA+ youths. For the entire month of June, the Albino Pyropine, Rainbow Aura and all-new item, Rainbow Runic will be available in the cash shop! 100% of the proceeds from these items will be donated to The Trevor Project at the end of the month. Everyone who purchases one or more of these items will receive a special badge made by our very own Sadbloom!

Additionally, if you would like to donate but aren’t interested in the items, just the badge, there’s a special “item”: Prideful Thanks!

Learn more about The Trevor Project [ here ].

For those of you who make the donation, please go to this google form and submit your proof of donation (even a pic of your paypal payment) as well as your username and we’ll send your sweet badge over to you!

[ Pride Badge Submission Form ]

Hope you’re as excited as we are for Summer!


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