An End, At Last | Skyfall Part One Conclusion

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Chrysanthos, for all of its winding narrow streets and anxious history, was nevertheless a beacon of hope and the future.

Even the Entity knew that.

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Shingles fall to the ground, roof beams shattered beneath the weight of the creature. Ancient history crumbles before it, old paving stones turned dark. Civilians hide in their homes as the beast cries, a rumbling, keening sound. It ignores all the attacks thrown at it, arcane singing and burning fur, swords cutting through the muck right to the quick.

The Entity carries on, scrabbling over top the city, ever forward. The glare of the crack in the sky bathes its face as it climbs onward, upwards. They try to hold it back, but the entire world crumbles around it. There’s only one thing left. There’s only the castle on the hill. There’s only the pieces of another sky. 

The creature roars and shoves its way past its breaking point, feverish eye glued to the spiraling towers on the horizon. It should have fallen long ago. It should fall now. But there was a promise behind those high, high walls. There was power unimaginable, a fountain of it. If it could only get there. If it could only climb higher.

STOP IT, the voices cry all around it, cacophony of foreign words on foreign tongues. The power sheltered deep in Nouvel’s hold sings above it all, the runic flowers of every living pouflon calling, calling, calling. Below it all, silk on honey, whispers something else, keep going.

Don’t stop or they’ll kill you.

Trust me.

The words mean nothing. But the feeling is everything. There’s safety, if only it could get over the last hurdle, this would all end. The pain. The suffering. The misery. Every fiber felt like it was being torn asunder, cells vibrating beneath unwanted stars. 

Fires light all along the walls, little embers barring the way. There was only one path to salvation, corruption slopping from its open jaws as it leaps from the nearest building, reaching, hoping, straining--

It’s too far. It’s tail, torn to shreds, rotates wildly to course correct. Arrows fire from on high as the Entity falls. It crashes to ground, cobbled stone cracking beneath its weight. It tries to rise again. It tries to find its footing. The castle was right there.

Just beyond those gates was freedom, the way back, the way home. The magic sings. The life of every pouflon on the entire planet calls to it, a beacon. The creature wails and drags itself to the walls, clawing at them, tearing at the bricks with its teeth. If it could only… if it could only get through…

*Kill them before they kill you*, whispers the voice again, a snake slithering down the Entity’s spine. It spits and turns, too slow, too late. A net drops down as the opposing forces close in, trap set, prizes won. The noose tightens and the Entity falls to ground again, eye rolling up to look once more at the sky.

Beyond the pieces there’s a yellow field. A kitten dances in circles, anxiously looking for its mother. Home. Home. It just wants to go home.

“Hold it down,” commands a voice, a metallic leg obscuring the last view of a world gone by. Perth raises her sword.

There was nothing after that.

The Entity’s head lowers, the last blow dealt. Its light winks out and before the eyes of everyone present, the corruption begins to seep away.

When all was said and done, the monster was just an animal of tawny fur and battle scars. Gone, now, but nothing any of them had ever seen before. They whisper to one another as the moon filters through the clouds, its rays illuminating the castle.

Though Chrysanthos's vaunted walls were breached, through all their efforts, all their sacrifice, the keep stood unabated. A chime rings out, then another, and another until twelve tolls ring through the air. It's midnight once more, and Bellacoste is quiet.

In the wake of the breaching of Chrysanthos, life slowly returns to what it once was. The battle against the corruption the Entity wrought will take time, but the denizens of Bellacoste are up to the task. Families reunite and begin the heavy duty of putting their homes and lives back together.

Everything is normal. I̷s̸n̴'̷t̴ ̵i̶t̵?̴

The sky is still cracked. In the right light, it looks almost golden.

Skyfall part one will come to an end tonight at midnight EST. We were blown away by your enthusiastic participation! All is quiet now, but maybe not exactly normal.

Let’s take a brief look at the stats! You dealt over 1000 points of damage. You unlocked all of the base goals as well as every single stretch goal milestone! That’s incredible! The most damage was dealt by Cas, who did over 400 points of damage. As the top damage dealer we will be delivering you a special prize in the next few days!

Didn’t get a chance to participate in part one? No problem! The Corrupted Shop will remain open indefinitely, and Corrupted Coins will be available in part two of the event. Don’t want to wait? Corrupted Coins are now tradeable up until the start of part two of the event. Additionally, several Corrupted Shop items have been made available in the cash shop!

Skyfall will return in August and September of this year.

As the land slowly heals, the Sunsine re-emerges in Goldfair. Whew! Thought they were in trouble for a minute there! The Sunsine, a pippet envisioned by Ellusively is now available in the Pippet Shop year round!

Speaking of pippets, have you seen the pippet contest? Do you have a great idea for a new summery pippet design? Show us what you’ve got in our Pippet Design Contest!

How did we do this spring? It went by so quickly, didn’t it? From the Cradle of Crocus to the release of cherub vespires, delightful sprouts and a world-changing event-- now’s your time to tell us what you think in our quarterly feedback.

Thank you so much for romping in the world of Bellacoste with us! We’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all about what’s coming up next for us in June!


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