Damage Done

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After a little over a week of struggle, it’s clear to those with keen eyes that The Entity is wounded. Captains sound their rallying cries and banners wave before the city of Chrysanthos. It’s not much, but it’s a start.

The Entity’s HEALTH BAR is now visible!

Focus your attacks and do as much damage as you can! Each point of damage is absolutely critical, and you will reap what you sow in the Corruption Shop.

There are several exclusive items that can be unlocked through this event! I’ve heard rumors that if we manage to beat The Entity, an additional item will be unlocked for every extra 100 points of damage done past 300!

Due to technical reasons, the Corruption Shop is “view only” until June! After then you will be able to spend your Corruption Coins as the shop will officially open and will stay open indefinitely.

Good luck out there!

Corrupted Shop Entity

Chester and Mochi

You know them, you love them-- the Ursuki siblings are back in town with a fresh stock of Legendary Items!

This month they've brought the Crystal Runic Spell, Rift Eyes Spell and Vial/Glass Body Potion! All three items are available in both the Coin Shop and Cash Shop!

In addition, Rift Eyes have begun appearing in both Pouflons and Ursuki as well as Vespires. Perhaps a strange side effect of the cracked sky?

Very unusual! Be sure to grab your legendary items before May 20th!


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