Geode Update

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Hello everylon! It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for! GEODES ARE HERE!

Geodes are baby vespires! They are named as such due to hatching from rocks, leaving a beautiful crystal in the shells that match their runics. One of these crystals is carefully extracted by the Strata of Ebenshir and painstakingly added to the harmony of the Lucid Altar. Each vespire’s crystal remains as part of the Altar until their death.

You can read about Geode design rules here:


Geodes are available NOW in the coin and cash shops!

In addition to Geodes, we welcome a new vespire NPC to Bellacoste: Azariah the Arbiter. Azariah is the leader of a duty-bound order of Vespires known as the Strata of Ebenshir. With Azariah, a whole new line of ROYAL traits have been added to Vespires! These traits can be added with the Royal Potion. You can read more about them here:

Be sure to click around the Vespire information after you check out the Royal traits! There is a lot of new lore waiting for you to discover it! Learn about Vespire family structure, geodes, lifespans, and more! Be sure to read closely, I hear there might be a trivia game later!

Oh! Looks like Axel has an announcement of his own! While rustling through the husks of hatched geodes, our local treasure hunter discovered a New Pippet! Please welcome SNOCK, a pippet designed by our very own Neat-Cat! Snock is available in the pippet shop now!


We hope you love this update! As a reminder, February advent sales begin on the 20th and Mod designs will be posted the following week on February 27th! I have a couple of previews for you!

The guest artist advent will have 6 GA designs, with a design by both Cake and Rhiow to cap it off!

The mod advent will start the following week:


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