February Event and More!

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Happy February, everylon! 'tis the season of love! Who are you thinking about this month, hmmm?

Whether there's a special 'lon in your life yet or not, we all can appreciate new love! Take, for example, the forbidden love story of Romulon and Vespilet, soul mates forbidden from being together... well, we'll just see about THAT!

In a brand new set of event quests, aid St. Amare and St. Florentine in bringing star-crossed lovers together-- regardless of what society has to say about it! Be warned-- this kind of union is frowned upon, so the journey may be perilous! However, seeing Romulon and Vespilet together, safe at last-- that is it's own reward.

But not the only reward. Several new items are obtainable should you choose to accept this dangerous mission... and how could you not? It's in the name of true love, after all!


Additionally, there's a ton of stuff coming up this month!

  • Geodes (baby vespires) will be releasing mid-month!
  • Vespire lore is coming mid-month!
  • The legendary shop will be back starting February 10th with all new stock!
  • Official designs will be up for sale later this month! Including mod designs!

As a reminder, a few deadlines are coming up or have just passed:

  • The final migration from Ranebopets is now complete! No items or characters will be moved between the sites moving forward. Exception: if your migration form has not yet been worked, it will be soon!
  • The January raffle will be ending soon! Be sure to get your entries in before February 7th!
  • The Asterfall Ball collab prompt has had it's deadline extended to the end of February.

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