FINAL Ranebo Migration!

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Hello Everylon! The final deadline for the unmerge with Ranebopets is coming up at the end of January! If you're already here and have moved your inventory then you're fine, but be advised that if you haven't done that yet, it needs to be done before February 1st!

You can read more about the options available to you on Ranebopets here.

Additionally, I wanted to go over a couple of other changes that are coming due to the unmerge and species sale! Because of our contractual obligations, some things are no longer available or will have their names changed in the future:

The following Familiars are on loan from Ranebopets and only the ones that currently exist are in circulation, NO more will be created:

  • Luckolotl and all variants (Luckolotl, Golden Luckolotl, Dark Golden Luckolotl)
  • Hermyte
  • Ubra and all variants (Yellow Ubra, Blue Ubra, Deep Ubra)

Similarly, all pippets that were obtained by Ranebopets members will remain in circulation on their Lorekeeper but no new ones will be created. In lore, a portal between the two worlds opened up for a brief moment in time, allowing the pippets and familiars to escape into the other world, before closing again!

Similarly, some seasonal events will have their names changed (and stories, as well):

  • Cloventines (March)
  • Sunnyfest (July)
  • Hattowen (October)

The following names/concepts may be tweaked, but are considered on loan to Pouflons for the time being:

  • All affinities and their corresponding names

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process! We're so happy you're here and look forward to exploring the new year with all of you! There's a LOT of new stuff coming next month... see you then!

- Rhiow & Cake


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