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Posted 2 months ago :: Last edited 2 months ago by pixdoodles

Hello everylon! We really really appreciate your patience as we moved the site around and were infact down for a few days! As we get the site back together there's a few things to address!

Several things have been extended:
-The banner contest will run until the 25th!
-The legendary shop (coin and cash) will be open until the 25th!
-The Asterfall Ball collab quest has been extended to end on 02/28!

In addition to that, as a thank you for your patience we have a small gift that you can get by going to the Pippet Shop! The special gift will be there to claim! Limit 1 per user!

As we get the site going again, please let us know if anything is off or missing from your inventory! The rollback was small but we want to make sure everyone has everything!


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