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The Reason Why | The Lamentation 2022

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In a quaint Chrysanthos home we once again find ourselves, blooms, geodes and sprouts crowding around a crackling fire as the Matron tosses another log onto the pyre. Embers spark as the grandmotherly pouflon reclines back, adjusting her glasses with a quick flick of magic.

“Ma’am?” a sweet little sprout tugs on her sleeve, a shy geode peeking out from behind. “Will  you tell another story tonight?”

The Matron closes her eyes. A chill wind blows, howling through the city streets. Children of all sorts glance towards the door uneasily, jostling and chattering amongst themselves. The old grandmother sucks on her teeth before sighing from her nose, smiling down at the inquisitive pair.

“Another story?! You lot! Always wanting a story. Well, well…”

The sprout glances at their shy companion before clearing their throat. “She says… her parents are preparing for the Lamentation. Can you tell us about that?”

“The Lamentation?” the Matron asks, her smile fading. For a moment she turns her head away, looking deep into the hearth. “Yes, yes… I suppose you’d find out eventually, little one. Alright, settle down, little bugs, I’ll tell you about the Lamentation.”

The Matron closes her eyes once more, reaching deep down to that ancient well of knowledge. A memory, faint but there. She pulls on it eagerly, unspooling what was once buried. A tale unlike any other.

“The Lamentation…” the elder exhales. “Settle, settle, blooms, geodes and sprouts. Rest your legs and still your tails. Hear me now, dispel your doubts. Listen hard to their song, heed the vespire’s wails!”

Smiles blossom throughout the group. It was a rhyming story? Their favorite!

The Matron begins once more, a somber timbre to her voice.

“Oh, Lamentation,
Travel deeper now, to when all was new.
When Banelaire was a rising nation,
Her power coveted by Old King Vieux.

Listen hard as they weave the Lifesong,
In memory of those that came before.
Their Strata, once so strong,
Lost everything to War.

To Chrysanthos, Goldfair and Roseacre,
Did the vespires fly.
The Old King laid wait, the old bellyacher!
One by one he plucked them from the sky!”

The shy geode quietly gasps, finding herself crowded by her peers. Her sprout friend slings an arm over her back and holds on tight.

The Matron frowns, her voice wavering before she begins once more.

“By ones, by twos, by threes,
The army did fall.
King Vieux took their essence in one big squeeze,
Finding vespires lovelier as little dolls.

Where once their dead did rest,
Banelaire found only a trampled meadow.
The Arbiter, heart pounding in her chest,
Found no army, not above, not below.

When on the hill did crest,
A contingent made of stone.
And at old Vieux’s behest,
They set upon their own.

For, children, those stone dolls,
Were the vespire’s own kin.
Their parts taken from those that fall,
Made anew from what they’d once been.

These Golems fought hard,
Knowing not who or what they were.
A battle that left the vespires scarred,
Entire Stratas wiped out in a blur.”

The shy geode was trembling now. The Matron’s rheumy eyes watered. She briefly pauses to adjust her glasses, cleaning them with a cloth. When she thought none of the children were watching, she carefully dabbed at her eyes before tucking the handkerchief away.

“So, my doves brave enough to ask,
Why do we have The Lamentation?
Listen close, it is a sacred task.
It is remembrance, a relief from damnation.

The vespires travel deep,
And they sing their songs.
They call and they weep,
Hoping to right King Vieux’s wrongs.

To their late kin they call,
Stone dolls forgotten still.
Back home the Golems crawl,
Holes in their Strata they must fill.

Their shapes are all wrong,
Lanky, hooved, of stone and chrome.
But their family’s love still burns strong.
All are welcomed home.”

The Matron’s cozy home lays still as she finishes her tale, the fire crackling merrily as the wind howls outside. Nature did not care for the atrocities of people, whether they were peasants or crooked kings.

“Well…” the grandmother exhales, releasing tension from her shoulders. “Did you learn what you’d hoped?” she asks quietly. The sprout from before looks at her reproachfully, their geode friend huddled beneath them and barely visible.

Ah, she’d really done it this time, huh?

“Come, come now, my little loves,” she puffs out a sigh. “This is our history, terrible as it is. But listen closely, now,” she leans towards the group. “History is just that: history. Learn from this tale as if it were a lesson. Never repeat the mistakes your foolish old elders made. You hear me? Never.”

She smiles, gentler this time. “I’ve gone and scared you, I know. Come along, I believe this foolish old woman has some candy in the cupboard with your names on it.”

The children, quick to forget, leapt up and rallied around. The Matron shooed them gently towards the kitchen until only the sprout and geode were left. The elderly pouflon slowly lowers herself on aching knees, kneeling before them.

“Now, now,” she soothes. “Won’t you come as well? I think I even have some gems for you, my little bug.” She smiles as the geode peeks out from beneath the sprout’s arm. The sprout huffs, still angry.

“Ma’am, was that story true?” they growl, protectively hanging on to their friend.

The Matron’s smile fades, a melancholy ghost of what once was. “I’m afraid it’s all true. But our lives don’t have to be a sad story.”

Slowly she rises again.

“We’ll make better memories together. The next story will be a happy one.”

The air is getting colder as vespires once again travel through ancient tunnels to the deepest places of the earth. Bellacoste forgot what the Lamentation was for, but we’re starting to remember now. The Fog is lifting. The Lamentation has received a lore update on our Festivals page.

In honor of this remembrance, a new event quest is available: The Reason Why.

Alongside this new quest, fan-favorite event quest Giving Up the Ghost returns! Monthly quests Treats and Trickery, Run of the Pippets and Costume Party have all returned as well. How will you spend this October?

Curses & Blessings launched a year ago today! To celebrate this milestone we’ve added three new Curses and three new Blessings!

Joining our existing Curses are Glowing Skeleton, Possession and Dullahan.

Not to be outdone, our new Blessings are Astral Projection, Runic Shift and Heaven Drawn!

That’s not all! Snake Tail has seen an upgrade and is now Sentient Tail! This opens up new tail-tip options– check it out!

There is more Curse & Blessing news! Anyone who completes the Curse, Blessing or Absolution quest lines will now be rewarded a corresponding profile badge! Applying a Curse or Blessing using an item will not grant these badges, much like using Affinity Add versus doing the Affinity quest.

We’ve added The Absolved as a new title rewarded by the Absolution quest line.

The Lamentation Shop is open for business! This year two NEW items join the shop lineup: Ghostly Crown and Bone Crown

These crowns add new magical-step options for your characters: Ghostly Step and Bone Tread!


The festivities don’t end here! Starting TOMORROW, Saturday October 1st at 12pm EST the Trick or Treat Trail Scavenger Hunt will begin! The scavenber hunt is now in full swing! You have until the end of the month, October 31st at 11:59pm EST to find all the boxes! Good luck!

Trick or Treat Trail 2022

Our Lamentation advent will start on October 3rd! Looking for the right design for the season? Look no further than our sales throughout the month!

Sub-tember was so much fun! Thank you all for joining our Ko-fi in September! Your rewards and extra Noble Coin will be on the way to your inventories this week!

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Thank you for your support last month! Fear not– luckolotl, ubra and hermyte haven’t gone anywhere, and are still available for unlimited purchases in our Ko-fi Shop. Likewise, cawfee, cinnabun and gyogon remain available to subscribers.

Thank you again for your support! Your memberships make Bellacoste go ‘round. We appreciate you!

Our year-long event continues this month with Tin Soldiers. Did you see our update last month? Golems will continue to see lore and trait updates as our event continues. Tin Soldiers will run indefinitely, but be sure to submit by November 14th at 11:59:59pm EST for the additional k/mxp reward and so that your vote can influence where our story goes next.

Our members enjoyed Suki-tember so much we decided to feature Vespires this Lamentation! Our mods created this list of one word prompts for Vesptober:

Participation is purely optional, but if you do decide to indulge in Vesptober, we'd love if you shared your work with us on Discord or in our Gallery!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this update! See you next month for Fete Passing!

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Fluorspar Foundlings is once again accepting new orphans. The monthly cap for Golden Rhyo has been reset!

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September Change Log:

Sept 1st: Make sure to clear your cache or do a hard refresh (ctrl + f5) on the prompts page to see the autumn crown on seasonal quest category!

Our DeviantArt page is now all dressed up for Fall!

Sept 9th: We have slightly modified the Cherub Hooves and Cherub Body trait for Ursuki to make it a bit simpler to understand! Cherub Hooves will still grant front or back hooves to an Ursuki, but they must remain on all fours. Cherub Body will continue to grant the upright position but now grants back hooves as well! Ursuki would normally struggle with legs that long and delicate, but NO LONGER! Thanks, magic! ✨

The trait descriptions have been modified to reflect this.

Sept 17th: The Golem FAQ has been updated with some new questions and answers, including types of stone your Golem can be made of, what size they should be, whether or not they can perform a Love Spell and more!

We've added a new trait to the Golem catch-all traits: Golem Sculpt. This trait covers all miscellaneous Common through Enchanted species-specific traits like fangs, spines, barkskin and more. Check it out!

Sept 29th: We've correctly updated the Buried Chest loot table to drop 3 Gambit Tokens instead of 5. If you received extra tokens this month, consider it a release month bonus!

Tin Soldiers | Fog of War Event Announcement

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New or returning? Want to catch up on our event first?

High Above, Deep Below | Sins of the Father | Starlit | The Fog

The sun rises on Rosethorn’s parents, summoned not to retrieve the child they wished for but instead a purse heavy with coin and regrets. Days come and days go as their bloom grows and makes friends. They speak their first words and stretch their wings, learning not from their family but from Terryn and Nouvel.

One day, Rosethorn pensively announces that they’d like to be a she, like Nouvel. The three celebrate, all smiles as yet another milestone passes by in the garden. They play, day after day, unaware of the heavy choices that have been made for them.

It wasn’t always fun and games. As they grew older, classes on state and etiquette pulled them further from the warm light of the garden. They still made time to laugh and play, though things would never be quite the same as they had been that one blissful summer.

The King was far too busy to spend much time on them, and truthfully that was for the best. Even Terryn seemed to fear his father, back straight and legs struggling not to tremble when the imposing royal would deign that enough time had passed between inspections.

The King never struck him, nor Nouvel, but his words cut as readily as his horn. Stand straighter. You represent this family. Ensure that your friends do not reflect poorly on you.

Rosethorn always took the brunt of it.

Keep your commoner pet in line, Terryn.

“I don’t think of you like that,” Terryn whispered vehemently to a weeping Rosethorn that evening, Nouvel leaning warmly against her other side. “You’re my friend, Rose… you’re both my friends! You always will be.”

That night, like children often do, the three promised to never part from each other. They joined their souls with their sweet, earnest words. We’ll always be friends.

Won’t we?

Days come and days go. They’re different from before. The days are shorter, darker. Summer gives way to autumn, autumn surrenders ground to winter. Time and their promise are the only constants.

All things must eventually end, but never this. They promised. 

They all promised.

“My family is going on a procession,” Terryn announces excitedly one day. “Everyone, with all the royal guards! They’ve never invited me along,” his brows furrow before he continues breathlessly, “But this time I can go! And they said you can both come with me. You’ll both come, won’t you?”

“Yeah,” Rosethorn snorts, on her side with her hooves pressed against Nouvel. “Of course we’ll go. Where are we going?”

From east to west.

“Velo…Velcro…” Terryn frowns, muzzle scrunching up as he tries to form the word.

“Velourose?” Nouvel offers, ears wiggling as she tries to hide a smile.

From winter til spring.

“Yes!” Terryn cries, rushing to butt heads with Nouvel affectionately. “You’ll both come with me?”

“We’re with you,” Nouvel laughs, hooking the prince with a leg and pulling him into their pile.

We’ll always be friends.

It’s amazing how readily threads can be cut. As Rosethorn was parted from her parents, as promises innocently made are broken, so too do we depart from divergent paths. A choice as simple as giving a parched prisoner a drink of water makes all the difference.

You bet on compassion once. Do you still think it was the right choice? Would you do it again? Could you do it again now?

The fog has lifted for you.

The war happened. It left Bellacoste in pieces. But why the fog? Why were you made to forget? Why were you all chained, like Terryn, to this spell?

It’s time to wake up. Wipe the years of sleep from your eyes. No more dreaming.

The enthusiasm in Terryn as he once again surged into the lead wanes as evening dawns. Despite knowing where he was, the road was so much longer on foot. The fields this far east were ill-tended, an unexpected boon. Hopefully nobody would be looking for you here. Not yet.

The prince chooses your shelter himself, an abandoned inn with the sign hanging precariously by a single rusted chain: The Tin Soldier. The locked door swings open when he asks it kindly– the muttered spell was simply to ease the hinges, or so he claims.

Soot stirs around you as you sweep through the inn, checking the nooks and crannies. Despite years’ worth of dust, it felt almost as if it had been abandoned yesterday. The hearth was stocked with wood, a faded grocery list behind the counter. Whoever was once here left in a hurry.

“I’ve stayed here before,” Terryn admits that night as you share the warmth of a fire. With the chimney as a foundation, you were able to spell the smoke away. It was safe. Comforting. “It was a long time ago,” he says quietly, smiling as he watches the logs pop. “A lifetime, really.”

He’d opened up over the weeks in Goldfair. As his health returned, a certain joy did as well. You often caught him simply looking at the sky, at flowers, at trees. When asked, he might scoff or act as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, but one day, with surprisingly earnestness, he quietly admitted it was so he would always remember how beautiful everything was.

“I waited a long time in that cell,” his smile fades as your dinner warms over the hearth. “I waited so long for somebody to see me.” An ache pulls at his voice, though he never tears his eyes from the flickering flames. “But…I think… it’s been even longer since I’ve felt like this.”

Should you ask or wait in stony silence, the prince’s tail coils inward on himself, and with a sheepish glance and smile, he admits, “It’s been so long since I felt like…” he clears his throat, “Like I had a friend.”

Terryn quickly turns away, tending your meal. “We should arrive in Brouzet tomorrow,” he clears his throat again. “We’ll find help there.”

[ Recommended Listening. ]

The morning dawns quiet. You scrounge the inn for supplies, fashioning the sheets into knapsacks and filling up canteens with water. Brouzet would burn the unprepared, Terryn warns. The desert was an unforgiving place.

The path was rough, strewn with deep, old wagon ruts and unfilled holes. It’s slow going. The prince complains under his breath. “It wasn’t like this before,” he mutters. “They’ve really let it go, haven’t they?”

The sun was high overhead before the clay gave way to sand. Heat radiates, visible on the horizon. Terryn stops you, studying the horizon. He frowns as you follow his gaze. Though the sun burned above, dark clouds roiled on the skyline. Their bellies light up with untamed power as lightning courses through their depths. The rumble could be felt, even this far from the storm. The prince works his jaw, weighing your options. “Can you smell it?” he asks at last.

“...That’s not a normal storm,” he explains, scowling. “Not out here. It reeks of magic.” Irritation sparks in his voice, shaking out of his tail. “I shouldn’t be surprised. How many feats of magework did they do to keep me in that blasted cell? Never mind it,” he practically growls, “We’re not going to let a storm stop us, now are we?”

The prince leads by example, guiding you around thickets of sharp cacti. Darkness dances in your periphery, but every time you glance, there’s nothing there. Red rock cliffs soar, a chokepoint selfishly guarding Brouzet from the outside world. The storm looms ominously overhead, and the closer you get to the natural gate, the more you can feel its oppressive power. The sensation of eyes on your back wears heavily, even here. The wind whips up around you, sand stinging as it flies past. The arcane stench was overwhelming.

“Stay close!” the prince calls over the howling wind, “We’re being followed!”

Hackles prickled, you shift closer to Terryn as electricity crackles on high. The prince’s brows furrow as he surveys the sand flats. A muscle ticks in his jaw before he abruptly whips around, snapping his teeth at nothing.

The thin air at his haunch materializes into a screeching, inky creature, spindly legs flailing as it struggles to free itself. Electricity crackles through its fur, causing Terryn to abruptly drop the beast. “Foul little pesk–”

Terryn’s admonishment dies in his mouth as something surges past the both of you, sharp, serrated fangs snapping up the other creature whole. You stare for a stunned moment at the serpent before Terryn’s teeth nip you.

Run!” the prince hisses urgently, turning tail and leaping into the unknown. You follow as more dark creatures appear around the serpent, swarming it. Its undulating shriek trails you as you flee into the storm, the wind buffeting you as it bellows and roars.

Lightning strikes just behind you, molten glass spiraling upwards. Terryn screams for you, but his words are stolen and swallowed by the tempest. You chase his light into the gale, eyes burning and watering as grit whirls around you. The storm would swallow you, should you let it. Keep going. Push onward. Your life depends on it!

Figures flicker, cascading afterimages as lightning strikes the dunes. Terryn’s voice echoes around you, urging you onward as you lose sight of him. Warm, golden magic encloses you, guiding you. A lifeline. 

He’s waiting for you at the end of the runic trickle, blood dripping from his nose as he paces, distraught, against an embankment of rock. His face lights up as you come into view, the magic pulling harder to reel you in.

“I thought I lost you,” he croaks as the magic dissipates. “Come… there’s shelter, get inside.”

The embankment curves, strange embedded lights twinkling as you follow the prince. The storm rages outside, but here it was quieter. A place to rest, recuperate, and decide… what now?

“Rest,” Terryn instructs, tracing every inch of the shelter, a dim glow emanating from him. “We should be safe here, for now.”

It wasn’t long before the prince returns to you, a look of elation brightening his face. “All is not lost,” he promises. “I’ve found something that will help us… come see!”

Deeper still are you led, a strange unease prickling but without a name. Terryn takes you to a strange hunk of dark stone, partially buried in the sand. As your eyes adjust, the delicate features of a pouflon start to become more clear. The chiseled horns. The heart nose. But this was… something else. Its eyes were dark and hollow, its fur simple details on a canvas… not alive.

Terryn smiles, almost fondly, at the statue. “Have you ever seen one of these?” he asks quietly. “...No, I suppose you wouldn’t remember.”

The prince’s brows furrow as he studies the artifact. “I think… if I can wake it up, it can guide us through this storm.” He glances at you. “Trust me… and give me a little space.”

His tail sweeps behind him, indicating the space required. You step back, watching as the prince concentrates, lowering his head to touch the tip of his horn to the crown of the structured stone. A drop of blood baptizes the basalt as magic hums.

It starts small, a golden glow around his hooves, pulsing outwards in concentric circles. The air grows heavy as the spell spins and grows, sweeping outwards in an ever-widening arc. A burning golden light consumes the stone, almost too bright to look at for just a moment before the radiance begins to fade. The aftershock sweeps past you with a strange, chiming sound that rings in the wastes, slowly waning.

Life grips the once dead stone, a dim light steadily growing in those dark eyes. Terryn exhales before he laughs breathlessly. “It worked,” he whispers, stepping back as the stone pouflon twists its neck, staring up at him. The distant chime tolls, calling your attention as the amalgamation struggles to free itself, cracks spilling sand as it writhes.

Lights appear in the storm, two by two. They start dim, growing in strength. The spell rings through Brouzet, eventually pulling Terryn’s attention from the stone creature he’d woken up.

The lights were moving, a second stone creature already blocking the mouth of their shelter, peering down at you with burning eyes. Realization dawns in Terryn’s face.

“...I’ve bitten off a bit more than I can chew,” he whispers hurriedly as the stone clicks and shudders behind you. “Prepare yourself, we may need to fight out of this.”

More eyes appear, a brilliant array of color. Sand-worn stone moves as if alive, humming the song of Terryn’s spell as your path of escape begins to narrow.

It’s time for another difficult choice– your life could depend on it.

Your patience has been rewarded! Fog of War continues in our newest event quest, Tin Soldiers. You've made it to Brouzet-- were you prepared? Ready or not, it's time to make another choice! Act fast, before the dangers lurking in the desert overwhelm you!

Tin Soldiers is now active! How will you engage with the present threat? You have three choices this time: Fight, Fly or Free. Your choice matters and will impact the direction our story takes next. Choose wisely!

But wait, what's all this about "pesks", "serpents" and stone creatures? We've taken our first steps into Brouzet... allow me to introduce you to our all new endemic life, Fulgulisks and Peskitts!

Peskitts are small, cat-like creatures comprised of the same material as the ley storm currently plaguing most of Brouzet. These mischevious creatures are drawn towards strong sources of magic to feed from. Considered pests, Peskitts are hard to be rid of because they can dissapate at will and vanish into thin air!

Fulgulisks are serpents made of the very same sand as the dunes of Brouzet. The storm above Brouzet is uniquely magical-- sometimes it's lightning strikes create life out of nothing. All Fulgulisks have streaks of runic material in them-- some that have been struck by lightning multiple times may have several. Fulgulisks start small, but grow exponentially as they do not die from natural causes. Fulgulisks have been known to grow larger than any other known living creature on Bellacoste.

You can learn more about Peskitts and Fulgulisks on our Flora & Fauna page!

But... what of Brouzet's tin soldiers? After years of obscurity, [ Golems ] have once more been discovered on Bellacoste! Golems are a unique new subtype available to all three species!

Golems are created, not born. Who created them, and why? There's so many mysteries surrounding Golems, but I have a feeling we might find out more about them in the future.

Want to learn more about Golems now? You probably have a lot of questions. Why not check out our Golem FAQ?

Ready to make a Golem MYO? Golem Cores are now available in the Starfall Shop and Cash Shop!

We hope you enjoy this update! As always, Tin Soldiers will run for two months with full rewards-- be sure to complete the quest before November 14th at 11:59:59 PM EST to receive the XP reward and influence the direction of our event! After this time the quest will join the other legacy event quests and will no longer grant XP or sway the story.

Have fun out there, and good luck!

September Raffle!

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September's raffle is up! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:

Starfall Tail Spell
Glittering Gold Spell
Autumn Crown (x3)

Deadline: October 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to September's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

Sub-tember! | September Announcement

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Updates Header

The air is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. The leaves are starting to change color as farmers haul in their harvests. Fall is upon Bellacoste!

Something’s cooking! Smells great, but needs a little longer in the oven: our event update is coming next week. Our intermission quests and all previous event quests remain available! In the meantime, we have a lot to share with you to tide you over!

Our Fall seasonal quests Pumpkin Picking and Fall Harvest have returned! Joining the seasonal lineup is Forage and Findings. Ready to get out into the autumnal weather?

Our September monthly quests are back, too! Joining Schoolhouse Shenanigans and Autumn Exploration are two new quests, Campfire Magic and Redwick Cabin Cleaning. These new quests grant a little mage or knight experience, so be sure to do them while they’re here!

That’s not our only quest update this month! In addition to our seasonal and monthly quests, we’ve added 10 brand new Callings!

A line up of the 10 new Callings, these badges alternate between bronze, silver and gold.

Our new callings, from left to right: Trickster, Seafarer, Safari, Meteorology, Party, Loner, Nobility, Commoner, Urchin… and finally, Overachiever!

The Overachiever badge is a special badge for characters that love collecting badges! The Overachiever badge is earned by collecting 45 Gold Badges from any of our Callings on one character and grants a title: Overachiever.

This special badge will grant a +5 coin bonus on any future quests done with that character.

Those with the moxie to complete such a feat will also be rewarded with the Overachiever profile badge to forever show off their accomplishment!

Ready to claim your Overachiever badge? Since this badge is a massive achievement, its claim is in Badges & Reward Claims instead of in Callings.

Fall flower divider

Our Fall seasonal pippets are back! Check in with Amaryllis at the Pippet Shop to pick up Maizard, Spungus, Red Spungus, and Chiropon! Don’t forget about Pupkin and Cursed Pupkin who will be available in October only.

Maizard PippetSpungus PippetRed Spungus PippetChiropon PippetPupkin PippetCursed Pupkin Pippet

Two new pippets have been discovered in Brouzet! Welcome Appowl and Cactopus! Both are available in the Pippet Shop now!

Fall flower divider

Fluorspar Foundlings has reached out to us, desperate for help! Their program is working well… too well! Word has spread to the far corners of Bellacoste, and poor Vespilet and Romulon are suffering a bit from their success. There’s too many orphans!

Vespilet and Romulon trust you, as one of their most valued benefactors. Will you answer their plea and sponsor a child? Your help will keep Fluorspar Foundlings’ doors open and lights on.

Starting now, orphans that have been available in Fluorspar Foundlings for a long time will become available for Golden Rhyo as well as remaining adoptable with a Foundling’s Seal!

Think carefully before you adopt, however! There are more uses for Golden Rhyo on the way in the future.

Fall flower divider

This September marks one year of Ko-fi! We’re running a special event all month: SUB-TEMBER! We’re celebrating and we’d love it if you joined us!

For the entire month of September, all new and existing members will receive a BONUS Noble Coin! That’s right, from Seedling to Bouquet, all tiers will receive +1 Noble Coin for being subscribed in the month of September! Like most Ko-fi rewards, these will be handed out in the first week of the following month, giving you right up until September 30th to become a member and benefit from this special offer!

That’s not the only way we’re celebrating! Starting this month, members that have supported us for an unbroken year will receive a brand new profile badge marking their anniversary, the Beautiful Bouquet! This badge will be rewarded to anyone at any membership tier, even if they’ve changed tiers, as long as they’ve never missed a month. Thank you so much for your support!

A beautiful bouquet of flowers with unusual bronze roses.

The Blossom ($20) membership tier is getting upgraded! With how tight budgets have become this year, we wanted to make this tier a more appealing option for people. Starting this month, members of the Blossom tier will receive a Ko-fi Parcel every month! These parcels will contain 1-2 of the same items or currencies that Bouquet tier members receive, but randomized. That means you could get the rarest item available to them, or maybe just coins! It’ll be different for everyone, every month.

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It's Sub-tember, but it's also Suki-tember! Members of our Discord chat banded together today to put together a daily prompt list... all about Ursuki!

Participation is purely optional! Join us in celebrating those good, good Ursuki this month!

Don't have one of your own? Why not check out Ursuki open for gift art or our NPCs? Don't forget gift writing is an option as well!

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I hope you enjoyed this month’s updates, we’ll see you in another week with our event– wait, hang on. There’s something else? Bellacoste may be cooling down, but Brouzet is heating up.

We’re well on our way. When the east wind blows, turn into it. Take your first steps into the unknown, but tread carefully. Danger lurks at every branch in the path. 

But the higher the danger, the more valuable the reward. Dig into the dunes, but keep an eye on your surroundings! Thunder rumbles above and unspeakable things shift the sands below.

Introducing Buried Treasure, a new activity in our Specialty Market.

At random intervals during the month, Pouflons Staff will load this shop with a random number of Buried Chests, treasure that contains exclusive items unavailable anywhere else, if you’re lucky!

You can also drop unwanted items into the dunes, you naughty litterers, you! Have an item you want to donate for other users to grab? Simply select “Donate” on items in your inventory and cast them into Brouzet!

Think carefully before picking up an item, as you can only dig up treasure once a week, or every 7 days. But don’t tarry too long, or the item you wanted might be gone!

Oh, by the way, you might want to check it out now, because in celebration of its launch we’ve buried 20 chests. Good luck!

The journey to get here has been long, and it will be longer still before we’re done. This may be your last chance for reprieve before diving fully into the unknown. Will you take a moment to rest and recoup at the oasis?

An arcane storm looms in the distance, the smell of ozone thick, even here. Monsters lurk, shadows without a name. At least here you can take comfort in the familiar. Pippets sleep and play peacefully, even as the storm rages on the horizon.

A luckolotl tugs at your fur. Maybe a little companionship for the road isn’t a bad idea? Would you like to take it with you?

We’re absolutely overjoyed to announce the return of the previously retired familiars, Luckolotl, Hermyte and Ubra!

All users can now purchase a Luckolotl Carrier, Hermyte Carrier and an Ubra Carrier that will allow you to choose a Blue or Yellow Ubra from the Pippet Shop.

Because we’re licensing use of these familiars, only one carrier of each is available for coins. For extras and all of their variants, look no further than our Ko-fi Shop, where all of these familiars are now available for unlimited purchases!

Thank you for sticking it out with us! We hope you enjoyed this update and all the Brouzet teasers. We’ll see you next week with the next part of Fog of War!

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August Change Log:

Aug 4th: The remaining mod sales have been consolidated into a single sales post!

Aug 5th: As threads begin to unravel the true name of this event is revealed! It is not Deep Below nor Starfall. This year's event scenario is known only as "Fog of War"! As such, the on-site gallery has been renamed from "Deep Below 2022" to "Fog of War 2022".

Aug 10th: Fluorspar Foundlings now has a shop icon! You may need to clear your browser cache or use ctrl+F5 to do a hard refresh in order to see the update!

Aug 16th: Pippets and carriers have been divided a little more specifically! There is now a “Retired Pippets” category as well as an “Event Pippets” category! Retired pippet carriers will still group with their original carrier grouping so to reduce inventory clutter, but opened carrier boxes will sort the retired pippets into their own category! Pippet carriers have been moved to the bottom of your inventory page so you can get to your items faster! Fear not, your carriers are still there!

Aug 27th: Our Market Shops page has seen another small update! You may need to do a hard refresh or clear your cache to see the update. A new section has been added between Coin Market and Cash Market: Speciality Market. This is for “shops” that don’t use a true type of coin, like Fluorspar Foundlings. The shops have also been centered… looks so nice!

Aug 28th: All Callings have been updated to reflect that you can submit your submissions together instead of separately for the three badges!

August Raffle!

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August's raffle is up! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:

Summer Crown (x2)
Forecast Spell (x2)
Glittering Gold Runic (x2)

Deadline: September 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to August's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

The Fog | August Announcement

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Story Header

New or returning? Want to catch up on our event first?

High Above, Deep Below | Sins of the Father | Starlit

Small, peach flowers used as a message break.

[ Recommended Listening. ]

The Hibernal Equinox is over. The next morning dawns gray and anything but quiet.

“Did you see it?” whisper shopkeeps to one another as they sweep their stoops. “The sky lit up, clear as day…”

Uneasy guards line the streets in front of the palace, exchanging words beneath their breath. Who had shirked their duty? It wasn’t me. Well, it wasn’t me either. Don’t look at me, I didn’t even know we had a prisoner there!

Flyers and posters rain down from on high. WANTED. ESCAPED PRISONER. CAPTURE ALIVE. EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!

A wanted poster depicting Prince Terryn fleeing Chrysanthos. The picture is blurry and is in black and white.

Word travels on swift hooves and fleet wings. It boards ships and creeps onto train cars. It settles into quaint country cottages and ursuki villages. Groups gather around posted rewards. Who would try their luck? Who would simply gossip over tea? The wheat separates from the chaff, each with their chests thrown out proudly as they accept the bounty as their own to hunt. 

“Unexplained magical explosion tied to royals?” barks a newsie peddling their papers. “Read all about it, just two coins!”

Rumors spread at afternoon luncheons and behind closed doors. The fog swirls, fighting back the burning sun. All eyes turn towards Chrysanthos.

In abandoned alleys. In empty dock warehouses. In their homes with shades drawn. From east to west.

 Bellacoste starts to remember.

Small, peach flowers used as a message break.

You made another choice. Into the fields of plenty you escaped, following a path paved in starlight. The threads you’ve woven are silvered and strong. Isn’t it beautiful, the way it cleaves through the mire? With the lights of the city at your back, you can see it so clearly. 

The spell. It’s an impressive bit of magework, by far the largest you’ve ever seen and intricately woven. A wash of color, a line to every soul. How had all of Bellacoste fallen under this blanket? This terrible, terrible fog?

It’s fraying at the corners. It ripples and tugs. There’s power in it still, but you can feel it waning in an increasing radius all around you.

It’d be a shame if it all came crashing down, wouldn’t it? The thread… no, the spell you’ve woven is focused, a sharp edge. It’s just enough. Open your eyes. Chase the burning tail of the comet ahead of you and hang tight

We’ve only just begun.

Small, peach flowers used as a message break.

The palace buzzes like a hive. Messengers dodge each other in the halls as they run missives. Guards swarm, overturning stones and leaving no corner unchecked. As the days pass, the fever pitch dies down but the tension builds. Where had procedures broken down? Someone had to be blamed, surely, but who?

Days turn to weeks. Chasing rumors leads to false positives. Suspects matching the description are marched across the throne room. None of them are him. Mistaken identities do more harm than good. Public approval plummets.

Word arrives from Firsden. The ursuki are waking unseasonably early, troubled and complaining increasingly of headaches. The missive ends simply with “Expect us.

The Saints arrive days later, faces stony as they’re ushered into the throne room. The heat billowing from St. Elidi drives their honor guard back, leaving the two alone in an ever-widening circle.

“Queen Nouvel,” St. Hart begins. His heart reaches for him, placing a steadying paw on his side. He takes a deep breath, fresh holly budding in his fur. “You know why we’re here. I’ll give you a chance to explain yourself.” He pauses, before adding a plaintive, if clipped “Please.”

The queen sits upon her throne with her Queensguard by her side. They both look harried, their eyes sunken and hollow. The princess is nowhere to be seen.

“You honor us with your presence, Saints,” the queen starts, her voice steady. “I wish that we could greet you under better circumstances. You are welcome in Chrysanthos for as long as you choose to stay.”

Nouvel,” St. Hart rumbles dangerously. Flames lick against his fur, his claws passing through Elidi’s pyre to rest on her back. “The day may be young, but we are not. Enough with the pleasantries. Where is he?”

Perth exchanges a look with the queen before she clears her throat. “At this time we’re following several leads, however…”

“So you don’t know,” St. Elidi interrupts, the tiled mosaic blackening beneath her feet. “You truly have lost him! Do you know what you’ve done?”

“Of course we know, it was never our intention to–”

“This was not our deal, Nouvel,” St. Hart growls, flames kissing his cheeks. “In losing him you’ve violated our treaty. Are you aware of how serious this is?”

“St. Hart, St. Elidi…” the queen stands, taking a step down from on high. “We are aware of what’s at stake and are taking every measure to have him found and returned. I promise this to you.”

“Tell me, then, Nouvel, why did we have to learn this news from bounties and not from you?” Hart reaches into his cloak, producing a charred flier. “This is affecting my people, Nouvel, or have you forgotten that we are sensitive to changes in the weave?”

Remorse flickers in Nouvel’s face, in how her shoulders sag. She opens her mouth. Closes it again. Her tongue felt like paper. “I am… so deeply sorry. It was our negligence that…”

An ear-splitting shriek cuts through the gloom. It was too late for apologies. Shouts echo down the halls, followed by a guard in full armor exploding through the doors, skidding across the throne room floor. A force of nature follows, power rippling through her body as the Arbiter forces her way through a too-small frame. Tortured wood whines and stones crumble in her wake.

Her wings flare, filling the room. Pneumir spills from her open mouth in waves. Azariah stands tall, neck arching towards the throne.

Perth draws her sword.

“Don’t,” St. Elidi warns.


Guards crowd in the damaged doorway. After a long, still moment, Queen Nouvel carefully flicks her wings, holding them back. “Arbiter, please, don’t throw away our peace. We fought too hard for it.” Pain flickers across her face. “Give us… give me… a chance to fix this.”

Slowly, carefully, Perth sheathes her sword again. She glances warily at the queen as pneumir billows up the stairs to the throne.

“FIX THIS?! You cannot fix this,” the vespire hisses. Her tail whips as she pivots, nearly taking the Saints off their feet. The Arbiter rises, clawing a tapestry down. “Your forefathers could not fix this. Nor the ones before them. You think you can? You are a CHILD!”

She throws the tapestry down, treading upon the insignia as she advances. The Whirling Wind. “And like all children, you LIE! WHERE IS TERRYN, NOUVEL?”

Nouvel is not the princess she used to be. A threat looms tall before her. The girl she once was became queen in a moment much like this one. Azariah’s throat burns hot, shining radiantly with a promise. The queen takes a step towards the Arbiter. As David speared Goliath.

No. Not today.

“Arbiter,” the queen takes the steps slowly, pneumir billowing around her. “I… have wronged you.”

Azariah looms angrily over the throne room as Nouvel approaches, pneumir spilling from her open mouth. Perth stands by the throne, trying to call Nouvel back. St. Hart and St. Elidi have been pushed to the side by the Arbiter's entrance. Hart shelters Elidi, just in case. Both watch the situation with grim expressions.

Perth hisses her name but the queen doesn’t look back, bowing her head. Her knees buckle and she sinks low, only the curl of her horns rising above the mist. “Forgive me,” Nouvel’s voice cracks. “I could not do it. I… I tried and I couldn’t do it.”

The vespire dominates the room, her shadow long and suffocating. Her muzzle wrinkles as she stares unblinking, tail rattling ominously as her neck arches, pneumir cascading down. She strikes with startling speed, stopping just short of taking the queen by the throat. She hovers there, hot breath billowing oppressively against the back of Nouvel’s neck. 

“Your morals will be your undoing,” the vespire sneers, clicking her jaws together decisively before she reaches for Nouvel, roughly pulling her head up with a claw. “You’ve gotten too comfortable, Nouvel. My people have NEVER forgotten their pain.” 

The queen holds very still, her expression wavering as the vespire’s hand tightens momentarily around her throat before the ancient releases her. “They’ve forgotten what the Lamentation is for, you stupid, selfish child! But they’re remembering now.”

The swell of grief choking the vespire’s voice should have been no surprise, and yet, it was. The Saints extract themselves from the wall, carefully treading through a minefield of broken promises. Elidi reaches Azariah first, her fires cooled to flickering embers. Hart follows, joining his mate in pressing a firm paw to the haunch of the Arbiter.

We are with you,” the smaller Saint vows. “Our people are seeing through the fog, Nouvel. It’s only a matter of time before it unravels.”

Communion flickers briefly through Hart, his mask twinkling unsteadily before disappearing again. He sighs, reaching to help Nouvel to her feet. “My son sees something in you,” he murmurs to her as he brushes soot from her fur. “Veti trusts you. Earn it.” 

The ursuki straightens, meeting Perth’s untrusting gaze. He raises his paws plaintively before rumbling, “This is still salvageable. We must locate the prince and set this to rights. I believe I’ve caught his trail.”

“Where?” Azariah hisses, now hunkered low. “I will see to him myself.”

Perth takes the stairs in a single leap, magic glimmering around the hilt of her blade. “No. We’ll find him.”

Azariah bristles. Elidi frowns, meeting Hart’s eyes.

“Goldfair,” the ursuki concedes, his jaw set. “Do not raze it, Azariah. You will answer to me.”

The vespire chitters and clicks deep in her throat. She turns abruptly, firing a blast of heat at the closest wall. Tapestries burn as stone and glass melts, pooling around her feet. Hart steps back, bodily sweeping Nouvel and Perth away from the rapidly cooling magma. What’s left is a gaping, jagged hole.

The Arbiter spreads her wings once more, casting a derisive look towards the throne.

“No more chances,” Azariah promises, launching from the throne room and into the wide open sky.

Small, peach flowers used as a message break.

Goldfair, Bellacoste’s bread basket. The fields are sown and full of promise. Their tenders sleep soundly in their beds. A prisoner flits among them, reduced almost to his shadow. Terryn led you, at first, but as the night wears on his energy wanes with the moon.

You have to find shelter. Fast.

The sun rises on a still dawn. Farmhands chatter outside of the barn you’ve hidden in. “Why’re we looking for this guy?”

“Beats me, rewards good, though.”

“He’s kinda familiar, ain’t he?”

The spell is fraying.

You bargain and steal to survive. In bits and pieces you bring the prince back from the brink. Days pass in the food and clothing you’re able to scavenge.

They’re talking about you in the square of a nearby town.

“He’s a dangerous criminal, innit he?” a straw-chewing merchant blusters. “Been sayin’ they oughta send more guards our way. Ain’t safe at night any more.”

The threads loosen their grip.

The untended fields are safest, but hardest to traverse. The ground is hard and uneven, and the brambles grow thick when uninhibited. Yet, your caution is worth it. 

Terryn improves day by day. The bountiful food stores fill out his frame. He builds strength and can journey farther each new dawn.

Someone spots you in the next village. A confused ursuki stares as you pass.

“...Vieux?” they call, drawing eyes as you usher Terryn around a corner and out of sight.

The fog roils. The ursuki wonders why they called out in the first place.

You avoid the next town, and the one after that, foraging for food where you can find it. On a particularly clear night, you join Terryn in his vigil.

“Look,” he directs your attention. You follow his gaze to a patch of darkness where stars should be. The patch shifts. Something in flight. Large.

“We’re being hunted in earnest now,” the prince mutters. “Keep to the treeline.”

The next day, you can see the ancient more clearly. She flies in widening circles. A vespire in Goldfair. You wonder, not for the first time, if you’ve made the right choice.

There’s no going back now. All you can do is press on.

Days of evading detection later, something seizes Terryn, causing him to surge once more into the lead. A shift in the air, a sweltering wave of heat. Terryn drives you east.

“I know where we are,” he sounds exhilarated. “I know this place. Follow me!”

The fertile loam transitions to clay. The dwindling cover worries you, but the prince presses on. He was feverish now.

It dawns, eventually, on you too.


He’s leading you to Brouzet.

Updates Header

Our event’s true name reveals itself with this update: Fog of War. What is the fog, and why is it coming undone?

Our year-long event continues this month with an intermission while we work on the next part– it’s a big one! This intermission brings two new quests, Court Crashers and Hunted in Goldfair. Are you prepared to tackle the diplomatic emergency happening in Chrysanthos? Or perhaps you’re accompanying… or hunting… Terryn through Goldfair?

Both new quests can be completed once per character and will award a single Crown Coin each. These quests will remain active for the duration of the event and will be shifted to Legacy once the next part comes out later this month.

A golden padlock.A golden key.

Our August monthly quests, Summer Treats, Surfs Up and Seashore Hunt return! Our Summer Seasonal Quests will remain active for the duration of August before retiring for the year.

Autumn arrives in September, so be sure to get any and all Summer fun you’ve been putting off done this month!

Small, peach flowers used as a message break.

August is the last month of Summer in Bellacoste, which means it’s time for our quarterly Coin Auction! Have you been saving your coins, or did you spend them all in the Selstice shop? Time to pinch pennies!

Our Coin Auction will go live later this month with designs from our wonderful guest artists! First Coin Auction? These special sales are for coins instead of USD and they happen in the last month of each season.

Chester and Mochi are returning with new legendary items this month as well, so be sure to plan accordingly!

Small, peach flowers used as a message break.

Did you know that Pouflons has its own bustling Discord Community? We’d like to take this opportunity to brush up on our Discord and site guidelines as our community grows:

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Welcome to all of our new users! We’re so happy to have you here and we hope you enjoy your time here with us.

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The July Raffle ends on August 7th, be sure to get your entries in!

Fluorspar Foundlings is once again accepting new orphans. The monthly cap for Golden Rhyo has reset!

Chester and Mochi will be opening the Legend Shop as normal from August 10th through August 20th.

Summer pippets will be cycling out of the Pippet Shop at the end of August. Buy them before Autumn arrives in September!

Crown Cafe seasonal stock will change on September 7th, be sure to finalize all purchases before then!

Have you seen our Endemic Life Survey? I hear we're headed towards Brouzet. Now is a great time to suggest local flora and fauna!

We rolled out some site updates in July! Check our News Post about it if you're still having display problems. Any suggestions? We'd love to hear them!

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Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our Discord and select the changelog role!

July Change Log:

July 4th: The issue with text being smaller or in different fonts than intended should now be fixed on all themes but will require another hard refresh (ctrl + F5) or cleared cache!

If you notice bugs outside of the known issues on the list in our News Post please let us know!

July 13th: Just a small note, looks like a couple of Foundlings had a bit of a paperwork mix up and were adopted out for Golden Rhyo instead of a Foundling's Seal. If you adopted one of them, please take care of them!

This was our mistake in all this paperwork shuffling, but in the future, if you see a design up for a currency that isn't a Foundling's Seal, please let us know so we can correct it!

Quincey's silhouette in her signature peach.

July Raffle!

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July's raffle is up! As a general reminder, raffles are now hosted completely on Lorekeeper in the raffle section of prompts. Have fun and get gifting!!

Prizes to be won:

Nudibranch Potion (x2)
Royal Capricorn Potion

Deadline: August 7th - 11:59pm EST
Max entries2 per user
Participation reward
4 coins (each)

Please head on over to July's raffle prompt to learn more and enter this month's raffle!

Site Updates - Work in Progress!

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Hello everylon! Yesterday we began some significant updates to our site, notably the top navigation bar and the shop splash page! These updates had to be pushed live for us to continue working on them and so that we could find bugs, so you can see them now! They just aren't quite done/smoothed out yet, so you may encounter some issues for the next few days.

In order to properly see these updates you will most likely need to do a hard refresh on your browser. For most browsers holding CTRL then hitting F5 works, but it's always best to Google for your specific browser! If a hard refresh fails, you may need to clear your browser's cache.

Current Updates:

  • Navigation Bar: Our nav bar has seen significant updates! Everything that used to be there is still there, just in a different layout. We've also added a lot of NEW links, like to Pippets for example!
  • Shops: Our shops have been consolidated to a single page that hosts both coin and cash shops as well as Fluorspar Foundlings, our Ko-fi and our Etsy! This link is now found under Explore -> Play -> Market Shops!
  • Mobile: Our mobile nav bar wasn't playing nice on phones, so the GUIDES link section has been turned into a static link for mobile users only. Clicking that link will take you to a page where all the Guide links are hosted.

All of this is still a work in progress so some things will still be shifting around in the coming days, so hang tight! When it's all done we hope the browsing experience will be much nicer.

If you run into a critical bug, please submit a Report to let our team know!

Issues we are aware of:

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  • Mobile users are encountering problems with the link menus. FIXED: required consolidating Guides links into a link page instead of menu for mobile only.

For live updates on this process, please join our Discord!

Selstice | July Update

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July is here, and it’s time to make the plunge! Our July event Selstice has begun!

Last year, our summer was consumed by fighting back monsters from the Rift! Aequor has reached out to the mainland to offer us a more relaxed introduction to their sovereign city in our returning quest, Welcome Back to Aequor. Don’t feel like getting wet? Delve into our two NEW event quests! Queen Nouvel has invited King Ericius to mainland Bellacoste for a diplomatic meeting in Fish out of Water and they need your help guarding his procession and showing him around! The city of Chrysanthos needs your assistance in creating and passing out wanted posters in Comet’s Trail.

Our July monthly prompts have returned! It’s time to get back to nature at Summer Camp! Gather around the fire to spin spooky stories in Campfire Stories. There’s a new quest that grants a little experience as well if you’re up to the task, Guarding the Boardwalk.

Everybody’s favorite mysterious capricorn vespire has thrown open his door to all tourists! Our Selstice Shop has returned with all of your seasonal favorites!

All Selstice items other than pippets have been added to our Cash Shop as well.

Oh my, what’s this? It looks like a new pippet has appeared in the Selstice shop! Looks like Aequor is trusting us with the care of the Citriark, an intelligent but temperamental companion! Citriark is a new Summer pippet!

A Selstice guest artist advent will begin later this month, starting on July 13th!

Our June events have come to a close, and what a ride they were!

The Baby Boon sale in our Cash Shop has ended and Bloom, Geode and Sprout Tickets as well as Growth Potions have returned to their normal prices.

Did you catch that Baby Boon Recruitment is now active year-round? Recruit your friends and earn rewards any time!

In June, we hinted at some upcoming quests geared towards helping new and established players become proficient in navigating our site and participating in Pouflons! Lorekeeper Lessons has a planned 18 NEW QUESTS, but due to some upcoming layout updates, development is currently paused.

I’m happy to announce that the first two quests, 1.1 - Beasts of Bellacoste and 1.2 - Choices, Choices! are available starting NOW for you to complete!

These quests are different from our other quests and must be completed in order. Lorekeeper Lesson quests can only be completed once per person.

We would appreciate any and all feedback you have on these new quests as we continue developing the rest! Were they helpful and thorough enough, or is there information on the topics covered that you think would be useful to add? Let us know!

Pippets for Pride was an astounding success this year! In 2021 we raised $1,000.10 for The Trevor Project. This year we raised $5,133.53. With the triple-matching of donations that their board of directors did at the end of the month our donation had power of $15,400.59!

Every donation is a force of good and I can not begin to tell you how emotional the team is over our community’s endless generosity. I’m tearing up! You’re wonderful. We love you. Each and every one of you.

Our donation shop may be closed for the year, but you still have a chance to pick up one last Pride-themed item for FREE! Because of your amazing, mind-blowing donations, we’ve put a free gift in the MYO Shop for ALL users to claim.

This free gift contains a Pridingo Carrier, a choice-box for a baby MYO of your choice and a roll on a loot table containing all of our current Starfall and Pippets for Pride event items. This gift will remain available for the month of July.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. Thank you! Thank you so much! The Pouflons community showed its might and together, we made a difference. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Pippets for Pride will return next June!

A new NPC has appeared! Have you seen the Heartwood wanderoot, Chicory? I hope we find out more about them soon!

Our Starfall event quest Starlit will continue through July 19th at 11:59:59PM EST! It’s time to choose which way to escape with Terryn to best avoid capture!

That’s not the only Starfall news this month! 

Both the Star Wings trait and Starfall Tail trait have been updated to add new features!

Star Wings Upgrade: On top of the star shape, star wings can now have moving star markings on only the wings that will stretch and "trail" off the wings. This will work in a manner similar to how Fae wings produce shedding but it isn't traited!

Starfall Tail Upgrade: The shape of the tail is no longer limited to only star or moon shaped, but can now be other planetary shapes as well!

Additionally, we’ve added an ALL NEW trait to the Starfall Shop and Cash Shop, Starfield Atmospheric Effect. This atmospheric trait will allow for orbiting rings, asteroids, comets, or constellations to appear around a character. This can also include solitary stars. The ability to do these things will be removed from atmospheric and will only be accessible via this trait. Normal non-constellation stars will still be accessible via normal atmospheric!

The next part of the event will begin in late July or early August. I hope you’re prepared! You didn’t forget to pack sunblock, did you?

We welcomed three new moderators to our team in June! Fyre and TytoArts are our new FTO Moderators ready to help newcomers get settled in Bellacoste. SeaCrest joined our General and Writing Moderator team as well! Neat-Cat and Grey retired from the General and Writing Moderator team this month, thank you both for all your hard work!

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Our Etsy Shop! Our stock is currently limited, but we’re always hard at work concepting and getting new items made.

Your support means everything to us! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Did you know we have our own Discord? Stop by to receive updates as they happen, not to mention hang with the coolest community around!

One last thing-- if you’re looking for a new Bellacoste character, why not commission Cake or Rhiow for a Custom Design or Redesign?

The June Raffle ends on July 7th, be sure to get your entries in!

Fluorspar Foundlings is once again accepting new orphans. The monthly cap for Golden Rhyo has reset!

Chester and Mochi are taking a break this month and will not be opening the Legend Shop in lieu of some summer fun!

Our seasonal Coin Design Sale is coming up in August! Time to start saving!

Want to keep up with changes in real time? Join our Discord and select the changelog role!

June Change Log:

June 1st: The Wander Berry Badge now shows the bonuses it grants for you and your bonded wanderoot!

June 2nd: All Starfall event pippets are now in the Cash Shop as well.

June 13th: Knight and Mage quest pages have been updated with a little more information on each specialization! This information is also on now under the occupation tab!

June 14th: There is now a UNIQUE turn-in prompt for Foundlings. Please use this if you wish to turn in bloom, sprout, or geode designs that you have created in exchange for a Golden Rhyo! It is still located in the Badge & Reward Claims prompt category!

June 17th: Whoops! Cherub Body was missing on the trait list as a trait for cherub ursuki. It's been created! As a reminder, this is a PRIMARY legendary trait for cherub ursuki. It will be back-granted to those that already have it for free.

June 28th: The quest text on Boon Chest Claim has been updated to clarify that a pair of people (recruiter and recruitee) may only claim one Boon Chest!

Example: Cake referred me, so I can claim a Boon Chest for us both. Cake can't then claim a second Boon Chest for my referral!

Pippets for Pride Donation Tracker

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We are collecting money throughout the month of June to benefit The Trevor Project! You can read all about our donation drive in our [ June News Post ]!

This progress bar will be updated and the post will be bumped every FRIDAY during June! Check back every week to see how much we've raise out of our $2000 goal!

June 3rd: 75%
June 10th: 114%
June 17th: 169%
June 24th: 191%