Submission Guidelines

This page explains the meaning behind the submission terms used on the site.


Sketches/lineart: Uncolored art of a character (headshot to fullbody). Must be refined enough to clearly tell what's going on but does not need to be fully polished.

Headshot/bust:   Art of the character from the head or chest up.

Halfbody:   Half of the character's body is showing.

Fullbody:   Most or All of the character's body is showing.

Backgrounds:   Backgrounds are a scene/environment for the character to be in. These can be a full scene bg or a platform bg. The piece's composition can be any shape (square, circle, swatch etc) Backgrounds can be basic or advanced and there are different coin amounts for each.

What doesn't count as a background...

  • a flat color, gradient, shape, preexisting image, (photo) abstract, or drop shadow. It must be an original artwork and have enough detail to suggest your character is in an environment.

A Basic Background...

  • ...has enough elements to suggest a solid scene/space/environment, but is not an advanced bg.

An Advanced Background has ONE or more of the following points...

  •  At least 3 background elements (ie. mountains, clouds, birds, etc WOULD count towards bg elements. Whereas ground/sky don't count)
  • Defined foreground/background/middle ground
  •  Enough detail or composition consideration to be considered advanced

Examples provided by Ellusively.



Writing is judged on word count and "Significant interaction" a significant interaction is enough sentences of interaction with something to be considered significant. This is objective, but your character glancing, waving at, or sharing a few words with another character is not enough to be considered a significant interaction, it must be greater.


Effort and Polish

While we try to be as clear as possible in these guidelines, and we do not have a "clean lineart" requirement, we expect pieces to meet a certain level of effort & refinement. Keep in mind the following...

– Characters must be clearly identifiable as themselves & their species
– Background objects must be defined enough so mods can clearly tell what they are
– Scene elements must be defined enough so mods can clearly tell what is happening in the scene
– Any Foreground/middle/background areas should be clearly defined 

If we feel as though a submission appears too unclear or too rushed/unfinished, we may ask for some refinement.