Mage Quests

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Mage Quests

Magic is a very important aspect of pouflon society - it is used for everything from aiding small domestic tasks such as writing to performing complex spells and making potions. While some pouflons are naturally born with a talent for magic, it is possible for Bellacostians to study and practice with magic to improve their skills. Magic comes in many forms and can present in many different ways beyond the versions that are laid out here, get creative and have fun!

There are several subtypes of Magedom in Bellacoste that can be learned all over the map and by anyone! Special Mage Path quests will be indicated below with a prefix aligned to the path it represents. You can do as many or as few of these special paths as you wish. You will not get a unique trait title for completing special paths, its there for the flavor and as a different way to go about the knight quests.

Along with these new paths it should be made clear that you can carry out your mage training all across Bellacoste. From the ordered halls of Asterfall Mage College to the free-for-all schooling that is offered in Riddlelock. Facilities and places to learn are all over Bellacoste and you're encouraged to make them up as needed. Some quests will still have specific quest locations, such as Asterfall, but as many as possible are meant to be open ended as to where and how they take place! Get creative and have fun!

General - no prefix
Potion Mage - PT
Druidic Mage - DR
Seeker Mage - SE

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Magedom Paths

Magedom can take many forms and functions across all of Bellacoste. Below are basic descriptors of the special paths that were mentioned above. Magedom is NOT limited to only as these are described, rather they are jumping off points for your own stories and ideas!

Potion Mage
Slinging spells is all well and good but where does that get you when you're cornered and out of energy to keep doing taxing magic? Nowhere. Luckily a Potion Mage need not worry about such a thing. With their recipe book and time at their side they can craft any spell into an easy to conceal, and instantly usable, form. Masters of identifying the use of herbs and ingredients around them, Potion Mages carry a slight stigma for not relying on their runic magic to do such incredible feats. The wisest of Potion Mages would know that sometimes the most powerful magic is the kind that doesn’t need to be loudly pronounced.

Druidic Mage
Not everylon gets their magical education from the schools. Many reasons can contribute to it but these unique mages pull their magic and education from the natural world all around them. The plants and animals are their teachers, and the forces of nature their magic to be harnessed and redirected. Many druids partner up early in the magic journeys with some element of the natural world that acts as a point of reference for all the magic that is to come.

Seeker Mage
Mages have only just begun to unlock the mysteries of the stars. With recent events it has become more and more evident that there are secrets that the heavens have yet to unfold. Seekers use a mix of divination and element magic to draw upon the wisdom of the stars and borrow their power to channel their runic magic. Seekers can be called upon for many different purposes, ranging from locating lost objects to determining the outcome of major decisions.


Tier 1 Quests

Tier 1 Quests

K/M Claim Guide Mage T1 ClaimMT1 Achievement

Below are the requirements for this tier of quests. You can always exceed these requirements for additional rewards!
Tier achievements have their own requirements listed with the quest.

Art Requirements: Minimum full body
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 250-500 words
Rewards: 1 EXP, 6 Coins

Tier 1 Achievement

Tier 1 Mage by pixdoodles

Tier 1 Achieved -> Begin working towards Tier 2
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

Upon attaining tier one status, many pouflons begin to really consider their career seriously.
To begin working on the next tier, show your pouflon thinking about their career- where they'd like it to go, when or why they decided to pursue it, their fears or aspirations, etc. How much does your pouflon's career mean to them?

Required MXP: 5
Art Requirements:
 Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements:
Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 1 Mage Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-9 Coins
-Tier 2 Quests unlocked!


Remiel by pixdoodles

"Hello! I was hoping that I might find some more pouflons interested in perhaps doing some more stargazing for me? I would always greatly appreciate any help with my astronomical research, especially from pouflons that live all over Bellacoste - I can only see so much from Asterfall! Any simple notation of star placement will do, I would love to have anything. Thank you very kindly!"

Show your pouflon trying to further Remiel's celestial research.


Vionnet by pixdoodles

"Hi. I'm looking for some interesting pouflons that are going to make studying for my tests a little less boring. If anyone is studying the same stuff I am, I'd really appreciate like, I don't know, a group study session I guess? Just comparing notes is fine... honestly I've been in this library alone for so long, I'd just like to have somelon else's voice break the relentless silence. We can meet during breaks."

Show your pouflon helping Vionnet with her magic studies.



Amaryllis by pixdoodles

"Hey... so, um, a lot of those little critters, uh, pippets, have still been... hanging around my house, so... I've been looking after them... gave them all names and everything. They sure are lively though... it's been hard working on potions with all these little guys running around. If uh, anyone was interested in maybe... helping me out with them sometimes...? I'd uh... really appreciate it..."

Show your pouflon helping Amaryllis with her pippets. They need babysitting, walking, feeding, and playing- they're a handful!


Florrie by pixdoodles

"Hellooo everyone~! I was just wondering if you all could help me with something. Now, it's been such a looong time since I've seen any pouflons with a strong aura of love about them, and I wanted to ask if you lovely little mages could come to me and think about something, or someone, you really love- so I could see some of that beautiful love in the air! As we all know, love is a magical affair, and I think I'd see the most passionate auras coming from a lovely bunch of ambitious mages like you all. Thank you~!"

Show your pouflon expressing their love for something! Florentine is a saint, and has the ability to see auras given off by other pouflons- though those pouflons cannot see it themselves.


Wild Wander

Amaryllis by pixdoodles

"Hullo... I was, uh, wondering if anylon'd would also be up to helpin me with my wanderberry stores... they're kinda important for most of the potions I brew. I mean... there's no rush... there's enough to get me by, but... I'm not much of a hunter, and honestly, going after those wanderoot kinda... leaves me pooped. So, uh, if anylon more outdoorsy would consider... I'd be really thankful."

Show your pouflon hunting down some Wanderoot and grabbing their wanderberries, either in Snowhurst forest or Redwick forest!

Questgiver: Amaryllis

Wanderoots Orig by pixdoodles


Amaryllis by pixdoodles

"Hey... again... so... I've been thinking... I need winterberries for the energy potions I brew most of the time, but... with all these pippets around, it's hard to leave the house to... get supplies... so, uh, I guess, if anylon is ever wandering around Snowhurst, or something... if you could bring me some winterberries, that'd really help..."

Show your pouflon searching for winterberries around Snowhurst, to help Amaryllis finish her potions.

Berries Orig by pixdoodles
a. Redwick Wanderberry; b. Triocherry; c. Winterberry; d. Wishberry; e. Globoberry



Fiorel by pixdoodles

"The Royal Chamber invites mages from across the commonalty to provide entertainment, at the pleasure of the Princess, for my tea parties! And, as my tea parties are so highly select, it will be an unabashed, even, dare I say, personal, one-to-one performance. For me. You're free to produce whatever sort of novelty you like, provided, of course, it doesn't make you look like some sort of half-wit - though I'm, eheh, sure that won't be the case. Anyone who can ensorcel a bit of half-decent merriment will do. I'm really not asking for a miracle. Academy trained or not, I don't care, as long as you don't, you know, aha, flub it up. Looking forward to meeting you!!"

Show your pouflon providing entertainment for Fiorel's tea parties.

Healing Hooves

Lavern by pixdoodles

"Greetings, my dear pouflons. I would like to invite any mages interested specifically in healing magics to, apprentice, casually I suppose, under my wing as head physician of Chrysanthos palace. There is no great pressure in place, as I will be taking care of all intensive medical maneuvers; this is simply an opportunity for those interested to observe at an intimate level and perhaps pick up a new trick or two. Please stop by the palace and ask for me if you are interested."

Show your pouflon observing and maybe helping Lavern during their duties, which include anything from concocting a remedy for insomnia to healing serious wounds.


Lessons in Flight

Quincey by pixdoodles

In Bellacoste it is well known that magic plays a large factor in the ability to fly. Everyone with wings knows this to be true. The trouble is, when you're still a baby, learning how to furl and unfurl your wings with magic cant be a challenge. Let alone ACTUALLY flying with those little things! Representatives from many of the gardens (Dawn Garden, Altum's Sanctum, and the Lucid Altar) have requested the help of mages to teach the little ones how to use their wings and magic to begin flight!

Depict your character travelling to the place where blooms, geodes, or sprouts are and teach them how to use their magic to fly! Some might prove to be harder to teach than others. How does your character impart these lessons on them? Do they have a gentle teaching style, or are they more of a "throw them into the deep end," kind of instructor?


Kavolsky by pixdoodles

Normal mages are never able to use their ingredients to their greatest potential. But what each ingredient does nearly sings to you its purpose, begging you to use it. This is the first time you created a truly amazing potion. What was it like? Did it work? What did it do?

Depict your character hand selecting ingredients and crafting their first off-recipe potion. This potion can do anything… even nothing! But the important part is that it’s the first step on an exciting new journey.



Kavolsky by pixdoodles

Every great potion mage, and in fact any potion brewer you've heard of, fact or fiction, keeps a book of all their spells and formulae. Why should you be any different? Show your character getting their book of potions begun. How does it look? Is it even a book at all? How do they keep it organized, if at all?

Depict your character starting their own potion manual. It can be a traditional spell book… but you aren’t a traditional mage, are you? This will be your legacy. Follow your heart and make this collection of recipes truly your own. 


Kavolsky by pixdoodles

In the course of your studies, you come across an unusual ingredient. Something about it tickles your brain and begs you to find a use for it. But what? You can’t seem to find any existing recipe– at least not one at your current skill level. You’re certain it has a use, however. All things do. You just have to find it.

Depict your character unlocking the potential of a strange or ill-advised ingredient. The handling may be dangerous– be careful! The ingredient is highly volatile and testing with it may result in… unintended consequences.They said it couldn’t… and shouldn’t be done. You’ll prove them wrong. Or you won’t. Failure is another part of learning!



Pixie by pixdoodles

The first time you heard it you must have thought a prank was being pulled on you. But the times after that, if it was a prank why did it follow you everywhere? It started so quiet you had to strain your ears to hear it over the cacophony of the world around you. Over time it got louder, or you got better at listening. Something was calling to you. The world itself whispered your name, asking for your attention. Does your character heed it? What was it like the first time they heard the whisper of druidic magic? Was it unexpected or had they always known?

Depict your character responding to– or trying to ignore– nature’s call. The call can come from specific facets of nature, be it flora, fauna or something else. Or it can come from all around you, a deluge begging for your attention. How does your character deal with the sudden noise?


Pixie by pixdoodles

Something odd has happened. On a walk in the forest, a field of flowers, or even in a garden deep inside a city something strange is happening. A strange little thing, a pippet maybe, or any small creature, has approached you and seems intent on not leaving your side. It’s almost as if you understand one another and understand that this is your magic, bringing something to help guide you. Show your character meeting their familiar for the first time. Is it a pippet or something strange and unknown? Is it unique to you? How do you get along?

Depict your character interacting with their strange new companion. Are they confused by the creature’s insistence, or does it all feel… right, somehow? Trails through the forest are rarely even, and there may be bumps along the way. This creature seems determined to make it work. Are you?

For this quest you are welcome to use a pippet as a familiar or design your own creature, but it must be small!



Pixie by pixdoodles

One voice sings louder than the rest, pulling you from your daily life and into a nearby thicket. Never before has one risen so shrilly above the many to call to you. What you find is a demanding sapling, small and stunted in the shade of its forebearer. There is not enough sun to bathe its leaves or room for its roots to grow. You are compelled to do something to help, but what?

Depict your character approaching this difficult problem. Too much sun will wilt the sapling as easily as too much shade. How much water does it need? Will it really not be okay where it is? Perhaps you could move it, or re-pot it and take it with you. The choice is yours.


Niahm by pixdoodles

Seeker mages typically have humble beginnings. An odd urge here or there after looking to the night sky for too long. A nudge in one direction or another after seeing a shooting star. The heavens hold secrets. They hold magic. Untapped and misunderstood. How was your first encounter with Seeker magic? Were you aware of the small divinations that may have come to you? Did you seek them out night after night? Have you always had and used them without knowing?

Depict your character interacting with their Seeker magic for the first time. Does the unusual power frighten or delight them? Do they learn anything interesting from their first experience?


se - star charting

Niahm by pixdoodles

Every Seeker Mage needs an innate knowledge of the movements and patterns of the night sky. This understanding goes beyond a surface level look at the stars above. It instead requires the acquisition or creation of a series of star charts and maps. Does your character find an expert to make one for them? Do they make them on their own? Does it take them more than one try or do they get it on their first time?

Depict your character acquiring their star charts, an essential tool needed to perform Seeker magic and divinations. They can acquire the star charts from someone else or they can make them themselves.


Niahm by pixdoodles

One night, you notice something nestled among the stars that you’ve never seen before. There’s comfort in familiarity but excitement in the unknown. Was it a new discovery? As you study it, you realize it’s moving. Could it be a comet? Those only come rarely. Chase the tail across the sky to its zenith! Maybe you can glean something special tonight?

Depict your character encountering a comet in the night sky. Does the discovery worry or intrigue them? Portents and prophecies surrounding comets are easy to find. Which one dances through the stars now? Will you dance with it or do your due diligence studying?

Tier 2 Quests

Tier 2 Quests

K/M Claim Guide Mage T2 ClaimMT2 Achievement

Below are the requirements for this tier of quests. You can always exceed these requirements for additional rewards!
Tier achievements have their own requirements listed with the quest.

Art Requirements: Minimum full body
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 250-500 words
Rewards: 2 EXP, 9 Coins

Tier 2 Achievement

Tier 2 Mage by pixdoodles

Tier 2 Achieved -> Begin working towards Tier 3
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

By completing tier two, pouflons affirm their skills and abilities in their chosen field as respectable and well practiced.
At this stage, pouflons of both the mage and knight professions undergo a traditional ceremony, in which they are presented with a special clear gem that is magically bonded to them and their soul, turning the gem into the same color as their runic color. This gem acts as a catalyst for magic, strengthening their magical and physical abilities, and is worn on a pouflon's body usually by affixing it to a piece of jewelry.

To begin working on the next tier, show how your pouflon might choose to wear it- they can put it on a necklace, bracelet, hairpiece, wear it as a brooch, etc, or show them reflecting on their gem and achievements so far.

Required MXP: 19
Art Requirements: Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements:
Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 2 Mage Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-Runic Gem Jewelry
-15 Coins
-Tier 3 Quests unlocked!

Some Scant Plants

Kit by pixdoodles

"Hey. I'm looking for some intrepid explorers to head out and find some rare magical ingredients for me. I'm almost always in need of them so any time would be great. I need ingredients from Redwick and around Snowhurst- could use a couple things from Marshgrave too, so if anylon is interested let me know, and I'll let you know what I need."

Show your pouflon searching for rare magical ingredients in Redwick forest, the mountains around Snowhurst, or Marshgrave. The magical ingredients Kit needs are mostly composed of rare flowers and other plants.

The Trail Blazing

Order Of Mages by pixdoodles

The Order of Mages wishes to procure a few volunteer mages to help with the upkeep of the patrol routes in the Snowhurst mountains. The trails' torches are lit with an enduring fire spell, which protects the fires from most weather conditions, but becomes weak over time. A few volunteers to renew the torches' fire spells would be of utmost importance to the safety of those traveling through the mountains. Any volunteers should apply with the Order of Mages.

Show your pouflon making their way through the Snowhurst mountain routes, relighting their torches with a long-lasting fire spell.


Time to Duel

Vionnet by pixdoodles

"Hi. So, we're finally learning about offensive elemental spells in our duelling class, and I'm going to need somelon to practice with, or, well, on. I kind of just need somelon to take my spells and maybe throw like one or two back when I ask. Or whenever you want I guess, I'm sure I can take whatever you've got to throw at me. Let me know if that sounds good to anylon."

Show your pouflon having a magic duel with Vionnet. Your pouflon can use offensive fire, water, ice, air, earth, or nature spells.


Queen by pixdoodles

"Greetings, pouflons. It is no secret that the palace often hosts some of the most extravagant balls in Bellacoste- which I cannot take any credit for, really, as my only charge is to present them, but I am proud of them nevertheless. The esteemed mage-courtiers in charge of decorations have made it known to me that they are looking for pouflons to temporarily apprentice under them, in the art of decorative magic! Anylon interested would be privy to the set-up of our celebrations and would receive training on the spot. Please report to the palace if you are interested in this opportunity."

Show your pouflon helping the mage-courtiers set up magical decorations for the palace celebrations! Decorations can include floating objects, elemental installations, and whatever else your pouflon can think of.

Questgiver: Queen Nouvel



Amaryllis by pixdoodles

"Hey... again... so uh... I was thinking that it might be easier for me to brew some potions... if someone was around to well... assist me? It's just kind of hard... to brew potions when you're so tired and... have so many pippets running around. Uh... only if anyone has the time though... I guess in return... I can teach you some of my potion recipes..."

Show your pouflon helping Amaryllis brew her potions. They can help her with the initial preparation of ingredients or the actual act of brewing itself.

The Hex Factor

Asterfall Mage Academy by pixdoodles

"Asterfall Mage College is incredibly proud to present the annual magic talent show, the Hex Factor! In this event known across all of Bellacoste, mages from the college or otherwise are encouraged to apply for a spot- if you are accepted, you'll have the chance to show everyone in Asterfall just what you can do with magic! This is a competitive event of course, so only the most brilliant and charismatic mage will come out on top. The winner will be commended by a high mage of Asterfall."

Show your pouflon competing in the Hex Factor with a magic routine of their choice.


Pledge Dive

Axel by pixdoodles

"Hey folks! I have some dirt to spill for any gutsy mages out there- this tip of mine is a bit of a trade secret between us treasure hunters, which I am liberatin' for the sake of upcoming treasure enthusiasts. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the Gillyvor cliff on the shore of Citremery, and maybe you know about all the pretty trinkets sittin' along the foot of it. What I'm sure you discerning young pouflons don't know yet is that just beyond the foot of the cliff is a trench chock full of the plunder of hundreds of shipwrecks! Plunder that, by normal means, is impossible to reach for your regular land-lubbering treasure hunter- but surely some of you mages have learned a bubblin' spell or two to keep you safe on long dives, which I'm sure you'd agree would be just perfect for this kind of application. Just make sure you bring back some of those long-lost artifacts back to yours truly!"

Show your pouflon diving to the bottom of the trench by Gillyvor cliff to retrieve sunken treasure! The waters are so deep there that your pouflon will have to cast a bubbling spell before they dive to cover their head or whole body.

Questgiver: Axel

Through Fire & Flames

Order Of Mages by pixdoodles

The Order of Mages wishes to put out a request for volunteers to be added to the list of mage helpers on call in the case of outbreak of magical fires. While an uncommon occurence, the possibility and danger of the outbreak of magical fires, whether caused willfully or by negligence, is a concerning issue in the cities of Chrysanthos and Asterfall in particular. Any volunteers that would like to add their names to the list of mages on call to deal with these outbreaks when they occur should apply with the Order of Mages.

Show your pouflon helping to put out a magical fire! The best way to combat magical fire is with magic, so methods casting a water spell at the flames or casting a rain spell above the area would work.



Kavolsky by pixdoodles

The beginner phases of your learnings are behind you, and you’re finally starting to produce potions both effectively and efficiently. Potions are like time capsules, you set them with intention ahead of time and release them later at the time you most need. Are there any potions that you’re fond of creating? A favorite among the bunch? Are there any potions of your own that you find useful to your studies? A draught of sleeplessness, or a vial of increased focus? The possibilities are as endless as you imagine them.

Depict your character creating, using, sharing or reminiscing about their favorite potion recipe. Do they have their favorite on hand already, or do they wake up with the need to make one from scratch? What does the potion do and why is it so meaningful to them?


Kavolsky by pixdoodles

While not always expected, sometimes potion mages will cross paths or team up with others to swap recipes and knowledge amongst them. Be these organized gatherings or chance encounters, a wider understanding of the craft is always good. Who does your character encounter? Do they tend to avoid sharing their knowledge or formulae? Do they seek out others or have a constant companion in their own potion making journey?

Depict your character learning from the notes of another Potion Mage, or studying what they’ve learned after the fact. If you can’t think of anyone who might share notes with them it's always good to remember that Amaryllis’ doors are always open to others, assuming you catch her when she isn’t sleeping!

Potential NPCs: Amaryllis // Dr. Kavolsky



Pixie by pixdoodles

The denizens of Firsden are seeking aid from any mages who may be able to help. A grove of young wanderoot are plagued with a case of rotten roots and need help to remedy them from this wasting sickness. They request help as quickly as possible in the hopes that most of the grove can be saved from a stunted growth season! How does your character heal the wanderoot of their ailments? Do they draw on any particular part of nature’s power? Does a familiar help them with this task?

Depict your character helping the wanderoot groves in Firsden heal from this sudden illness! This quest can be done at any time of year, the ursuki will lead you to their village in exchange for your valuable assistance.


Pixie by pixdoodles

Being a steward of the natural world of Bellacoste is very important. Many druids will feel an innate calling to particular environments, sometimes they feel no special place at all but rather wander all of Bellacoste healing the world’s hurts. Is there anything your character has learned from this, does a certain part of Bellacoste call to them?

Depict your character reflecting on the world and their place in it. Are they where they belong, or is a certain time or place calling to them? Or do they feel at home in all of nature and it’s splendor? Has any particular experience left its mark on them?



Niahm by pixdoodles

Many seek out a seeker’s skills to ask for small fortunes or help making choices that may come in their future. The stars can aid them, they only need to heed their advice and wisdom. Depict your character giving divinations and fortunes to those who ask. Does your character tell the truth of what the stars speak to them? Do they offer their own advice instead?

Depict your character seeking the star’s guidance to answer the need of another. Whether their question is big or small, the stars will answer. The asker might not like the answer or the truth might be difficult to divine. Does your character face these challenges or are they comfortable with their craft?


Niahm by pixdoodles

One of the great tests of will for a seeker mage is knowing when to let go of their senses and instead rely on the stars to guide them. Many seekers take on such a challenge far before they are ready, but your stars insist you are. Do you take the challenge, to navigate the night sightless and relying only on the flow of your magic and trust in the stars? Are such cold and distant things to be trusted? Often such a journey in the dark will end in an important revelation, guided to a location the stars believe will teach the traveler something indispensable.

Depict your character relying on only their sense of magic and divinations from the stars to guide them somewhere important and possibly revealing to them. What do they find? Where do they go? What are the stars trying to tell them?

Tier 3 Quests

Tier 3 Quests

K/M Claim Guide Mage T3 ClaimMT3 Achievement

Below are the requirements for this tier of quests. You can always exceed these requirements for additional rewards!
Tier achievements have their own requirements listed with the quest.

Art Requirements: Minimum full body
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 250-500 words
Rewards: 3 EXP, 12 Coins

Tier 3 Achievement
ACHIEVEMENT - Accordance

Tier 3 Mage by pixdoodles

Tier 3 Achieved!
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

After completing tier three, pouflons have thoroughly proven their worth and skill in their chosen field, and are finally considered an expert on the subject.
Once they've achieved this level of recognition, they offer up their previously given Runic Gem to a skilled blacksmith or weapons crafter, who incorporates it into their newly created Runic Weapon. With the gem to power it, this weapon is incredibly powerful and durable, and often becomes the pouflon's signature piece.

To affirm your pouflon's tier three status, show them with their new runic weapon!
The weapon can look however your pouflon wants it to look, but it must include their runic gem somewhere in the design.

For a mage, this weapon can be many things, for example, a staff, wand, orb, spellbook, or crosier.

Required MXP: 40
Art Requirements: 
Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements:
Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 3 Mage Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-Runic Weapon of choice
-30 Coins
-Mage Quests complete!

Asterfall College Exam

Asterfall Mage Academy by pixdoodles

Asterfall Mage College conducts annual exams for their students every winter season. Students of each year are given their exam schedule in the fall and are expected to study thoroughly to stand a good chance at passing. Some subjects only require a written exam, but most also require a practical exam in which the students must prove to their tutor that they have mastered their magical skills.

 If your pouflon attends Asterfall Mage College, show your them undergoing the magic exam. This can be one of the written exams or a practical one.

Riddlelock SCHOOL EXAM

Riddlock Mage School by pixdoodles

Riddlelock Mage School, like most of their curriculum, has a relaxed and flexible approach to exams. Students can propose to present magical research findings to prove their skills, or perform a complex magical feat of their own design, or have their tutor assign them some kind of task.

If your pouflon attends Riddlelock Mage School, show them undergoing the magical challenge of their choice. They can present findings, their own spells or concoctions, or have their tutor choose an assignment for them.


Mage Mentorship Part 1

Order Of Mages by pixdoodles

Mage Mentorship Part 1 - Introductions

The Order of Mages would like to remind every current mage student that completing an apprenticeship with an established mage mentor is required before their education can be considered complete. This apprenticeship is meant to give students practical experience in their field of choice as well as direct advice from a professional mage. If you are unsure as to where you can find a mentor, you can contact your school for more information.

Show your pouflon introducing themselves to their prospective mentor. As a mage, they can choose from the following possible mentors: RemielAmaryllisKit, Pixie, Niamh, Dr. KavolskySt. Asphodel, or... the Sickle Sister. (Your pouflon might want to consider carefully before choosing the last option). You can learn more about each of these pouflons through the Character pages of the NPC Masterlist. You can have your pouflon mentored by another player's character but they must have a Tier 3 Mage Medal.

Mage Mentorship Part 2

Order Of Mages by pixdoodles

Mage Mentorship Part 2 - Training

The Order of Mages would like to remind current mentors and mentees that they should be keeping track of their progress together. These records will eventually be presented to the mentee's school upon the completion of their apprenticeship, to prove that they have been listening to and learning from their mentor.

This quest cannot be started until completing part 1. Show your pouflon learning from their mentor. Have they picked up any new spells or potion recipes from their time as an apprentice?

Please link the claim for mage mentorship part 1!


Mage Mentorship Part 3

Order Of Mages by pixdoodles

Mage Mentorship Part 3 - Graduation

The Order of Mages would like to remind current mentors that the deadline for their mentee reviews is approaching. We ask that mentors and mentees take their remaining time quite seriously, and ensure that no spell or brewing lesson has been left unsaid. Please remember to turn in these reviews to your respective Mage school.

This quest cannot be started until completing part 2. Show your pouflon graduating from their time as an apprentice with their mentor. Did they learn a lot from them or change as a mage because of their time together?

Please link the claim for mage mentorship part 2!

Storm Chasing

Remiel by pixdoodles

"Hello again! I'm looking for some mages with skills in weather magic on behalf of the Sky Watch, and, well, myself too. The Sky Watch is a group of pouflons who monitor the skies above Bellacoste, and whenever a storm of a considerable magnitude manifests a little too closely to a vulnerable settlement, they use weather magic to redirect or dissolve it. This is obviously a very noble position for all the lives and towns saved, but it's also a huge help to my own work, as stormy nights make for very difficult observation, haha. They're looking for some more members and I think it's quite important to keep their numbers up! If you're interested you can apply in Chrysanthos."

Show your pouflon battling a bad storm with their weather magic!

Questgiver: Remiel


Spell Check

Vionnet by pixdoodles

"Hey. I'm looking for somelon to help me with a project. I have to write about somelon else's favorite spell, and why they like it, and how they learned about it, and how they use it, etcetera... So, yeah. I guess it might be interesting to see what spells somelon else likes to use. If anylon's interested, let me know and we can meet at the library."

Show your pouflon performing and discussing their favorite spell or other magic practice with Vionnet.

Bump in the night

Kit by pixdoodles

"Hey. I wanted to post a request here for some help regarding a monster problem. I've been spending some time in Snowhurst recently, and it looks like the town is being plagued by some magic monsters- I'm sure you've heard of them, the ones made up of leftover magic- that show up mostly at night and seem to be coming from the nearby forests. A curfew has been helping the town get by but obviously this is a bit of an issue. I've been helping where I can, but if any of you mages are skilled with illusory spells or barrier spells, we could really use a few extra hooves."

 Show your pouflon using illusion spells, barrier spells, or whatever magic they can think of to drive the magic monsters out of Snowhurst! These monsters are formed from residual magic, and appear as dark, amorphous beings that can shift into different shapes. They often take the form of what a pouflon might be scared of.

Questgiver: Kit



Kavolsky by pixdoodles

The time came somehow quicker and slower than you expected. Over countless hours of studies. Days, weeks, months, maybe even years you were always climbing towards that pinnacle, that peak of your own mind and creation. And now the idea is fully formed in your mind. This potion, this study will be your greatest achievement yet, the one that history books will name after you should you ever come into fame. But first, you need to collect your ingredients. All aspects of this potion and spell you will need to create it. How do you go about it? Where do you acquire your ingredients? Are some harder to get than others? Do you receive help to get what you need?

Depict your character in the process of gathering ingredients and help for their grand potion, the peak of their own ability to create and harness magic.


Kavolsky by pixdoodles

The stage is set, all your reagents and materials are in place. Everything is right, or at least it seems to be. Now you, the potion maker must perform the most difficult act of all; creation. You have to produce and perhaps even recreate your potion once you’ve successfully done it. How does that go? What is your unique potion, what does it do? Does it work, or does something unexpected occur because of it?

Depict your character in the midst, or in the aftermath of their grand potion’s creation. Does it result in what they expected? Maybe it’s accidentally created something new? Can it be created again? All burning questions that somehow must find an answer.



Pixie by pixdoodles

There are many places in Bellacoste, from the depths of the ocean to the highest peaks of the mountains, that are places of power for druidic mages. Ancient ruins and things even older; trees and roots and creatures long forgotten or never before encountered. The song in the wind urges you to these places. It urges you to meditate and learn and grow with these places, the fonts of power.

Depict your character traveling to an old and powerful place in Bellacoste. Perhaps your familiar guides you? Maybe it's something you always knew, a place you've been drawn to your whole life but never knew why until now. What does your character do in this place, do they gain any insight or power from meditating in these locations? How does that look for them?


Pixie by pixdoodles

The cycle of seasons seems like an undeniable part of life, but sometimes nature needs just a little push in the right direction. Frost that clings on far too long at the start of spring. Trees that refuse to go into the long slumber of winter. Storms that won’t relent to the heat of the summer. Sometimes the seasons can use… a little encouragement!

Depict your character assisting with the cycle of seasons. It could come in many forms both large and small. Maybe they encourage the flowers to bloom in the spring. Maybe they convince a great oak tree to rest its boughs at the start of winter. Is this hard for your character? Do they need help to do it? Are they perhaps too successful or not enough?



Niahm by pixdoodles

You’ve heard of such a thing before. A Looking Glass, a focus for seeker magic that can grant your powers increased clarity. Such an artifact comes with inherent risk. Sometimes the things a seeker can see stay better left muddled, but the appeal of a crystal clear vision is certainly worth trying. At least once, right? The stars will tell you where to go, your divinations can guide your path, you need only close your eyes and feel the heavens shift overhead.

Depict your character seeking out this Looking Glass. Where might they find it? Why are they looking for it in the first place? Is there something in the future they are desperate to learn, worth the risk of peering into the artifact?


Niahm by pixdoodles

Winding staircases, endless flat plains, sandy cliffs. All of these things one must traverse to reach their goal. No matter the journey you took, be it difficult or simple, you have arrived Seeker. It is time to reap what you sought. The stars beckon you to focus your mind, this trial will not be easy, the full radiance of the night sky, unfiltered through the Looking Glass can be as harrowing as it is enlightening. Deep breath, and begin.

Depict your character, upon finding a Looking Glass, using it in harmony with their seeker powers. Do they see a divination with perfect clarity? Does it reveal something they wish to have never seen? Is your character able to use it, after all there are no instructions? Do they have trouble with it or with what they’ve seen? Or perhaps they saw nothing at all, and what does that mean for them?


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