Knight Quests

art from left to right: rodeoscope, ray rocket, onioned, ellisgoat, miss-italiaart from left to right: rodeoscope, ray rocket, onioned, ellisgoat, miss-italia
Knight Quests

While almost all of the inhabitants of Bellacoste have potential in magic, some choose not to pursue a magical career; instead, they train and strive to become knights. Knights are the driving force of pouflon society- they do everything from running errands to deliveries to upholding justice across the land.   Knight tiers are primarily organized by capability, but also by societal importance. As a training knight ascends through the tiers, they will find that each tier is regulated more strictly than the last; pressure is put upon knights of high rank to always stay honorable and ethical, and never to take advantage of their power. This can vary too, depending on the style of knighthood they approach, rogue knights might value personal ethics but leave honor by the wayside. Ultimately the choice is yours!

There are several subtypes of Knighthood in Bellacoste that can be learned all over the map and by anyone! Special Knight Path quests will be indicated below with a prefix aligned to the path it represents. You can do as many or as few of these special paths as you wish. You will not get a unique trait title for completing special paths, its there for the flavor and as a different way to go about the knight quests!

Along with these new paths it should be made clear that you can carry out your knight training all across Bellacoste. From the Royal Guard Academy in Crysanthos to the Knight Scout's Lodge nestled into the outskirts of Aequor. Facilities and places to learn are all over Bellacoste and you're encouraged to make them up as needed. Some quests will still have specific quest locations, such as Obrille, but as many as possible are meant to be open ended as to where and how they take place! Get creative and have fun!

General - no prefix
Royal Knight - RY
Rogue Knight - RG
Knight Scout - SC

Knighthood Paths

Knighthood can take many forms and functions across all of Bellacoste. Below are basic descriptors of the special paths that were mentioned above. Knighthood is NOT limited to only as these are described, rather they are jumping off points for your own stories and ideas!

Royal Knights
Some knights seek to fly above the ranks of a common guard captain. They desire the perks and the glory that comes with being a knight of royal employment. Perhaps its always been in their family line, or they are trying to raise their own status. Royal Knights have many different specializations, spanning from the standard royal guard, to a royal messenger, to templar orders and squires who work directly with noble families. The path of a Royal Knight can be varied but you can be certain that they have gone through rigorous training to get where they are today.

Rogue Knights
Sometimes the path of chivalry is just not the line of work somelon might want to take. Trust is a valuable commodity and if you can maintain it, who knows what you can sneak away on the side. Rogue Knights often make excellent sell-swords or in some cases, spies. Loyal only to themselves and the highest bidder. Rogue Knights are not always bad, but these carefully constructed networks often work outside of the law and for that all of Bellacoste treats them with caution.

Knight Scouts
The advantage to home turf is knowing your territory. Scouts bravely set out to identify anything new or dangerous about the land that they call home. Sea, sky and the ground below are not exempt from a scouts careful documentation. All across Bellacoste are scout lodges where knight scouts gather the information and distribute it to the proper authorities.


Tier 1 Quests

Tier 1 Quests

K/M Claim Guide Knight T1 ClaimKT1 Achievement

Below are the requirements for this tier of quests. You can always exceed these requirements for additional rewards!
Tier achievements have their own requirements listed with the quest.

Art Requirements: Minimum full body
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 250-500 words
Rewards: 1 EXP, 6 Coins

Tier 1 Achievement

Tier 1 Achieved -> Begin working towards Tier 2
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

Upon attaining tier one status, many pouflons begin to really consider their career seriously.
To begin working on the next tier, show your pouflon thinking about their career- where they'd like it to go, when or why they decided to pursue it, their fears or aspirations, etc. How much does your pouflon's career mean to them?

Required KXP: 5
Art Requirements: 
Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements: 
Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 1 Knight Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-9 Coins
-Tier 2 Quests unlocked!


"Howdy folks- I figured I'd post a notice here statin' that I'm always lookin' for help around the farm, if anyone's got some spare time or somethin'. I could use a hoof with purdy much any task you can think of 'round here, so you can take yer pick of whatever sounds interestin'- If that sounds appealin' to anyone, just take a quick trip to the barn and I'll sort ya out. Thanks a ton, y'all!"

Show your pouflon helping Avalon around Buttersprings farm! She could use help with any task, so whatever your pouflon wants to do is up to them.


"Oh, I've actually got another one for y'all if anylon is interested. Some mornin's I've been noticin' I've got a little less seed stock than I had the night before- so I've cornered the little rascal pippets that snack on 'em, but try as I can to scare them, they just keep on comin' back. I think they know I wouldn't do nothin' bad to them so they ain't scared enough of me. If any of y'all could maybe give them a little extra incentive to leave my seed alone, it might just do the trick; a sneaky ambush or somethin' in the dead of night, when they're about to do their feastin', sounds like it'd work well to me. Thanks in advance!"

Show your pouflon scaring away the pippets that are eating Avalon's seeds from her barn. Sneaking up on them at night seems to be the most effective course of action.



"Hey y'all! So uh, don't take this as me bein' bad at my job or nothin', 'cause it definitely ain't that. I just wanted to let everylon know that... I dunno, in case any of y'all ever wondered what it was like to be a messenger or somethin'... y'all could totally come deliver mail with me! I mean, if ya want. Y'know, as like, an experience thing. Um, anyway, if anyone is interested, y'all know where ta find me!"

Show your pouflon helping Quincey deliver the mail. Your pouflon is allowed to borrow a satchel to hold mail if they wish.


"Greetings, pouflons. I have a special request for those potentially interested in helping the royal family... Recently, it has come to my attention that between her royal duties and... other items filling her busy schedule, the princess has not had much time to socialize with anylon outside of the palace. I believe that the opportunity to meet and converse with polite, courteous pouflons would help polish her social conduct. I would appreciate the spirit of any volunteers."

Show your pouflon interacting with the princess Fiorel at Nouvel's request.



"Hey guys! So um, I was just wondering if anyone... maybe was looking for um... a partner for sword practice? I um, usually have some time after lessons, so... and if anyone wanted a partner for patrols, um, I'm available for that too! If anyone wants. Um. Haha, so, uh, let me know if you're interested!"

Show your pouflon either practicing swordplay with Auster or accompanying him on a patrol around Obrille's knight academy grounds.


"Greetings! I'm issuing a request for volunteers on behalf of the nursery halls in Chrysanthos. The guardians are very adept caretakers of the young pouflons in the nursery, but they do have their hooves full more often than not. If any pouflons were willing to give some of their time to help entertain the young ones, by story, play, or magic, the guardians would greatly appreciate it and I'll see to it that you're compensated appropriately."

Show your pouflon helping to care for the nursery's baby pouflons. The nursery is spread out through several big rooms in the outskirts of Chrysanthos palace.



The Obrille Knight Academy is looking for some of its students to fill in for some vacant assignments in the patrols roster. Patrols around the academy and through to the entrances of the nearby mines in Obrille need to be filled. Vacancies are available through all times of day. Please refer to your captain if you would like to join a patrol.

Show your pouflon patrolling on their own either around the Obrille Knight Academy or around the entrances to the mines in Obrille. They can choose to patrol during any time of day.

RG - Caught Red Handed

Lucrezia by pixdoodles

You took time to work out all the kinks you thought, your plan was foolproof. Petty theft should be child’s play for you! Suddenly you hear shouting. Do you stay and try to smooth the situation over or flee instantly? What about getaways, surely you’ve planned for that too! Was this your first time getting caught in the act?

Depict your character getting caught doing crime. Were they caught by authorities planning something much bigger than their britches? Or are they receiving a slap on the wrist for something small like stealing fruit from a market?



Lucrezia by pixdoodles

Knight school isn’t suited for every lon, ursuki, and vespire across Bellacoste. The restrictive nature and rules of those academies don’t match your specific set of skills. But you have to start small and start somewhere. Perhaps you’re scrappy in a fight, or you nick little trinkets off the unsuspecting nobles of Roseacre. However you got your start, you’re no knight of chivalry.

Depict your character getting their start with a less traditional training regiment. Maybe they do petty crime, maybe they just are a little too rowdy for the knight academies. Nonetheless show your characters start down this path.


Lucrezia by pixdoodles

Many lons might think the life of a rogue knight is lonely but that’s just not true. Your ability is only as good as your connections are. Rogues will often build secret networks or join guilds to fill in for skills they lack. Having a close knit information network to fall back on is essential, but it has to start somewhere. Perhaps you already have a small one, or have been a part of one before. Maybe you’re taking on the task of building a new one?

Depict your character putting in the work to build a group that they can rely on or a group they can join. These need not be only the main species of Bellacoste, or so a little birdy told me.


RY - The Royal Academy: Initiation

Isjbrand by pixdoodles

Few knights take their education directly to the palace itself, learning under the royal guard and their captains. Today is the start of your journey to becoming a royal guard, but that must start with you arriving at the castle grounds! All royal guard students are expected to live within the guard barracks during their education.

Depict your character arriving at the Royal Guard Academy, or receiving their summons. An initiation and swearing in occurs for all new students, perhaps you are participating in that! You can take your Royal Guard education to the palaces in Aequor, Banelaire, or Chrysanthos!


Isjbrand by pixdoodles

Life in a royal academy moves quickly. No sooner have you settled into the dorms and barracks that you are asked to report for training. Being a royal guard can bring you down many different paths and can require many different skills. Royal Guards are expected to be strong and disciplined. Royal Messengers, fleet of wing and sharp of mind. Templars work closely with Scouts when the time comes of their services so they must be intelligent and sturdy of constitution. Training begins immediately, and those training to become royal guards must hone all these skills long before they are able to choose where their focus lies.

Depict your character training and honing their skills to become some kind of royal guard. Training is rigorous and might cover areas that your character might not be good at initially. Failure is not discouraged as it’s seen as an opportunity to improve in that area even more!



Isjbrand by pixdoodles

At the royal academies your training is only as good as your practical skills, and the Captains that train you waste no time drilling you from sunrise to sunset. At least once a week you will be placed into practice scenarios where you will be expected to act like a royal guard in a mock danger. Many captains believe that this is the best way to prepare royal knights for whatever trials they may face after graduation. These scenarios vary widely as royal knighthood can take many forms.

Depict your character in one of these mock scenarios. Often this means getting pitted against more skilled royal knights who are acting as your adversary! Do they keep a steady head? Is your character the kind to freeze in a moment of high tension? Their actions now could color their whole training till graduation!


South by pixdoodles

Scouts are priceless assets to royal houses all across Bellacoste. Assessing threats and developments in the lesser settled areas of the region. Before such scouting can occur, prospective Knight Scouts are put into small teams and sent on a scavenger hunt of sorts in controlled environments to assess their own skills of scouting. Tracking targets, identifying suspicious trails and signs, and navigating the lesser mapped parts of Bellacoste.

Depict your character, either solo or in a small group, taking one of these Scout Training trials. What do the find themselves doing? Are they good at working in a team or do they prefer to scout alone?



South by pixdoodles

The lands, seas, and skies of Bellacoste can be vast and largely uncharted. Capital cities have some degree of records of known territory. One of the less exciting parts of being a scout, as cited by many of them, is the memorization training of these maps and land records. Committing these records to memory can be the difference between a scout able to confidently lead lost lons back home and becoming a victim of confusion themselves.

Depict your character working to memorize the land records and maps made available to them at any major city. Most records exist in Chrysanthos, Banelaire, and Aequor, but smaller scouting hubs might contain some newer records as well!

sc - perilous prodigy

South by pixdoodles

The best training for scout work will always be in the field. Today you are being sent out with a more experienced scout to learn the ropes firsthand. This is a more advanced mission and with that comes higher stakes. Is your guide taking you into contested territory, or maybe into terrain you aren’t as comfortable with? This isn’t the time for boasting, you must prove to the lead scout that you can be careful and cautious even in the face of uncertainty!

Depict your character attending and assisting a lead scout on a more perilous scouting mission! These will usually wander far afield of the cities and settlements of Bellacoste and might push your character to their limits.

Tier 2 Quests

Tier 2 Quests

K/M Claim Guide Knight T2 ClaimKT2 Achievement

Below are the requirements for this tier of quests. You can always exceed these requirements for additional rewards!
Tier achievements have their own requirements listed with the quest.

Art Requirements: Minimum full body
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 250-500 words
Rewards: 2 EXP, 9 Coins

Tier 2 Achievement

Tier 2 Knight by pixdoodles

Tier 2 Achieved -> Begin working towards Tier 3
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

By completing tier two, pouflons affirm their skills and abilities in their chosen field as respectable and well practiced.
At this stage, pouflons of both the mage and knight professions undergo a traditional ceremony, in which they are presented with a special clear gem that is magically bonded to them and their soul, turning the gem into the same color as their runic color. This gem acts as a catalyst for magic, strengthening their magical and physical abilities, and is worn on a pouflon's body usually by affixing it to a piece of jewelry.

To begin working on the next tier, show how your pouflon might choose to wear it- they can put it on a necklace, bracelet, hairpiece, wear it as a brooch, etc, or show them reflecting on their gem and achievements so far.

Required KXP: 19
Art Requirements:
 Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements:
  Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 2 Knight Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-Runic Gem Jewelry
-15 Coins
-Tier 3 Quests unlocked!

Get Lucky

"Hello, everylon! So, I'm sure you'll all remember the kid that got lost in Redwick forest that was ever so bravely saved by some of you. Well, their name is Felicity. Also, they're lost again. This kid is a genius at stumbling off into the great unknown! Honestly, they were last seen in Goldfair, but they could be absolutely anywhere by now. Anyway, as usual, I'm very busy with matters of the usual gallant and noble effects, so I can't babysit them at the moment. I'm sure their parents would super duper awesome appreciate it if some of you guys could catch their kid again!"

Show your pouflon attempting to find Felicity- they could be anywhere in Bellacoste by now! Better get ready for a long trek.


"Greetings, pouflons. I am announcing a volunteer knight initiative to give young knights an opportunity to experience the work of the knight's guard of Chrysanthos. Those willing will work with the city's guards in their various daily tasks, receiving hooves-on experience and mentorship. You can apply at the palace, and will be compensated for your work with coin.

Show your pouflon working with the knight's guard in Chrysanthos. Their daily work could include anything, from guarding the streets to catching thieves and protecting the city's pouflons in times of danger.



Elizavet by pixdoodles

"Greetings, my good pouflons! I'm looking for some responsible knights to help me administrate some of my palace occasions- I would greatly appreciate more guards to help the functions run smoothly, as well as to take care of anylon that could be potentially too, well, celebratory, I suppose, ahaha. Of course, anylon willing to take the job would be allowed to partake in some of the festivities themselves! Please let me know if you are interested, thank you."

Show your pouflon attending and acting as a guard for one of Elizavet's castle parties. Most pouflons that attend her parties are dignified and courteous, but fine drinks are served at these occasions.

Under Lock and Keysword

Abbott by pixdoodles

"We're looking to employ knights of a... ah, responsible calibre, to escort fiscal assets, from trading premises to the Imperial Bank - ahem, prudent, attentive knights, who are willing to undertake cash-in-transit operations, and recognise the delicate nature of the task. Of course, should there be any - problems - we can lend you an, er, armament, it's quite potent, and more than sufficient at removing any bother."

Show your pouflon escorting sums of money from banks across Bellacoste to the Imperial Bank. The Bank has supplied a powerful weapon that pouflons can borrow for the task, if they feel the necessity.  

Questgiver: Abbott


Rich Prospects

Axel by pixdoodles

"Hey, how's it going, folks? I'm lookin' for some bright-eyed, adventurous-type pouflons to help me out with some treasure huntin'. Yeah, you heard me right- I'm lookin' for treasure, and I know where to find it! I've got the schematics for several treasure sites right here in the Ebony Wreath- mostly in the border by Obrille. You can either come with me or head an expedition of your own, I'll give you the maps. I'll even give you a generous cut of whatever treasure you can find, how 'bout that! If anyone's interested, just gimme a call!"

Show your pouflon hunting for treasure deep in the mountains of the Ebony Wreath! Most of the treasure will either be buried or hidden in caves and chasms. Your pouflon can venture alone or accompany Axel on the hunt.

Snow Man's Land

Knights Trust by pixdoodles

The Knight's Trust is looking for volunteer knights to supplement the mountain patrol around Snowhurst. The patrol consists of safe, well-used mountain routes as well as obscure and hazardous trails to ensure that any pouflons traversing the mountains do not get lost. Weather conditions can quickly turn from clear skies to heavy snow. Any volunteers should apply with the Knight's Trust.

Show your pouflon patrolling through the mountains around Snowhurst- even without the sparse amount of travelers, the precarious routes require full attention to traverse.


Fable League

The Obrille Knight Academy is proud to host the bimonthly tourney Fable League, where students and renowned knights alike can compete to display their skill and style. Registration for the League begins one week prior to the preliminary matches. Contestants will be matched within their skill groups, and particularly successful knights may be granted access to the category above them. The winner will be congratulated by a member of the Queen's Guard.

Show your pouflon participating in the Fable League! They can be matched against any knight NPC listed on the website, or against a pouflon owned by someone else.

Examples of Knight NPCS (but not limited to):
Auster // Elizavet // Perth // Romulon // Marleau // Isjbrand // Lucrezia // South

Splash 'N' Crash

Axel by pixdoodles

"I've got another hot tip for any bushy-tailed pouflons out there who don't mind gettin' their hooves a little wet! So, I'm sure you're all familiar with the famous tourist attraction, Gillyvor cliff on the shore of Citremery- what I'm sure you're not familiar with is the sheer amount of coins, jewelry, and other glittery knick-knacks that falls offa those tourists while they're leanin' over to get a good look of those sea views! Now, the waters at the foot of that cliff are pretty mild when the tide is low- I'd reckon any decent swimmer could scoop up a fine helping of valuables to share the profit of with yours truly."

Show your pouflon diving into the waters by the foot of Gillyvor cliff to retrieve sunken treasures! The waters are shallow enough that the bed is reachable without diving equipment. Gillyvor cliff is a chalky orange color.

Questgiver: Axel


rg - bigger targets

Lucrezia by pixdoodles

Gone are the days of minor thievery and pickpocketing. You have skills under your belt and a network at your back which means it’s time to start going for larger targets. Maybe you’re casing a royal gala for all the fineries that the nobles will never miss… should they go missing. Maybe you’ve taken an interest in sellswording to the highest bidder, your services are certainly worth every last coin. Let your ambition guide you, you’re beyond the little mistakes now!

Depict your character taking their rogue activities to the next level. These can include but are not limited to activities like robbing, doing mercenary work, or managing their own network of rogue knights!

rg - officially unofficial

Lucrezia by pixdoodles

Despite your best efforts or perhaps as a careful result of your manipulations, someone has taken notice of your skills, and thinks they can be used more effectively elsewhere. Many in Bellacoste are in need of somelon who can be discreet and loyal to their personal service. Individuals under this personal employ can range from Royal Spies to back alley informants. The choice is yours of course, based on your clientele, but it’s certainly a path worth looking into.

Depict your character trying out the life of an informant and spy. Maybe you’ve been asked to tail somelon for a few days, or maybe you are expected to be a quiet and discreet body guard? Do you follow your assignment to the letter or do you skim off the top? Surely no one will notice.



Isjbrand by pixdoodles

Your first posting duty is finally here! You will be tasked with guarding either a room or area of the palace. It may seem terribly boring at first, but this is an essential role as a royal knight. So keep your chin up and your senses tuned to your surroundings at all times. 

Depict your character on their first posting inside the palace or its grounds. Are they able to stay awake or alert the whole time? Or maybe they spot an intruder or suspicious individual?  This quest can take place in either Aequor, Banelaire, or Chrysanthos.


Isjbrand by pixdoodles

It's time for a royal parade! As a recruit of the royal guard it's your chance to get out of the palace to show your loyalty to the monarchs. There are many tasks that need to be done either in preparation, protecting the royal family, parade performance, keeping the crowds under control or general clean up. 

Depict your character carrying out the various tasks taking place around the parade. Maybe they're practicing their marching or parade drumming, or perhaps have been stationed next to the royal carriage during the parade? This can take place in either Aequor, Banelaire, or Chrysanthos.

Potential NPCs:
Queen Nouvel // Princess Fiorel // Azariah the Arbiter // St Hart // King Ericius // Princess Naia



South by pixdoodles

Not all knights are suited for the dull affair of standing around all day. Some prefer to strike out and explore the lesser known areas of Bellacoste. These field agents are expected to collect information about various threats about the countryside and bring that information back to their instructors and captains. You’ve been sent out on such an exploratory mission, perhaps alone or with a small team to see what you can find.

Now is your chance to prove yourself, depict your character going out alone or in a small team to explore part of the map. Do you find anything? Does something find you? Report your findings back to your captain!


South by pixdoodles

Sent out into Bellacoste with little more than your gear and your charting supplies you were tasked with looking for something new and of note. Be that a new cave system, or a previously uncharted swath of forest. Look high and low for both the unusual and the mundane. Record it. Report back to the nearest lodge. Bellacoste, while small, is still full to the brim of mystery and excitement. Good luck.

Depict your character finding something new in Bellacoste and recording this exciting moment! Discoveries can range from creatures, to relics, to ruins, to just uncharted trails and pathways. The sky’s the limit... or perhaps the sea is?

Tier 3 Quests

Tier 3 Quests

K/M Claim Guide Knight T3 ClaimKT3 Achievement

Below are the requirements for this tier of quests. You can always exceed these requirements for additional rewards!
Tier achievements have their own requirements listed with the quest.

Art Requirements: Minimum full body
Writing Requirements:  Minimum 250-500 words
Rewards: 3 EXP, 12 Coins

Tier 3 Achievement
ACHIEVEMENT - Accordance

Tier 3 Knight by pixdoodles

Tier 3 Achievement - Accordance

Tier 3 Achieved!
Tier Achievement entries follow all the same rules as quest entries.

After completing tier three, pouflons have thoroughly proven their worth and skill in their chosen field, and are finally considered an expert on the subject.
Once they've achieved this level of recognition, they offer up their previously given Runic Gem to a skilled blacksmith or weapons crafter, who incorporates it into their newly created Runic Weapon. With the gem to power it, this weapon is incredibly powerful and durable, and often becomes the pouflon's signature piece.

To affirm your pouflon's tier three status, show them with their new runic weapon!
The weapon can look however your pouflon wants it to look, but it must include their runic gem somewhere in the design.

For a knight, this weapon can be many things, for example, a sword, hammer, axe, spear, lance, or bow.

Required KXP: 40
Art Requirements: 
Minimum full body + basic background
Writing Requirements:
Minimum 500-750 words

-Tier 3 Knight Medal! Can be worn as an accessory and included in your inventory.
-Runic Weapon of choice
-30 Coins
-Knight Quests complete!


Every student must undergo a physical examination of their combat skills. When their tutor has taught them all of their necessary lessons and deems them ready, they will face the student in combat to conduct the test, measuring the student's capacities for offensive and defensive maneuvers with and without weapons. In some cases the tutor may match the student against another student to ascertain their skills.

Show your pouflon undergoing their knight exam by engaging with their tutor or another student!

Knight Mentorship Part 1

Knights Trust by pixdoodles

Knight Mentorship Part 1 - Introductions

The Knight's Trust would like to remind every current knight in training that completing an apprenticeship with a renowned knight mentor is required before their training can be considered complete. Apprenticing with a skilled knight is a fantastic way to learn directly from them and prove your skills, while supporting that knight and helping them with their duties. You can find more information about choosing a mentor at Obrille Knight Academy.

Show your pouflon introducing themselves to their prospective mentor. As a knight, they can choose from the following possible mentors: MarleauElizavetArkadia, Perth, Romulon, Isjbrand, Lucrezia, and South. You can learn more about each of these pouflons through the Character pages of the Pouflon Website. You can also have another player's pouflon as your mentor, but they must have the Tier 3 Knight Medal.


Knight Mentorship Part 2

Knights Trust by pixdoodles

Knight Mentorship Part 2 - Training

The Knight's Trust would like to remind current mentors and mentees that they should be keeping track of their progress together. The records of what the mentee has learned from their mentor will be presented to the Knight Academy upon completion of their apprenticeship, to show what skills they have learned or sharpened in their time with their mentor.

This quest cannot be started until completing part 1. Show your pouflon learning from their mentor. Have they picked up any new combat moves or useful life lessons from their time as an apprentice?

Please link the claim for knight mentorship part 1!

Knight Mentorship Part 3

Knights Trust by pixdoodles

Knight Mentorship Part 3 - Graduation

The Knight's Trust would like to remind current mentors that the deadline for their mentee reviews is approaching. We ask that mentors and mentees take their remaining time quite seriously, and ensure that no lesson has been left unsaid. Please remember to turn in these reviews to the Knight Academy.

This quest cannot be started until completing part 2. Show your pouflon graduating from their time as an apprentice with their mentor. Did they learn a lot from them or change as a knight because of their time together?

Please link the claim for knight mentorship part 2!


Good Guard Work

Marleu by pixdoodles

"Heeello, everylon! In case any of you pouflons think you have what it takes to bravely defend the innocent like I do... you're in luck! The Chrysanthos city guard has opened up some trial positions for knight students such as yourselves. This isn't any old boring internship too, you'll actually be out there with the other city guards doing actual city guard work! I took this on myself when I was a wee little lon. You can apply in Chrysanthos."

Show your pouflon helping out as a city guard! They'll be asked to patrol and help to keep the peace, but they might have to respond to an emergency like a robbery.

Questgiver: Knight Marleau

Play of the Game

Auster by pixdoodles

"Hey guys! I was um, looking for a partner for our current project. It's kind of an, um, peer evaluation kind of thing? It's a little awkward, haha, but uh, basically we have to do some practice combat rounds with a partner, and then review their technique later. You're supposed to really focus on your favorite moves and skills, I think, so we can talk about them. I think that's it. Let me know if you're interested, I really appreciate it!"

Show your pouflon practicing their favorite combat moves with Auster!



Axel by pixdoodles

"How's it goin', my good knights? I actually have a trouble I'd like to report here in the hopes that some of you kind, brave souls might wanna help a guy out. Y'see, there's a spot up in Marshgrave, just along the coast, that's a real good asset as far as my job goes- it was a very popular hiding place for pirates back in the day, so it's just littered with treasure! Unfortunately, the road there is just too risky for me to take right now. I've had a couple run-ins with those big magic monsters, y'know the scary kind that can show up as just about anything, and they're making it a real hassle to get through. Of course, they're also an issue for any other hapless traveler up there, too. So if any of you capable knights could handle this problem that'd be real great!"

Show your pouflon fighting magic monsters along the Marshgrave path! These monsters are formed from residual magic, and appear as dark, amorphous beings that can shift into different shapes. They often take the form of what a pouflon might be scared of.

Questgiver: Axel

Award Ceremony

Knights Trust by pixdoodles

After such a storied and accomplished journey to this point in your knight career, surely there's one or two awards that are needing to be rewarded. Well that time has come, to be recognized for your knightly, or un-knightly accomplishments!

Depict your character recieving an award for all the things they've accomplished as a knight. Is this their first time being recognized? How to they react to recieving such awards? Is there anyone that came to watch them be recognized for their accomplishments? What was the reward for?



Lucrezia by pixdoodles

This will be your biggest job yet. The royals of Bellacoste are convening and they have something or someone you want. You must pool all your resources and expand your connections to get into that meeting. How do you do it? Do you pose as a trustworthy guard? Disguise yourself as an expected guest? Is your entrance more discreet? Show your character using all their skills and knowledge to infiltrate this meeting.

Depict your character sneaking into a meeting of high profile royals. This is the chance of a lifetime, and it will require all the skills you’ve cultivated to this point. Whatever you do, don’t get caught! This can take place in either Aequor, Banelaire, or Chrysanthos.

Potential NPCs: Lucrezia


Lucrezia by pixdoodles

Damnation! Something in your perfect plan has gone wrong and everything is in chaos! Your goals are still within your grasp but now you need to think on the fly to succeed. In order to get what you came for, what do you do? Is it errant papers with valuable information? Is it a key to royal coffers? Or perhaps a face has finally been put to a name? Show your character getting what they came for and getting away in (mostly) one piece!

Depict your character overcoming the odds and getting what they came for. All of this planning won’t be for nothing! Come hell or high water, you have to get out of this alive. But, you won’t be leaving until you’ve completed your mission. That’s a guarantee.

Potential NPCs: Lucrezia



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Royal knights are often assigned to sit in on meetings of great importance for royals and governing bodies. How does your character present themselves? Are they shocked at all about what information they are privy to? Or is it more boring than they might have expected?

Depict your character guarding an important meeting, be it between royals or other important persons. Do they face intrigue with interest or are they struggling to stifle their yawns? Whether the meeting is about clandestine information or the tedium of managing coin, it’s all under your purview. Remember that silence is golden. This can take place in either Aequor, Banelaire, or Chrysanthos.

Potential NPCs:
Queen Nouvel // Princess Fiorel // Azariah the Arbiter // St Hart // King Ericius // Princess Naia

RY - A Fate Diverted

Isjbrand by pixdoodles

Crisis! In the midst of a high council meeting something goes terribly wrong. Chaos ensues as members of the council scramble and scream! How does your character take action and do their duty to protect these royals and council members? What peril have they diverted today?

Depict your character reacting to a crisis situation during a routine meeting. Was there an ambush by an assassin? Was a spy caught in their midst? Was their food cooked wrong? It really could be anything, so long as it’s out of the ordinary. All of your training culminates in this moment. Do your duty and protect the crown. This can take place in either Aequor, Banelaire, or Chrysanthos.



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There are almost as many reasons you could be tasked with finding something or somelon as things you could be tasked to find. Whether it be a search and rescue party, an escaped fugitive, monster tracking or looking for a cryptid, you've been set on the hunt! Using your knowledge of the area it's up to you to follow the tracks and trails of your quarry!

Depict your character on the hunt for somewhere, somelon, or something. This will require all of your skills you’ve learned up to this point and may be dangerous. Your quarry won’t be easily caught, so show them what you’re made of!


South by pixdoodles

You've been tracking an intriguing rumor for a while now about the uncharted unknown. Cutting a trail is much more difficult than following in the steps of scouts that came before you, but you know you're up for the challenge. There's fame and notoriety in being the first to document a new discovery. You won't be the only one looking-- so you better be the fastest!

Depict your character either tracking an intriguing rumor– it can be about a place, a person, or a thing that’s shrouded in secrecy. You could be the first in the history of Bellacoste to document something new. It’s an achievement many Scouts can only dream of!


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