Golem FAQ

Golem FAQ


Can I add Golem traits to my existing character/convert an existing character into a Golem?
No, due to a Golem’s unique nature and manner of creation, existing characters cannot have Golem parts added to them or be made entirely into a Golem. Golems can currently only be created using a Pouflon, Vespire, or Ursuki Core. However, you can have prosthetic limbs that mimic how a Golem looks!


What traits can Golems have?
All Golems use catch-all traits similar to Cherub or Dragon traits, ie: Golem Ears, Golem Eyes, etc. Golems of any species categorization can access species traits and body features (hooves, body types, etc) from Common - Enchanted rarity. This includes traits that would normally be classified as hybrid traits on specific species that would normally be considered Legendary (cherub traits, dragon traits, etc). All other universal traits of Enchanted rarity or below can also be used.


Do I need trait tickets to create my Golem?
That depends on what traits you're adding! Golem cores come with the following traits by default: Golem Eyes, Golem Ears, Golem Wings, Golem Tail. Some Golems will also have Golem Horns or Golem Sculpt. These traits are similar to hybrid catch-all traits (Cherub, Dragon) in that they allow access to all species traits from Common through Enchanted rarity. That means you won't need additional trait items up through Enchanted rarity for those trait slots! Traits that are not covered by these catch-all slots will require additional trait items (ie: affinities, shedding, etc).


What traits does Golem Sculpt cover?
Golem Sculpt is a catch-all trait that handles all species traits that aren't covered by one of the other Golem traits. For example, fangs, spines, barkskin, etc. This trait still only handles species traits from Common through Enchanted rarity. If you're not sure about a certain trait, ask us!


What traits can Golems NOT have?
Currently, Golems can not access Legendary or Event traits. This includes species-specific subtypes outside of hybrid traits, ie: unicorn, capricorn, royal, etc. Over time, more options will be added to Golems, so hang tight if you have an idea that you can’t do right away!


Can Golems have extra wings or feathered wings? Can they fly?
Golems can have one or two sets of “wings” or wing-like formations on their back. They do not have to be crystal-like like the examples, but it must be clear that they’re chiseled, like a statue. Because their magic is so limited and the materials used to craft them are so heavy, Golems cannot fly. Similarly, Golems are unable to retract their wings.


Do standard Golems have to be only stone/natural colors? Can they have colorful markings?
All standard Golems are made of non-precious stones, though there are a wide array of stones you can choose from! From basalt to sandstone to marble, a Golem can be wonderfully colorful. Their casings need not be made of one type of stone either, and they can be painted to add in colors or markings not naturally found in the stone comprising their casing.


What types of stone can standard Golems be made of?
All types of non-precious and semi-precious stone! Non-precious stones include but aren't limited to: basalt, sandstone, limestone, obsidian and quartz. Semi-precious can be a bit harder to define, so if you're not sure, don't hesitate to ask us! Some examples of semi-precious stones include: opal, amethyst, topaz, citrine and jade.


Does my Golem have to have knee/cheek spots or eye patches if their species requires them?
No! Golems bypass all normal species rules including required markings and runic spots.


What determines my Golem’s species?
Their Runic Core. All Runic Cores are attributed to a specific species, even if the Golem’s casing differs from that species.


What size does my Golem need to be? Are they confined to normal species sizes?
Golems can be any size, from small to large, and aren't regulated by species norms. However, keep in mind that unlike standard species, Golems will not grow and change throughout their lives without having their casings updated (which in game mechanics would require a Design Edit Spell or Design Overhaul Spell). Keep in mind that the larger your Golem is, the more energy is required to keep them running!


Can Golems have missing limbs or prosthetics?
Yes! You could even have a prosthetic made of a different stone or other material if your Golem has an affinity. Runic magic may glow or leak from a broken limb, leeching power from the Golem and weakening them– they will usually try to patch the break, even if they have to do it themselves.


Do Golems grow runic material of their own? Can they be made from Runic Material harvested from another Golem?
Golems cannot grow their own runic material from nothing, however, if their Core is breached or otherwise broken, either by an outside force or themselves, they can create new runic material from the material comprising their core. Decommissioned Golems sometimes display runic crystallization emanating from their core, slowly taking over their casing. Golem cores can be recycled and reused if the core is removed before it becomes too badly damaged.


What happens if a Golem’s runic core is damaged?
Compromised runic cores can be devastating if not caught early. While some Golems will simply find their power leaking away or crystalizing on their casings, more volatile cores have been known to explode into raw energy. A damaged core is a ticking time bomb that the wise crafter knows to address quickly.


Can Golems perform the Love Spell? Are there baby Golems?
Golems are created from the same material as other living beings, so it's natural that some would feel attraction to others or would eventually want a child. Golems have attempted the Love Spell before. It takes a lot of energy to perform and often fails. The Love Spell is tricky to perform even by ordinary pouflons, vespires and ursuki, but Golems see a higher failure rate than most. However, should a Golem's Love Spell succeed, the resulting child would be an ordinary bloom, geode or sprout-- golems are never born, only created.


Can my Golem look like a Bloom, Geode or Sprout?
Yes! Even though there are no baby Golems, some Golems might still be fashioned after Blooms, Geodes or Sprouts. However, no matter what your Golem looks like, they will be classified as a Golem and not a Bloom, Geode or Sprout.


Can my Golem be made of metal?
Standard Golems cannot be made of precious stones or metal, but Crystalcarver Golems can! Alternatively, you can use an enchanted trait to give your Golem metallic markings, but their entire body cannot be metal without the Crystalcarver affinity.


What are some examples of Affinity-modified Golem casings?
Look no further than the Golem Legendary page! These are all examples and are by no means the only options from each affinity. If you can dream it, you can probably do it! Here are some ideas for each affinity, but don't limit yourself to just what's listed!
Skytwister: Sails, steam, weathervane, airship
Flamedancer: Lava, vents, smoke, furnace
Saltscryer: Pumice, coral, shells, salt corrosion
Rootsinger: Moss, wood, plants, fungi
Crystalcarver: Refined metal ie: iron, silver, gold, etc, precious gems ie: diamond, sapphire, emerald, etc
Frostbound: Ice, snow, frost, rime
Dreamweaver: Mist, bubbles, fabric, stone from space ie: meteorites, moonrock, etc
Stormcaller: Glass, bottled lightning, electrical components, stormclouds
Lightspinner: Prisms, light plates, stained glass
Shadewalker: Oil, ichor, tar, fossils


Can I do X with my Golem with Y affinity?
Not sure about an idea you have? Ask us in our Discord Help Chat!


What quests can Golems complete?
Golems can complete all quest lines other than Growth and Curse/Blessing/Absolution quests. They can train to be a Knight or Mage, complete Callings, and much more!


Where did Golems come from?
That’d be telling, wouldn’t it? You might want to check this page again later, as Fog of War progresses. See you next time!