Can legendary trait spells for pouflons (ie, unicorn/capri/dragon) be applied to vesps?
Answer: Yes!

Can purchased vespire traits [star tail, crystal eyes, and rattle snake tail] be applied to poufs?
Answer: Yes, they can.

Can I swap my traits for free?
Answer: Yes and no...

  • All traits common-enchanted can be swapped for the same rarity or lower.
  • Legendary traits can be swapped for other legendary traits within that tier (i.e. sulfury horns --> spade horns).
  • Event traits cannot be swapped.

Can I resell characters for coins?
A: Yes! You can ask for any coin amount regardless of how you got it.

Can I accept commissions in exchange for Coins?
A: Yes you can! You can sell commission services for any coin amount. 

Can I purchase coins?
A: Yes! They are located in the cash shop.


Q: Can you use effects from your affinity to form fetlocks on your design, such as flame fetlocks or vapor fetlocks?
A: Yes! For instance, a flamecaller can have fetlocks made of fire, or a dreamweaver can have fetlocks made of their sparkling dream-mist.

Q: Can Flamecallers' fire color be any color?
A: Yes, the fire effects can be of any color you choose, although it frequently matches the runic color.

Q: Can a pouflon or vespire have more than one affinity?
A: Yes! You can apply as many affinities as you like to one pouflon/vespire so long as you have the trait items to do so.



Can I freely put clothes/accessories/outfits on my Pouflon/vespire?
A: Yes you can! So long as they aren't magic. Items with magic or special properties can be earned through the group, but normal outfits are always available for free.

Can pouflons have accessories on their ML entry?
A: Yes they can, so long as the accessory doesn't obscure important areas of the design.

Can poufs/vesps have prosthetic limbs?
A: Yup! Just one per character though.

Art & Sharing

Can we share WIPs of unfinished myos in the discord?
A: Yes, just be clear that it's a WIP, and don’t upload them to the deviantart group.

Can we make pay-to-use or free-to-use bases for pouflons?
A: Yes, you can make both!

How can I become a guest designer?
A:  If you would like to apply keep an eye out for one of our periodic opening announcements in our discord and deviantart group. Please note we do not open applications frequently.

Can I make pouflons adoptables?
A: No, not without the group's permission.



Are there any limits to how many times I can complete a prompt for rewards?
A: There is no limit to most prompts! There may be a limit with certain event prompts, but it will say.
If the prompt gives badges, you'll only get the badges once per account.

Are we required to submit art or writing to the deviantart group?
A: As deviantart is no longer the main home for pouflons, you can feel free to host the image anywhere! sta.sh, deviantart, dropbox, toyhou.se anything works! However, if you want to submit it to the deviantart group, it has to be submitted to deviantart!