Claiming EXP


Following this exciting change we want to make sure that submitting claims for these quests is clear and understandable for new and returning players. So let's get started!

Knight QuestsMage Quests

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Experience Gain and Tier Achievements

Tier 1: 1 XP/quest
Tier 2: 2 XP/quest
Tier 3: 3 XP/quest

Tier 1 Achievement: Meet/exceed 5 XP
Tier 2 Achievement: Meet/exceed 19 XP
Tier 3 Achievement: Meet/exceed 40 XP


Submitting your Quest

When submitting your Knight or Mage quest there are just a few very important things to know and include in your submission!

  • Bonus coins are earned for anything that exceeds the minimum requirements. If the requirement is a fullbody and you draw a fullbody and an advanced bg you will only get 8 bonus coins as the fullbody is covered by the prompt's minimum requirement! Do NOT include coins for your own character, only additional elements beyond the minimum requirements.
  • Writing is also a valid form of submission for these quests, refer to the submission guidelines for further information about writing for prompts.
  • Callings can be used for bonus coins but the rules for using calling badges still apply! (Must be relevant, cannot exceed more than 3 calling badges per claim and per character)

Knight/Mage claims have a singular turn-in quest per tier! For example, if you are doing any Tier 1 Knight Quest you will use the "Knight Tier 1 Turn-In" prompt on site! Same goes for each tier respectively. The only outlier are Knight and Mage Achievements, which have their own quest turn-in locations!

When submitting a prompt via the turn in please be sure to CLEARLY STATE what quest you are completing! For example your comment section might look like this:

Knight Tier 1: Down on Buttersprings

Base: 6c
additional 1 fb +3c
advanced bg +8c
total bonus: 11c

We encourage you to add your bonus coin amount to the reward section of your claim. Do not add in the base reward, it is already calculated. Only add the bonus coins!

Adding a character is REQUIRED for knight/mage quest submissions. If you do not include a character your submission will be rejected.


Once the character is added, use the "Add Reward" box inside the character menu to add the correct amount of XP.

Tier 1 quests always reward 1xp, tier 2 always 2xp, and tier 3 grants 3xp per quest. Tier achievements never grant experience. Mods will double check your XP rewards in the event you did not add them!


Tier Achievement Submissions

When your character meets a certain threshold of experience in the knight or mage questlines, they are eligiable for a Tier Achievement Quest!

These are quests just like any other and require you to make some form of art for the submission. This is not a cash in of experience for rewards.

Submissions for these quests are the same as stated above. You can enter additional rewards in the comments and rewards section. Once again including a character is REQUIRED to complete this quest. If you do not include a character your submission will be rejected automatically.

In order to qualify for a tier achievement you need enough KXP/MXP to meet or exceed the required threshold. Those amounts can be found at the top of the page, but also in the descriptions of the tier achievements.

If you would like to know how much XP your character has at a given time you can find it in your character's bank page.