Earning Coins

When submitting prompts or claims use this guide to figure out how many coins you can claim. You can submit prompt art, or you can submit regular art/gift art you've made outside of prompts. For art & writing definitions including basic vs advanced backgrounds: Submission Guidelines 

When claiming coins, you must always include a claim breakdown in your submissions! For example:

2 fullbody +6c
2 pippets +2c
basic bg  +4c
total 12c

The base rewards encompasses the minimum requirement of the prompt!


Art: Grown Pouflon/Vespires
*Sketches/lineart: 1 coin
**Featured Character: 2 coin bonus
Headshot/bust: 1 coin
Halfbody: 2 coins
Fullbody or mostly fullbody: 3 coins
YCH bases: 3 coins (1 coin for every submission thereafter) 

*If you are submitting large sketch compilations you are required to CLEARLY and NEATLY number your sketches. Numbering is a requirement.
In addition, if you have the ability to neatly/clearly arrange the sketches into rows and columns that is also preferrable but not required.
Sketches can only be claimed for baby or adult characters. Pippets must be colored to claim.

** The featured character is represented on the main page. It will be a randomized pouflon, ursuki, or vespire and will count towards one bonus coin on whatever medium (fullbody, sketch, writing, etc.) The bonus is only available once per submission. Be sure to check if the character is open to your preferred medium!!

Art: Other
Pippet: 1 coin
Baby pouflon/vespire: 1 coin

Art: Background
Basic Background: 4 coins
Advanced Background:  8 coins

Art: Animation
Read carefully, the scoring here has changed!
Simple animations: 1c per frame to a max of 16c
Includes small loops including blinks, single parts moving (such as an ear flick or a tail wag), or looping bg elements (rolling waves, grass blowing in the wind, a windmill turning). These bonuses would be for each separate animated element, still maxing at 16c/element.
Complex animations: 3c + Xc per frame
X is equivalent to headshot/half body/full body scoring. For example: A full body animation would be scored as 3c+3c/frame.
This category is meant for animations that are more complex than single body parts moving such as running, flying, jumping, multiple character interactions, etc.

Coins per frame means coins per UNIQUE frame of animation. Frames being held on 2s, 3s, etc do not count as 2 or 3 unique frames. Complex animation submissions are required to come with frame breakdowns and/or your animation timeline such as the one below to make for easier frame counting on behalf of the mods. Note: This may require multiple pictures in order to see the full frame breakdown.

Sample of a frame breakdown (may differ from program to program):

Collaborative Artwork
You can also submit collaborative artwork under the following conditions.

  • Each artist consents to submit the piece
  • Only specific prompt bonuses are allowed on the pieces (i.e. no tamer badges, mage/knight bonuses, etc)
  • List your individual contributions to the piece in the description breakdown

All writing requirements for prompts, quests and callings will be listed on their respective pages if they differ from the guidelines below. For general writing claims and bonuses for prompts et al, please observe the guidelines below. Please submit your writing claims seperate from your art claims!

  • 250-499 words: 2 coins
    You may "bundle" short poetry or flash fiction to make the minimum wordcount! Please include it all in one doc.
  • 500-749 words: 4 coins
  • 750-1500 words: 6-12 coins
    • +2 coins for every 250 words up to 1500 words. You can go over 1500 words for fun, but you won't get extra wordcount coins.
    • +1 coin for each additional adult pouflon with significant interaction.
    • +1 coin for each additional baby pouflon/vespire or pippet with significant interaction.
    • Any calling bonus follows the same rules as it would in art claims!

You can also submit collaborative writing under the following conditions.

  • Each writer consents to submit the piece.
  • The writing is considered canon for the pouflon world.
  • Each writer reaches the word count minimum, viewable in either the specific prompt guidelines or the general guidelines above.
  • Writing submissions MUST be safe for work! Cursing is fine, but please no strong adult themes.
  • Please list the participating writers along with their characters in your submission description. Pieces should be submitted by each writer to make sure everyone gets their rewards.
  • Bonuses are allowed but will be distributed to all participants (ie. if one character has a pippet present and the other characters do not, the pippet bonus will still be applied to all writers).

Roleplay specific:

  • Each participant reaches 750 words min each. There is no cap, but there is also no word count bonus.
  • For general claims, roleplay threads get a flat payout of 10 coins for each participating writer. Bonuses are not applied.
  • For specific prompts, each writer will get the base payout listed under said prompt's rewards. Bonuses are not applied unless they are listed in the prompt description, such as an optional mood board.
  • Please include a short description of the roleplay. 2-4 sentences is fine.
    • Example: "Ciel and Lace go to a bouncy house. Lace tries to cheer him up by setting it on fire."

Base Rewards

Some prompts will have a base reward listed. This ALWAYS covers your character/1st character in the scene. Any additional characters, pippets, callings, or background bonuses will be added onto the base reward. 

Example: A prompt has a base reward of 3. You draw a piece with 2 fullbodies, 1 pippet, and an advanced bg. The breakdown will look as such.

Base: 3c
1 fullbody +1c
1 pippet +1c
adv. bg +8c
total: 13c


There is no coin claim limit for submissions.


If your pouflon has a gold calling badge equipped to them, so long as your pouflon is actively doing something in the piece related to the calling, you can claim the calling bonus. You must own the character in order to claim calling bonuses on it.

Example: A piece depicting your pouflon playing with their pippet, playing guitar, and hanging out with their friends.
Applicable Badges: Tamer, Music, and Buddy Badge.

Music calling bonus = the pouflon is playing guitar (active)
No bonus = guitar in the background behind the pouflon (inactive)

Amounts & Limits
Gold Calling Badge: +1 coin
Exception: Gold Tamer Badge: +2 coins
Limits: 3 calling bonuses per pouflon per piece
(if you had 3 pouflons with 3 badge bonuses each)