Corrupted Coins Guide

Calculating CC

CC is calculated using the following guidelines. Please include this breakdown in your comments when submitting your piece.

-your own characters are 1CC per character
-guest characters or npcs are 2CC per character
-Tier 3 knight/mage characters (must have completed tier 3 achievement) you own will double your total for every one INCLUDED in the piece in a significant way.
-If you're making a comic, characters that appear in multiple panels will be calculated for cc per appearance, BUT t3 bonuses will only be counted once per total piece (or page).

-If your character has the Corrupted title they CANNOT EARN CC. Corrupted characters can be cleansed via the "New Healing" event quest.

Ex: piece has 5 characters. 2 are your own, one of which is a t3 knight, and 3 are npcs/other user’s characters.

1cc + 1cc + 2cc + 2cc + 2cc = 8cc * 2 (t3 knight bonus) = 16cc

Ex2: piece has 5 characters. 2 are your own, both of which are t3 characters, and 3 are npcs/other user's characters.

1cc + 1cc + 2cc + 2cc + 2cc = 8cc *2 (t3 bonus 1) =16cc * 2 (t3 bonus 2) = 32cc



If you have questions please reach out in the discord help channel and we can help you calculate!