Curses and Blessings

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Curses and Blessings

Many a Bellacostian will have a brush with something just a little strange in their lifetimes. In a world so steeped in magic and strange happenstances, sometimes these callings from beyond the veil or from the skies above will stick around. Curses and Blessings have lasting effects on the one who receives them, either bestowed by a higher power or fastened to them against their will. These Curses and Blessings can be removed... but at a cost.

Visual Examples of some curses and blessings can be found here: [Ephemera]

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Quest Requirements

Quests will be submitted using general turn in linked below for each questline. Quest turn ins will function similarly to Affinity quests, asking you to submit all parts in a single submission.Please make sure to include breakdowns for each of your pieces in the comments section.You can only apply or remove one curse or blessing per quest submission and only on your own character.

Drawing: Three pieces, one fullbody and advanced background per piece. Draw additional characters and pippets or use badges to earn additional coins!

Writing: Three pieces of 1000-1500 word length (per piece) that forms a complete story of the questline you choose.

Reward: 33c (11c per part) + the Cursed Effigy/Blessed Idol/Blank Carving (depending on the questline)

Bonus Reward: Cursed or Blessed Title for completing the questline. This title will be removed if you remove all curses or blessings from your character. Much like affinities you can get bonus coins for moodboards (5+ images) or music playlists! Each is worth an additional 5c. There can only be one playlist and/or moodboard per quest submission.

Where to submit: Click on the buttons below to navigate to the correct submission for your questline! Curses/Blessings/Absolution work like Affinities so you will submit all three parts in ONE quest submission.

Please include breakdowns for each piece in your submission!

Curse Quest Blessing QuestAbsolution Quest



Curses can manifest suddenly or appear slowly across the ever crawling time. Some are worse than others and their origins can be mysterious. Below are the known curses in Bellacoste:

  • Mutations (extra head, legs, etc. Does NOT include extra wings)
  • Broken or Missing Horns
  • Snake Tail (tail that ends in the head of a snake)
  • Clouded Gaze
  • Wilted Step
  • Texture modification traits (i.e. plush body, glass body, etc.)
  • Title: Cursed

The curse questline may include the Sickle Sister npc.

You can only work towards and earn one curse at a time so consider your options and choose wisely.

Part 1: Marked

It happened quickly for some, and a creeping suspicion for others that ticked away over long hours and months. Something was not right with them and they needed answers for that itching discomfort in the back of their mind. Maybe they were always unlucky. Maybe they had phantom pains for a part of them they never had. Deep down in the pit of their stomach something had shifted inside them, and they needed to figure out what was going on.

Depict your character realizing they have been cursed or even the moment that the curse was set upon them. Was it a malicious opponent or a concordance of fate that branded them cursed? Either way every journey starts somewhere.


Part 2: Suspicion

Not many Bellacostians are brave enough to wander into the deep thickets of Marshgrave. Even fewer to seek out an old shack that has never held a warm hearth for a passerby, but you cannot be rebuked. Your character needs help with this new curse and to discover the source and the result of such twisted magic. The Sickle Sister can help, they do deal in curses after all. Step into their foyer and have your fate read out to you for the cause of your malady. Of course, you can learn more of your curse in other places, but there’s no telling how reliable that can be.

Depict your character seeking guidance from the Sickle Sister in Marshgrave or doing their own research to discover what their curse is fated to be. At this point in the questline the curse has not yet manifested; they are simply learning what it is their lot in life to become.


Part 3: Manifestation

You’ve run as far and fast from your fate as you can, or perhaps you have turned bravely to face it. Regardless, gone is the life you had before, your curse has caught you at last. Just as the Sickle Sister warned you, it manifests in just the same way. It draws questions to your mind of how they could know such a thing with so much certainty, but there’s no point in questioning it now.

Depict your character with the one curse of your choosing. Be sure to comment which one you have chosen!


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Blessings are just as enigmatic as curses. At times coming from seemingly nowhere, sometimes bestowed by someone or something, regardless they must be understood just like curses. Below are the options of Blessings you can work towards.

  • Shapeshifting Affinity (allows them to shapeshift between existing species)
  • Fae Traits (moth atennae, moth wings, moth wing fetlocks, diminutive fae form)
  • Third Eye
  • Runic Halo
  • Floating Runes
  • Seasonal Step (all seasons or on rotation without the need for a crown)
  • Titled: Blessed

The blessing questline may include the shapeshifter Pan.

You can only work towards one Blessing at a time so choose wisely.

Part 1: Discovery

Something changed in the world one day and all the signs pointed to you being different from the rest. Luck has always been on your side, some might say, and now the magic in the world sees you as fit to be it’s champion. Maybe this was decided from a young age or only after a feat of great import was this new sensation thrust upon you. Regardless, something has changed, hopefully for the better.

Depict your character realizing that they have acquired a Blessing, or the moment that a Blessing was gifted to them. It might be from a great achievement or at any point in their lives simply because they were indeed so amazing as to have one! Your character has taken a step down the road toward something dazzling.


Part 2: Mediation

Being on the receiving end of a blessing isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, Pan would tell you as much, so it’s advised that you seek out more information on this blessing. As always. Pan is there to guide any Bellacostian through the process of learning and understanding their blessing, but research can be done in many other places as well. Including through introspection and meaningful self-reflection.

Depict your character learning more about their blessing, either through Pan helping them or by other means of research. At this point in the questline the blessing has not yet manifested fully; they are simply beginning to learn what is their lot in life to become.


Part 3: Revelation

Learning all you can about your blessing is well and good but the day to truly be excited for is when it fully manifests and you gain control over this new life. Pan encourages a great amount of caution with your newfound blessing, noting that not all blessings are considered as such under the right circumstances. A small bit of wisdom that will surely stick with you.

Depict your character with the one blessing of your choosing. Be sure to comment which one you have chosen!


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Sometimes a curse or a blessing can be more a burden than a gift and you might need to seek out a way to remove it. It's a difficult process but St. Asphodel is happy to assist you if you seek audience with them. Absolution is a taxing ritual, but its worth it, right?

The absolution questline may involve St Asphodel's aid.

The ritual of Absolution can only remove one curse/blessing at a time with the blank carving so think carefully before doing so.

Part 1: Realization

Perhaps life isn’t all it's cracked up to be with these strange new features and abilities. You’ve heard it told that there are ways to break free of these things that bind you, but you must seek them out if you are to truly be free again. Whispered among the right circles, Bellacostians speak of a St. Asphodel, rumored to be another “Sickle Sister” who goes out of their way to help any and all free themselves of curses AND blessings. Maybe it’s time to seek them out.

Depict your character seeking out St Asphodel, the only known entity that can remove curses or blessings.


Part 2: Reconciliation

Upon meeting St. Asphodel they ask an odd series of questions and ask you to consider them carefully. When did you receive this condition? How? Were you responsible for this happening to you? Many other questions spring forth and from you St. Asphodel demands nothing less than complete analysis of your acquisition of your curse or blessing. There cannot be healing with acknowledgement of what is wrong.

Depict your character working with St. Asphodel to solve the puzzle that is unpuzzling a curse or blessing.


Part 3: Restoration

With all the “x’s” crossed and all the loops jumped through the time comes at last to remove your curse or blessing. One at a time St. Asphodel will pluck the tangled threads from your soul. All you have to do now is hang on and try to survive such a taxing ordeal. It’s not for the faint of heart, they tell you before beginning.

Depict your character fighting through the process of removing a curse or blessing. It could take place entirely within their mind or it could manifest as a literal struggle for their life against their inner demons (or angels!). 


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