Having an affinity: Effects of your affinity can be seen on the body of your character or around the body (in the instance of shedding anything. Any affinity affects CANNOT be seen on any runic areas, required or optional.

Affinity Runic: Effects of your affinity can be seen on runic locations both required and optional. This could include the horns/eyes/hooves/knee and cheek spots/etc.

Species Modifier: Affinities enhance the natural abilities of the various species in different ways.
Pouflons: Pouflons are naturally well-rounded mages. An affinity might influence the leaning of their innate talents. For example, a pouflon with Dreamweaver might attack by inducing a nightmare, or heal by entering somelon’s dream to soothe them.
Vespires: A vespire’s powerful pneumir can be modified by affinities. Mix and match affinities to divine strong new breath attacks. For example, combine Flamedancer and Saltscryer for a scalding steam attack!
Ursuki: An ursuki’s eidolon form is influenced by any affinities they may have. While an eidolon may normally be natural plants and wood, adding an affinity (or multiple!) can really modify how your ursuki’s defensive form looks!

Mage Modifier: Magic is as integral to Bellacoste as the elements are-- combine the two and your character's power over the natural world can grow exponentially! Mages at all levels can empower their spells with their chosen affinity. Those abilities will only become more powerful as your mage hones their power by traversing our [ Mage Quests ].

Knight Modifier: Magic can sometimes be forgotten about by intrepid Knights. However, there are many practical uses to affinities for Knights to defend-- or not-- those they hold dear. Affinities can imbue your knight with the strength of the elements. Push your character to the limit by completing our [ Knight Quests ].

Greater Affinities: For characters that have completed the base affinity quest chain, GREATER AFFINITIES open up. Additional 2 quests for each affinity to master it and make it your own.
Unlocks: Elemental limbs, wings, tails