1. Game Rules
  • Art pieces can only be claimed once  for rewards - no double-dipping. 
  • You cannot do two prompts with one piece.
  • Treat other users with courtesy and respect.
  • Do not claim characters you don't own as your own, do not attempt to trick someone into thinking you own a character that you don't actually own.
  • Do not copy or trace existing designs. 
  • All your submitted artwork must be new work made by you (except Masterlist entries, which you can commission another artist for, have a friend draw it, etc)
2. Character Ownership, Trade, Resale Rules

Please read the rules here: Character Ownership, Trade, & Resale Rules

3. Reporting

If you see another user harassing or breaking a rule please note the deviantart group or tell a mod.
If you spot a typo, or inconsistency or loophole in the rules or guidelines, please tell us! 

4. Code of Conduct

Follow the rules, be kind and considerate to other users. 
Depending on the severity of the offense, we will hand out warnings or bans for the following conduct:

  • Harassing other users to give or trade their characters/items to you
  • Repeatedly guilt-tripping or harassing moderators to change the rules of the game- we welcome critical feedback, but not in the form of heavy guilt-tripping or harassment. 
  • Blatant bullying or harassment of another group member
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist or transphobic remarks 
  • scamming, scalping or selling characters you don't have permission to own
  • creating off-brands of the pouflon species (pouflon, vespire, and/or ursuki) or copies of existing characters to sell
    • in addition to this: you can make designs that are not specifically any of the pouflons species that can be adapted to a design, but you are not able to design characters to sell.
  • Breaking group rules and species TOS
  • Perpetrating a mass chargeback or chargeback scams outside of the group
  • Perpetuating pedophillia, zoophillia, racism, sexism, homophobia, nazism, & transphobia in or outside of the group
  • Problem behavior outside of the above list will be handled at the discretion of the owner and mod team. 

If you feel that someone is breaking these rules within the group, please contact a mod. Note that we cannot settle trade or general disputes,  we can ban problem users from participating in the group. We want the group to be a safe and welcoming space and take misconduct within the group very seriously.  

Warnings & bans: We don’t want to punish anyone for accidental or unintentional rule breaking- we believe in fair judgement and can understand when a mistake has been made, but will take action if there is sound evidence of purposeful intent. Depending on the severity of the misconduct and judged by the mod team, any of the above behavior may result in a warning, or a temporary or permanent ban. Multiple warnings will lead to a ban. Intentional character trade & resale scamming in or outside of the group may result in a group and species ban.

5. NSFW & content restrictions

No NSFW content.
Only pg-13 content is allowed to be submitted. We may ask you to censor or remove content if we feel it breaks the pg-13 rating from the group. General violence is allowed as long as it isn't any of the below. When submitting to the deviantart group, Light blood must be censored with a mature content filter. When submitting to the site through prompts or claims, in the text portion of your submission, please put a **starred** content warning that it contains blood. Generally we don't want deeply disturbing or upsetting content - please contact a mod before making your piece if you are unsure about your idea.

Not Allowed:
  • sexual themes (general romance is fine)
  • drug & alcohol use
  • heavy blood & gore, exposed bone/organs etc (although traits like zombie trait & glassbody are OK)
  • uncensored swearing 

6. About Badges
  • You cannot transfer badges to someone else's account.  If you make a new account for yourself to abandon the old one, you can ask a mod to transfer your badges/items.
  • You can't claim badges on someone else's behalf or for someone else’s work (unless there is a prompt or event exception) Badges can only be recieved by the account that earned them. 

7. Guidelines for Following Prompts
  • New/Old Art:  Unless otherwise specified, the art you submit for prompts must be new art made just for the prompt and can't contain recycled drawing, including bases.
  • Medium: You can work in any visual medium, digital or traditional, as long as it fits the prompt and requirements. If your medium or method is unusual, please ask a mod if it will be accepted before you start. Some prompts are more open, while others have more specific requirements.
  • Writing is an acceptable medium for submissions.
8. Voiding Characters

Please refer to the following page for Voiding information: 

9. Breaking Rules, Suspensions & Bans

If a major rule is broken, an offending user may receive an official warning. We will attempt to remedy any misunderstandings on our part and can issue pardons if we believe the warning was issued by mistake or the offending behavior was a misunderstanding or accident. 

Warning System
1st Warning

2nd Warning
  • Potential Suspension

3rd Warning

  • Suspension or Potential Ban

  • Rule Breaking
  • Creating duplicate accounts to cheat the system
  • Repeat aggression or passive aggression, or abusive/manipulative behavior
  • Repeat putting others down
  • Repeat claiming on already claimed artworks
  • Libel or slander of moderators

  • Intentional character theft
  • Intentional plagiarism of another user's work
  • Threatening moderators or users
  • Severe or damaging libel or slander of staff