MYO Design Worksheet

This worksheet aims to help you figure out your MYO design!
Copy/paste this page into a document and fill out the questions, then reference it when you are drawing your design. 
Your answers can help you to know what you are aiming for when you start to draw your design.


  1. What species & what traits?
    If you haven't yet picked traits, you can add these on to the design AFTER you've worked out your initial theme/color design so you can pick traits that suit the theme.

  2. What items will you need to make this design?
    How many trait items will you need, and if you are editing an existing design, will you need any design edit tickets to change color/marking/traits?
    If you need help with this, you can note the deviantart group  or ask us in #help in the discord if you are over 16.

  3. Key Words
    Pick 3 words you like below from  Personality and 2 words from Appearance  to describe the character.

    When designing, think about how your design will embody these words! These words can influence your desic from the pose and expression, to the colors and markings, and even their fur & body type. 

Personality: happy, playful, inquisitive, helpful | shy, mellow, sad | loud, excitable, brash | grumpy, brooding, aggressive | brave, cool, determined | bashful, clumsy, empty headed | mysterious, trickster, cold 

Appearance: smooth, fluffy, silky, curly, ragged, rugged, spiky, lithe, swirling, graceful, lumbering


  1. Theme: It helps to pick a theme for your design. Animals, locations, and foods make great themes.

    ie. Deep ocean, desert, blueberry soda, neon sign, pink dusk, galaxy, cockatoo, siamese cat, goldfish, etc.
    Combining two themes can make things more interesting, ie. blueberry soda goldfish, pink dusk ocean, galaxy cockatoo, etc.

  2. Inspiration image/moodboard?

    Pinterest and Unsplash are great places to find inspiration images.
    Make sure you don't directly reference/colorpick existing adopt/character designs!

  3. Saturated or desaturated?

  4. Overall colorscheme: Warm, cool, mixed? Are there specific colors you want?

  5. Contrast: Low contrast/pastel  |  High contrast/bold |  in-between

  6. Marking ideas: cheek markings, eyebrow spots, nose patch, "eyeshadow" markings |  markings that suit your theme: animal, stars, etc | darker or lighter head/limbs/tail | spots, patches, stripes, flecks | symmetrical or asymmetrical | stars, moon, shapes | gradients, color blocks