Fresh Air and Friendship

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[ID: A digital painting of Amanita (a short and chubby purple and green pouflon with fluffy hair) and Clover (a taller pink pouflon with fangs and dragon wings) standing on top of a grassy hill covered with flowers. Behind them are large peachy coloured clouds that reflect back the light from the sunset, as well as a crecent moon and a small scattering of stars. Amanita is wearing her red forager's hood and her straw hat and Clover has her wings spread wide to the wind that is blowing bits of grass through the air. There is a look of joy and contentment on Clover's face and Amanita and looking forward and smiling. END ID]

Fresh Air and Friendship
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Another piece I had already submitted for coins over a year ago lol. I still really like how this looks. I definitely see the ways this could be better (the perspective on the hill is wonky). But the vibe it puts out? Impeccable.

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