Rain for Avalon

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It was always surprising, to realize just how large Avalon's farm in Goldfair was. Even from the air, Maia struggled to see the boundaries of the property, unless she climbed much higher than she usually did. She was always impressed by Avalon's productivity, and she knew that the farmer employed many lons to work her farm, thus supporting much of the Goldfair population.

Still, sometimes she needed help, and that was what had brought Maia to Goldfair in the first place, her second motive being the delivery of some new seeds from Marshgrave to Renaea. Tilting her wings, Maia banked leisurely, carving out a flat spiral down to the big red barn that Avalon used as a base of operations on a normal day.

Upon landing, Maia was greeted by the sight of several lons hauling water buckets from a well. Forming a line, they passed the buckets down to a large tank on wheels, presumably some kind of irrigation system.

"Uh, hello? I'm looking for Avalon?" Maia addressed the nearest farmhand, who blinked at her.

"Who're you?" they demanded, sucking on a barley chew. "Ain't got no call fer fancypants mages here!"

Taken aback, Maia raised her eyebrows. "But—"

"Sod off! Y'all're allus causin' trouble an' muckin' up our hard work—"

"Ansel! That's enough outta ya!" Avalon herself emerged from the barn, spotted coat streaked with dirt. "I'm sorry, Maia, his folks don't have a lick o' sense between them when it comes to mages. G'on now, git!" she added, jerking her head and Ansel, who sneered at Maia as he left.

"It's all right," Maia tried, smiling tentatively. "But...why are they filling up the tank? Did you not need my help anymore?"

"Oh!" Avalon looked a little embarrassed. "No, I'd still like ya help, but I figured it'd be less work for ya if we watered what we could. It's on'y the wells over on the south side that's run dry, see. This'un's all right."

"Thank you for thinking of that," Maia said, touched by the farmer's thoughtfulness. "It's really no problem, though, so next time you all can save yourselves the work! I'll just get to it then."

"The fields that'll still need water're marked wi' black flags along the fences. Will you need any help?" Avalon asked.

"No, I should be all set!" Maia reassured her brightly. "But if anylon's in those fields, they might want to head somewhere else unless they don't mind getting rained on!"

"Thankee, Maia. I'll have a nice lunch made up for ya in the barn wi' Elodie." Somelon called Avalon's name, and the farmer hesitated, clearly torn between responding to the summons and seeing Maia off. Maia smiled, making the decision for her.

"I'll be back in an hour or so!" she chirped, spreading her wings and taking to the air again.

Circling the farm, she noted the black flags that marked her targets, and began her work. Ordinarily, somelon tasked with watering acres of fields would have to manually haul the water and distribute it. Luckily for Avalon, though, she knew Maia, who, in addition to being a tidepooler, was an accomplished weather mage.

Rain was due further west; Maia gently encouraged the clouds to migrate east, to her. As they ambled over, she investigated the dry wells, extending her senses deep down into the earth, seeking the source of water that had originally fed the wells. A recent minor earthquake had blocked the underground springs; it was quick work to force a quantity of water through the blockage, clearing the way and refilling the wells.

Drawing water up from both wells, Maia fed the clouds as much water as they would take, and then set them loose to unburden themselves in an even coat of rain over Avalon's fields. Herding the clouds to keep them from soaking the workers who watered the other fields, Maia waited until the fields were properly soaked before she untethered the clouds and let them return to their natural path.

Rain for Avalon
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