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"What am I even doing?" Maia muttered, attempting to compose herself before she stepped into the Daisy Room of the royal nursery. Like all the other rooms and suites in the castle, the namesake plant was featured prominently in the decoration on and around the door; white-painted daisy petals with bright yellow centers were carefully carved in the stone framing the door, and the door itself was another intricate pattern of daisies in various stages of life, arranged around a large yellow disc that bore a scene of the Dawn Garden, the same image that decorated all the rooms, offices, and kitchens dedicated to the royal nursery.

Maia hadn't spent much time here; her parents had claimed her shortly after she had bloomed in the Dawn Garden, and this room in particular was unfamiliar to her. Taking another deep breath, Maia pushed open the door, to be greeted by over a dozen eager blooms under the watchful eye of the Daisy Room Guardian, an earth-toned pouflon with some vespire heritage, judging by her spade-shaped horns. 

"Hello!" a dozen tiny voices chorused. Maia took a hesitant step back as the blooms crowded around her feet. 

"Let's let her come in and close the door, shall we?" the Guardian suggested. "You don't want all the bubbles to float away, do you?"

Looking up, Maia saw that the room was filled with—soap bubbles? They shimmered with magic, preventing them from popping as they normally would when they brushed up against something, and several blooms broke away from the group to chase them. These were slightly older blooms, perhaps a month or so out of the bud, and some were already able to launch themselves clumsily into the air, although staying in the air appeared to still be a challenge. She found herself all but shoved inside as one of the largest blooms slammed the door shut, and then they were all back, clamoring for stories. Helpless, Maia sat down on the multicolored rug and began to tell them a tale about a young glassmaker who had encountered a very unusual friend...

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