Messenger II

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It was cold and wet, icy rain turning into sleet intermittently as Maia made her way across the mountains of Snowhurst on foot, reluctant to subject herself to hours of strong winds even though she loved to fly. The messages she carried could not go astray, even if they weren't time-sensitive, and that meant that she had to protect them, even if that meant moving slower than she liked. She had not yet mastered spells that would let her defy the winds, after all, which meant it would be foolhardy to even try.

At least she was warm enough, with the quilted full-body cloak fastened around her back, legs, and neck with sturdy straps. Even though it was waterproof, the rain and snow wouldn't have been a problem for the tidepooler, which gave her an increased sense of security as the storm continued to blow around her. No, the only problem was the wind, and she was glad that the messages she carried were stowed securely in a double layer of oiled cloth in her satchel, and then further secured by the buckles that held it closed. On her back, Taika mewled plaintively, burrowing deeper into the blanket Maia had stuffed into her traveling cup.

"We'll be there soon, Taika," Maia soothed, twisting her head around so she could look at the ichigato. "Just another couple hours!"

It was a long, hard slog up the path, but eventually, they reached Snowhurst, where Maia burst into the inn in a haze of exhaustion. Exclaiming in alarm, the innkeeper ushered her to a seat right by the fire and arranged to have hot food brought out while he got her usual room ready.

"Why didn't you send word? I would have found you an escort!" he complained. He was an old family friend, basically an uncle to Maia, and was deeply upset that she had been climbing the mountain most of the day alone in such weather. "That's what the beacons are for!"

Maia just smiled tiredly. "I didn't want to put anylon out," she explained, and he sighed with exasperation.

"Well, you can make your way over to the baths once you've eaten," he grumbled. "At least I know you won't drip all over my floor. And I'll get these messages to the postmaster, she'll make sure they get to the correct lons."

"Thank you." Maia stretched, basking in the heat of the fire. Taika, too, was very happy, all but rolling around in the ashes herself. "See, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

The ichigato snorted, rolling over to warm her other side. Maia snorted out a soft laugh.

Messenger II
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