Pippet Tamer - Bronze [Basil]

In Callings Art ・ By Zevhara
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Pippet Tamer - Bronze [Basil]
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In Callings Art ・ By Zevhara

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Basil exudes a calming presence to pippets, especially his own. They feel safe enough around him that he can start to introduce them to their new corrupted friends. He doesn't know why no lon has been able to heal them, but they don't seem like they're in pain. It doesn't matter to him that they're corrupted if they're okay with it. Besides, strangely enough, it seems like they haven't spread the corruption at all in his home. His plants are fine, and the other pippets have bumped into the corrupted ones a few times with no changes. Maybe they were healed, but it didn't work all the way, just made them not... contagious? Well, at least they can all be friends now.
Basil is struck with the urge to travel the world and rescue every corrupted pippet, but he knows that isn't reasonable. But still. Come on. He wants to help them! 

Submitted By Zevhara
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