The Rift's Divide - Epilogue

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The Rift's Divide - Epilogue

Aiza woke to see the blue shelled ceiling. It was the same as ever, one that she grew to recognize immediately, after the few months staying in Aequor.

She panicked slightly, thinking it was another nightmare.

But then she saw Klein, and she pinched herself.

"No way..  I'm not dreaming am I?"

The ursuki swiveled around and gave a broad smile. "Would'a dream do this?" He gave her a big bear hug, and the pouf giggled in joy, returning it.

"Uncle Klein!!! You're not corrupted anymore!" Her voice broke slightly, with happy tears at the edge of her eyes.

"Ya saved me kiddo! Seren told me all about it." Klein pointed to the black vespire, who sat at the edge of her net hammock.

"You sure were fortunate to be alive." Seren hissed, looking at her sternly.

Klein whispered to Aiza… "She was worried sick ya know. Spent the last week at your side. Ya really were in bad shape…"  

"I was out.. for a week?!?!" Aiza leapt up, but cringed immediately. A pain banged in her chest, and she glanced down to see a heavily bandaged chest.


"That's going to leave a scar…" Seren sighed, crossing her arms. "But it isn't the worst thing. I'll monitor it closely so expect checkups every day." 

Aiza settled down, giving a nod. Seren knew her stuff when it came to wounds… This certainly wasn't the first time the pouf injured herself. She sighed in happy relief, looking at the two. A scar was fine. She was just glad to get Klein back.

"I'll show you cool mage moves!!" Aiza grinned at Klein, then seeing Seren's grumpy gaze, she changed tune. "Er.. Hehe When I'm better of course!"

The ursuki's mustache curled, giving the familar kind smile Aiza missed. "O' course!"




Soft teal light hit Aiza and Seren as they exited the barracks and into the city plaza. Poufs, Vesps, Ursuki, and Woolyne busied the area, and not a tent for the rifts was in sight. Shops were open again, and the streets were alive with friendly chatter.

This was the first time Aiza had seen Aequor in such a relaxed air, and her shoulders fell down in ease.

"Woah… What happened in the rifts after I fainted?" She asked, eyeing a woolyne taste testing kelp rolls.

"A lot." Seren replied, giving a slow puff of her pipe. 

"It went something like this."

She began.




After we escaped the rift and sent you and Klein to the medical tents, I re-entered the broken rift, along with a team of others, to inspect the fall out. 

When we arrived back into the dusty plains, we all had mouths agape at the reappearance of the world leaders.

An unseen battle had taken place, according to Queen Nouvel and Azariah the Arbiter, where they had defeated the Old King. I thought it was impossible, but he was revived somehow… Either way, it was something both kingdoms will investigate.

The large corrupted crack in the rift?

It fixed itself. Somewhat. The ground was relatively flat save for the fissure that stayed back. It looked like a scar. Much like the one you'll have.


I tried, but even magic has its limits. That or, your scar is not a normal scar… 

Calm down, I'll explain about that later.

Getting back to what happened…

The colorful patched skies returned to the rift. And we got news that the portal to Andras was also unscatthed. The bridge between worlds made it through this battle, and remains open for all to enter.


And what about the corrupted army?

Almost all of them got healed after that final bout between the world leaders and the Old King. 

A giant explosion of magic occured, and cleansed them all... I regret not seeing that miracle.... Sigh.

There are still some corrupted out there, but you shouldn't worry. The knights launched an ongoing rescue mission to find and cure them.




"...And thats all. All bellacostans are getting ready to leave today and tomorrow, to return to land." Seren finished.

"Wow… So it's really over." 

Aiza threw her head back and gave a happy sigh…

All that strife, all the fights.. None were in vain..

She peeked an eye at Seren.

"Wait, where's Mithril?" 

"At the kelp roll stand. He wanted to see us before he headed out. Let's vamanos." The vespire said, pointing to the stand that Princess Naia had recommended to them.




"Good to see you awake, sea kelp!" Mithril smiled, watching Aiza and Seren paddling towards him. 

"You're alive!" Aiza exclaimed with joy.

"Of course I am! Do you take me for a jelly?!" The red vespire snorted, obviously offended.

"Your Veargas blood, right?" Aiza cheekily added.


Mithril puffed up his chest, right as Aiza and Seren took their seats next to him.

Aiza chuckled, then gave him a curious look.

"So what's this about ya heading out?"

Mithril sucked in a long breath of water. "I should explain, since you were an unconscious kelp for a week."

He began. 



After the escape of the rift…  I re-entered it a day later, once I heard about the skies returning, and the bridge stabilizing. 

I still had to find my comrades, who were lost in the rift. I took to the plains, faster than a royal paponi! 

First, I found my trident, stuck in the cracked scar of the rift, my beautiful, trusty weapon. It was by chance, but the underwater gods were kind to me.

Then,  for a day or two, I camped out in the rift, trying to find my corrupted warriors. It was empty, and difficult to get any clues, but I had a telescope which aided me… I did find some corrupted lons and cured them using the pink potions, at least.

My patience soon was rewarded when..

Lo' and behold, I did catch trail of a comrade, which led me to my lost division!

I tracked them down and using that pink whirlpool technique with the anti-corruption potion, I cured them without a break of a sweat!


You say that's hard to believe? Because of my bandaged arm?...

Fine. I did get scratched up a bit. But it was a flesh wound I'll have you know.

Ahem… My division warriors were knocked back to their senses. Our reunion was splendidly filled with happy tears and banter--- After all, I did think of them lost until you proposed that they were in the rift.


You're sorry you couldn't help? Pah. Sea Kelp, you've done more than enough. 

After my warriors and I returned to Aequor, we pleasantly surprised Princess Naia, you see. She had also thought my division was lost. But having seen that I had rescued them, she decided to lighten my sentence.

"Warrior Mithril! You may regain your title. Henceforth you will be exiled temporarily from Aequor, for a year, to atone for your rash action that put your platoon in danger."

She commanded. 

I, of course, was thrilled to have my title back, as well as all my comrades… 




"And that, is why I will be leaving Aequor today, to go and travel to Bellacoste and beyond." Mithril explained. A slight smile curled with his fangs, "At first, I saw it as a punishment. But now, I think I would like to see you landwalker's homes and learn more about your lives in open air."

Aiza smiled back in relief. "That's great!"

But she then showed some slight concern. "One thing though, Some bellacostans might not be as friendly as me an' Seren... Will you be ok?"

Mithril's four eyes looked up in thought, but he returned a sly grin. "Well, if you two taught me anything… It's to be patient and try not to judge somelon on the outside... I'll be just fine."

Seren chuckled, raising an eyebrow. "How far you've come."

The vesp blushed, sighing indignantly. "Well. As a noble, I should learn some diplomacy and get allies from all sorts of places. Nothing new. Hmph."

"Soon you'll be like us, walking on land!" Aiza patted him on the shoulder, grinning.

"Not so fast! I never said I'd walk! I'll swim… somehow!" The red vespire squirmed. 

Suddenly, Aiza imagined the red squiddy vespire snaking around on land like a worm. And it made her burst into laughter.

"What-are-you-laughing-about? Hey! Answer me!" Mithril asked, annoyed, to just more laughter from Aiza.


The old Aequorean at the stall gave all three of them a broad smile, serving up a pile of kelp rolls with a cheer, "Since this is y'alls last day here in Aequor, this is on the house!"

"Thanks pops!" Aiza replied, now calmed down enough to begin scarfing her face with the salty sweet food.

"What will you two do now?" Mithril asked.

Seren and Aiza glanced at each other, both bearing a wry smile.

"What we always do…" The black vespire said, puffing a bubble, resting her head on her claws.

"Off onto the next adventure!" The orange pouf finished, raising a roll, grinning brightly.



The Rift's Divide - Epilogue
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In Skyfall Event Quests ・ By teadino

An epilogue! Aiza, Seren, and Mithril meet up one last time before they head off to new horizons, back to the land.


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