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The Rift's Divide
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Aiza's darkened face stopped a foot away from Marzena's, snarling and snapping like a wild animal. The lavender vespire fell backwards, chest heaving.

Seren's pneumir claw had grabbed the pouf right before she attacked. With a whip like movement, the claw pulled her back, and threw her into the cauldron. 

Aiza tried to leap out, but was met with a spoon to the head-- Marzena had taken the large spoon and used it to nudge and bop the corrupted pouflon down into the pink liquid. 

At this, Seren let out a chuckle, once the pouf was fully submerged. 

"Nice one, Marzena."

"That'll teach a corrupted one to deal with me." Marzena grumbled. She bore a very disgruntled face as she splashed the potion onto the pouf.

After a few seconds of Aiza kicking, the pouf began to calm down, and the sparkling pink liquid ate away at the corruption like soap on dirt. What used to be a demonic red and black creature was now a ragdoll pouflon, completely passed out and at the whims of the vigorous stirring of Marzena's spoon.

Seren dragged the pink stained pouf out onto the floor, and laid her out like a towel.

"Huh. I think we have to do something about that pink color from the trioberries. I think we might have changed her color." She remarked.

"Will she be alright?" Lyra asked, peering over Aiza curiously.

"She'll live. But she might die seeing herself in the mirror. Anyway. We should worry more about ourselves for now." Seren responded, reaching out her claws to the potions around them. "Lyra, can you..?"

The lavendar pouf nodded,  and nabbed an open potion nearby.  She walked up to Seren and gestured at the vespire, who raised her large arms up. Patches of corruption marred Seren's arm, and Lyra swiftly opened a bottle to pour onto it, cleansing it. "Thank you..." She mumbled, and the pouflon gave a kind smile in response, "Of course!"

As the corruption melted off her arm in a shower of pink sparkles, the large vespire eyed Mithril, then to a lone bottle on the table. Her golden pneumir claw tossed a potion to Mithril, who almost dropped it, still clearly fazed from his embarrassment. When he had a firm grasp, he swiftly glazed his back and arms with the pink potion's substance as well, washing away the corruption that was eating at him. The warrior politely returned the bottle to its original spot, still shaking. "T-thank you all." He closed his eyes, and looked away. "P-please forget what you saw when we crashed in."-- He reffered to his tentacles being used to snag Aiza, but the other three looked at eachother quizzically and shrugged. What was he on about?

Seeing that they were both now cleansed, Seren grabbed Aiza and slung her gently over her shoulder. She gave a polite nod to Marzena and Lyra, dipping her head.

"Apologies. I must head back to the barracks to drop this one off." 

The two waved in response, both smiling with slight confusion, looking at eachother.  Strange, Seren never mentioned having any friends. 




Glass clinking sounds rang past Aiza's ears. 

The pouflon awoke to face a barrel bedstand, with a glass beaker sitting on it. 

She was laying in a hammock of netting, which creaked slowly to the gentle currents of water around it.

The pouf attempted to get up, but she felt a sharp pain in her side and she staggered, bumping the netting into the nightstand. The beaker flew off, and the pouflon gulped, waiting for the loud smash. 

But it simply drifted slowly to the floor, clinking tenderly as it hit it. 

Oh right. She was underwater again.

"Finally awake?" 

It was Seren's voice, and the pouf could make out her silhouette in the room. She was sitting in the corner,  in front of a table,  back turned to the pouf, grinding something up in a mortar.

"Yeah… What happened?" Aiza winced again, now noticing the bruises on her body. That creature in the rift sure threw her around…

"Your recklessness is what happened." The vespire had a tone of held back anger. "What possessed you to go into the rift? I warned you to stay clear of it."

"I thought it could get me closer to finding Uncle Klein!--" Aiza started.

"It was very foolish." Seren interjected, her voice sharp as nails. Yikes. Aiza closed her mouth. She knew that when Seren got like this, she screwed up, and the scolding was coming in. 3… 2…

The black vespire whipped around, her golden eyes narrowed and smoke around her jaws fuming hot bubbles.

"Aiza. You know magical anomalies are dangerous. Yet you still took your damn chance. If Mithril didn't catch you going in, and didn't come to me, you might have disappeared into eternity for all we know!"

She loomed over the pouf, nostrils flared, beating the mortar more angrily.

"Just look at the damage you've already caused!"

She gestured at the window. Aiza, ears flattened, leaned over to peer outside.

On the street was the crashed in stall she had landed in. The guards were dragging away partially corrupted merlons to the medical tents, the merlons kicking and screeching, and other civilians were cleaning up the remains of the store. Debri and black puddles scattered about... It was a wreck.

"Crap… I did that?" Aiza replied.

"You got fully corrupted and went on a rampage." Seren growled, "Infected multiple lons, including me and Mithril."

Dang. Aiza hung her head from the guilt. She didn't mean to drag others into danger… All she had wanted was to get a lead on Klein's search. Her eyes heavily hung on the scene of crime outside, sinking in her mistake. A genuine "I'm sorry." Slipped from out of her mouth.

Seren backed off slightly, seeing the pouflon realize her actions. She gave a long, heaved sigh. 

"You aren't a bloom anymore. There may be a time when I… nor anyone can come to your rescue." The vespire looked down at the mortar.

"I've already lost a colleague, and a friend to this rift.. I don't want to lose… er.. you."

Seren scratched her head, looking away as if she couldn't look Aiza in the eye. But she still held a very stern pose, despite a slight fluster across her face.

Aiza looked up.

"You're worried about me?"

The vespire huffed, flustered, crossing her arms. "It would be awful to lose my assistant after all." 


The pouflon gave a tiny smile. Despite being yelled at, she was a little relieved the vespire seemed to show concern. It was a rare thing to see from her mentor. 

"That said, eat this. It will heal your broken bones.", The old vespire croaked, presenting Aiza a handful of green mush.

"No way, that looks gross!" 

"It's for your own good dangit. Don't make this harder for yourself!" 

Aiza and Seren wrestled at eachother, as one tried to feed the mush to the other. The battle ended quite swiftly however, when Seren's smoke claw jabbed the stuff into Aiza's mouth, causing the pouf to swallow. 


"Now stay put. I don't want you going near that rift again. This is beyond your capabilities."

"But… I want to help!…" 

The pouf spoke, her voice sleepier than usual- but she couldn't finish her sentence. She fell over, cradling over the hammock's edge, and began to snore.

Seren edged away, sighing, her eyes full of conflict, and a long stream of gold smoke trailed from her frown. 

"I know." 


[to be continued]


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they get healed!? finally!

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