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The Rift's Divide
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"Garghdahh.. ghargh." Aiza gargled. Her mind was loopy, and the corruption on her body had crawled up to her neck. She was carried on the back of Mithril, who swam as fast as he could to get her to the medical area nearby. They zipped through the center of the temple, nearing the exit. 

"Gurghhhaaah!" Aiza spoke again. 

"I have no idea what you're saying, and I hope-you-didn't-make-an-annoying-remark, But stay with me, we're almost to the medical tents!" Mithril responded, though he felt she caught none of that. 

He felt the black tar substance ooze slowly from Aiza's body to his, and he grimaced. Not good. He had to move quick. 

From what he had been told, those infected by the corruption would become hostile, and now being an infected, it would apply to him too.

The red warrior burst through the temple's doors, scaring the guards stationed to each side. With a flick of his tail, he veered towards the medical tents. They stood out as tan canvas squares in the sea of obsidian buildings, bearing red medical markings, making them an easy find. The tents were just several dozens of feet away. He was almost there…!

He could even see several lons under the tent now…


But suddenly! Aiza wrestled free of the Mithril's grasp and dove down, giving a noise very unlike herself. She growled, flashing Mithril a feral look, her eyes completely red with tiny pupils. The pouf was now completely black and red, including her mantle. And she was headed towards the market center.

The vespire gasped and cursed his ancestors' names, and he shot down after the pouflon.

Damn! They were so close!


A flurry of bubbles exploded from below as the corrupted pouflon torpedoed into the stalls below. The store owner, a merlon, screamed and swam off, drawing the attention of other citizens. 

Aiza rose from the rubble of the store, stone bricks rolling off her now tar coated body. The red particles outlining her gave her an ethereal look, her frayed hair almost mimicking hellish horns, and her toothy grin appeared like what she saw in the void-- a crescent of white fangs, with two red glowing eyes above them.

Seeing the demon-like creature in the mess, the Aequoreans' eyes widened and they scattered. Aiza began to laugh, a cold, empty sound that seemed to echo through the water.

She then lunged after the panicked denizens, one by one biting and kicking them around, the corruptive substance latching onto them. Screams of panic pierced the waters as citizens bumped into each other in a haste to escape.

Seconds into her rampage, Mithril tackled her down, trying to pin her to the ground.

Dust rose around them, and in the distance, yelling guards can be heard. 


"Snap out of it Sea kelp!! You're a poor excuse of a mage at this moment!" He yelled, shaking her.

No use. The pouflon continued to laugh steely and coldly, trying to break free. 

Mithril grit his fangs. He could hear the guards come closer to the commotion now.

This wasn't good. Aequor did not take too kindly to any fully corrupted creature or citizen, especially a landwalker, at the moment. If he doesn't calm her down, then she could be eliminated.

"I've got to get you to that tent, otherwise the guards will take you down. Like some rabid pippet." 

He gave a conflicted look, thoughts spinning in his head. He may just have to use that hidden power of his family… No, not the speed they were known for. But rather, something disgraceful… Awful, almost primitive. It pained him to even think of using such power. It was most unseemly. Disgusting even. 

But it would give them a good chance to reach the tents without Aiza going off on a spree again...

"Okay. I didn't want to do this, and I'd never thought I'd use it here…"

He sucked in a breath of water, eyes closing.

"I apologize in advance for the oncoming disgustingness, a thing not even suited for our enemies...! The disgraceful secret technique of Veargas passed down!" Mithril dramatically looked away, not being able to bear what was about to happen.

With swiftness unfound, his red tentacle hair wrapped around Aiza's legs and tied them tightly together, the suction cups acting as a strong lock, latching onto each other like a sentient rope. The pouf was now restrained like a criminal with handcuffs.

Aiza struggled, growling, writhing around and kicking up more dust, but she couldn't break free.

Mithril gave one shameful glance to confirm she was restrained, and then rocketed up and towards the medical tents.




Seren gave a small sigh as she sipped at her cup of coffee.

She had a whole carafe left all to herself, since none of the volunteers wanted to have a second taste. The Aequoreans also didn't seem to like her coffee either, judging from them giving her disgusted looks after trying it. 

It looked like she had some work to do to perfect its flavor…

Nevertheless. The work at the medical tents and division was going well, despite her coffee experiment not.

They were tasked to make healing potions that could cure the corruption upon application, cutting down the time and energy of healing mages.

Marzena the vespire and Lyra the pouflon were of great help, both being healers from the initial wave of corruption. The two had aided in the research and formula of the potion, which made it easier to implement. Their results were visible of course-- the three were surrounded by a mountain of sparkling pink healing potions in the medical tent. All were piled up in crates, retaining their gravity in the oxygen filled area. It was one of the few places in the underwater city that had an area of walkable, breathable air. This was mostly to prevent spillage and give comfort to the healers as they worked. 

"Lyra, Seren, we just need a couple more trioberries, then this batch is done!"

Marzena exclaimed excitedly.

"Great! Hopefully that's the last one.. we've been at this for hours." Lyra said, giving a relieved smile. She grabbed the trioberries off the shelf and hopped over to the large cauldron Marzena was stirring at with a calm grace.

"I hope. I think the potion smell is starting to seep into my fur!" Marzena stuck her tongue out.

Seren looked up from her cup, a wily smirk visible from behind the cup. "Hah. Think of it this way; at least corrupt beings will hate your smell." She said, taking in a sip.

"... You're saying that as if a corrupted is gonna make it all the way here." Marzena asserted, scratching her head. "We made these things so that they wouldn't need us much out in the field. I'm pretty tired of going out there… I mean, every 5 seconds there's a monster! And then someone gets infected. It never ends! Honestly, I'm happy over here far away from that mess."

"But you just complained about the potion smell." Lyra mentioned. 

"I mean--" Marzena started, but Lyra had a point. "Fair. But I'd take this above being out on the battlefield still."

Seren chuckled, "Not much of a on ground medic huh? I s-" 

The large vespire's ear twitched. "You hear something?"

The other two slowed their operations. Lyra dropped in the berries, and Marzena stopped stirring the cauldron.

They all could hear a commotion in the distance.

"What is that?"




A loud crash came from above.

All three winced as wood, water, and rope flew in all directions down at them. 

Whatever it was, it smashed down into the table next to the cauldron, sending splinters out around it. 

Seren's eyes, normally narrow, went large, recognizing who the two that fell through. In the center of the debri was the warrior, who began to brush off dust, and he was towing a moving dark mass behind him.

"Mithril…! Is that.. Don't tell me.." She stammered.

"Sorry for the drop in… Yes. Unfortunately, that is Aiza…"

The red vespire rose, embarrassingly looking away. "D-don't look!" 

But Seren looked anyway, Mithril's red tentacle hair led her eyes down to the restrained, black and red Aiza, who was still struggling against the tentacle lasso tightly tying her legs together. 

At any other time, Seren would have laughed at the ridiculousness of a tentacled warrior trapping the pouflon like a pippet. 

Instead, the black vespire slammed down her cup, cracking it. "Damn… I told her not to get cocky with that rift!" She hissed.

Aiza continued to laugh, and the corrupted lon bit Mithril's tentacles at her legs. The red warrior yelped and the tentacles loosened in reaction, which was all needed for Aiza to break free.


The pouflon had broken out of the restraint, and she gave a dead stare at Marzena with her red eyes.

The lavender vespire gulped and screamed. "No no! Don't look at me! Why does it always have to be me!"

Giving a guttural screech, corrupted Aiza lunged at Marzena.


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corrupted!aiza causes chaos in the markets??

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