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Black mage notes

Case: Strange Drink

Entry #3

Winter of the year of Emerald


I'm still hundreds of miles away from  Chrysanthos, and I'm miserable.

It's been snowing nonstop, and though I have been kept awake by drinking the bitter bean juice, I can't taste a damn thing.

My tongue has become numb from the astounding bitterness…

So to put it this way… 

I'm cold, I taste nothing but bitterness, and I've barely made any travelling progress in the last day or so.


At least all my experimenting with the koffberries used up a bag. However it is a mere dent to the mountain of koffberry filled bags in the storage room. 

I have to do something about this. There is just too many, and I'm starting to detest eating them. 

I need to use these berries in a way that won't eventually make me hate eating or drinking at all….

 I'll start with trying to make more koffberry tea with different temperatures… Maybe that could lessen the intense flavor. 

Otherwise, I may just consider drinking only water and selling them off once I get to Chrysanthos...



While boiling some water, I have accidentally cooked some of the koffberry beans.

A bag of them caught on fire! I had put a bag too close to the cauldron's flames. 

It's been extinguished quickly, thankfully, but something surprising has happened.

A delicious, aromatic smell has permeated the air ever since the beans were roasted.

I had never considered roasting these things, thinking that it would just make them more charred and bitter tasting…

...This was a revelation.

When I tried eating some of the roast beans, I was surprised to find the flavor was less bitter.

They had an airy feel to them, and a note of nuttiness came through.


The temperature had changed the beans' chemical structure.

I will have to do some further experimenting…



The bag of roasted beans were ground into a coarse powder I've contained in a paper filter. I am once again using the tea method, and will place it into boiling water to see what happens.



The bag has steeped and the liquid looks better than ever. It's got a nice bronze sheen to it now, rather than the dull brown it was before.

It even tastes better-- the bitterness has lessened and it is more lighter.

The smell is indescribable. 

It just has a nice, pleasant scent to it…



I've made another batch with slightly different methods. 

The waking effect of the bean juice are kicking in, and I feel the perfect amount of consciousness. 

The biting cold of winter was also negated from drinking the liquid.

The taste was a huge improvement, and I'm becoming quite a fan of this… concoction.

It is way, no, immensely better than the first time I've made it. 

This was an incredible find. I think I will try selling some of this to the Chrysanthoseans.


With its inherent power to keep one awake and stimulated, imagine the amount of work and productivity a mage, knight, or civilian could do!

I couldn't believe these koffberries had this kind of power.

Back when Amaryllis and I picked them, I had just thought them to be medicinal berries, and inedible to the masses.

But this.. When processed in a specific way, could become a mighty fine drink that could even be on par with tea… 

There was so much to still discover with this newfound liquid.

It could be enchanted, its power utilized with so many things-- like a speed potion! Or it could become a nice energy boost alongside a meal.

The possibilities… were endless.

I can no longer call this bronze liquid a terrible name like "Bitter Juice".

No, it deserves a catchier name.

One that rolls off the tongue, like tea.

Hmmmm. It's made from Koffberries….

It can still help a cough, but we can shorten it, as it no longer resembles a berry.


Perhaps, I will call it "coffee".

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In Callings ・ By teadino

part 3!!! is done for inventor calling.  :D 

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