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Black mage notes

Case: Strange Drink

Entry #2

Winter of the year of Emerald


It's 4am.

I have no idea why I've been so awake and wired.

I've been trying to go to sleep for the third time, and I've tried all my usual tricks-- thick warm blanket, cozy fireplace, tea… Normally, those would knock me out completely. Especially those warm blankets, to the point it became a problem while travelling…

Now, I am writing another journal entry to see if that would tire me.

Bah. I just feel more awake!

I have also exhausted all my books about any ailment pertaining to insomnia and nothing adds up…

Was I cursed by somelon?

Or did I accidentally throw a spell on myself?


Could it be those Koffberry beans?



I have just looked into the book "Cultivation: Bellacoste's Berry trees" and read closely about koffberries. Apparently they do have a theorized side effect of keeping one awake.


I am going to conduct an experiment now. If this works… Then I may not have to be worried about falling asleep while moving the carriage up north.

It was quite a problem really. Winter made the skies cold to the point where a blanket was necessary to keep me warm outside. Problem was… Thick warm blankets made me as sleepy as Amaryllis. And I had to stay vigilant to drive the carriage with magic. This hunk of wood can’t steer itself.

Truly, my biggest struggle travelling in winter was staying awake, since I had to stop constantly to nap. 

Something about the warm, soft fabric… Ugh. 


Could these bitter beans help? 

They definitely induced some kind of insomnia on me.

And they certainly were… edible. But they tasted so bitter and awful on their own! The bitterness seemed to stack up with every bite. Now, I consider myself to be able to tolerate most bitter foods, especially minerals... but this was.. Too much.

There had to be a way to dilute these things…Something to make them less bitter.


Maybe I should take a page from tea-making.



I’ve made something. And it tastes awful.

Just like tea-making, I’ve grounded the koffbeans and placed them in a filter bag, and steeped them in a cup of hot water. 

It diluted the flavor! However... Now it just tasted like bitter bean water. Eugh.

These koffberries sure didn’t want to be eaten or drunken in any way!

At least the effort of making these edible was making me tired…


Again, I seemed to have made something out of koffberries.

I still had bags of them in this carriage, and in the storage room… Sigh. I hope I find a way to use all these that won’t result in me losing my sense of taste.

I could technically throw them out, but it would be such a waste, as Amaryllis had handpicked all of them. 

Amaryllis, why did you dump your entire stock of these on me…

Anyhow, I should call this newly invented bitter water something. How about, “Bitter Wake up Call”? 

Or maybe.. “Terrible Water Juice”

Or maybe… “Bitterest tea in the universe…”




[The last letter trails off in a scribble. A pool of drool stains the page, as if Seren had passed out on it after writing the last word.]


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In Callings ・ By teadino

part 2 of the intermission from mage quests :eyes:

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