Black Mage's Notes: Strange Drink #1

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Black Mage’s Notes

Case: Strange Drink

Entry #1

Fall of the year of Emerald


It's been a rough journey going from Snowhurst to Chrysanthos. 

I've run out of all the food I like, and there were no stops on the way until I reach the city…

Theoretically I could land and forage, but winter was settling in across the land, which meant it would be hard to find anything edible...

The only thing I had in abundance were the bags of koffberries that Amaryllis gifted me. 

I had helped the pouf gather winter berries back at Snowhurst, and in return, she gave me a year's worth of koffberries… Way too much for a vespire if you ask me.

What am I to do with all these…

I tried to eat them as is, but they were extremely bitter and not exactly easy to pair with any other sides or dishes. 

However, the seed, or well, bean of the berry's core was surprisingly tasty. It reminded me of quartzrock, a hard mineral that I found to be my favorite, because of texture. 

It was similar to an almondnut, crunchy and brittle, instead of nutty, it was extremely bitter.

I've made a special concoction that, when soaking the koffberries in, would loosen and disintegrate their flesh, leaving behind the snackable beans.

I may have become the first to make koffberries edible, which I suppose was a feat in itself, since most considered them medicinal for very niche diseases. And too bitter to be used for any dish. 


But truthfully, I just wanted to get rid of this overstock of berries! 

Well… I guess I've made a solution for myself.

I now have a whole bowl of these… koffberry beans. I suppose I'll call them "bitter bites" for now.

I'll just eat these until I get to Chrysanthos.

They're not the tastiest, but at least they are edible.


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Black Mage's Notes: Strange Drink #1
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In Callings ・ By teadino

Seren continues her mage journey but there's a bit of an intermission!?

A short lil entry :3

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