Scholar - Bronze [Basil]

In Callings Art ・ By Zevhara
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Scholar - Bronze [Basil]
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In Callings Art ・ By Zevhara

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Basil keeps a small personal library in his living room, currently two bookshelves large and tucked into a corner. There are small flower pots, prisms, and trinkets in the spaces without books, and these eventually get relocated as the shelves fill. He dreams of having a whole room for his library someday, but for now reclines on the large pillow in the corner and picks up where he left off in his current novel. Light shines in from a nearby window to help him see, and a lamp sits close by if he wants to read when it gets late. 
His shelves mostly consist of fiction. He loves fantasy and adventure stories, but also simples slice-of-life stories. He's secretly kind of a sucker for lighthearted romance with a happy ending, as well. Books about plants, pippet care, affinities, magic, and other topics that either interest him or may be relevant to his life also line the shelves. Some of their topics can get incredibly specific, like history books on the development of certain areas of specific forests or towns. He knows some of them sound boring to others.
As the Sun slowly sets, Basil appreciates this much needed break after the stress of helping Aequor. He intends to set out to help again soon, but he really needs a breather. He also wants to pick up some ideas on how to defend himself better.

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