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Undersea Siege Part 5

"Hey you monsters! YEA YOU! WITH THE UGLY TEETH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs down at the creatures. Their heads turned upwards. Good.

I flashed my red and black plaid mantle at them, waving it vigorously. "You guys hate this thing huh?! Come and get it!"

The red and black monsters all simultaneously screeched with agitation. Then they pounced,  one by one.

I willed my body to swim as pouflon-ly fast as I could, going in the direction of the countryside and away from the village.

My heartbeat raced as I felt the rancid breath of the monsters trailing after my cape.

Almost there…

I have to make it, I have to!

Blurs of green and orange flit by as I passed kelp field by kelp field.  

The monsters cut right through them, jaws snapping, fangs clicking.

Finally, I heard a sound I never thought I'd be relieved to hear.
A vibrating rumble, the sound of swirling water. 

The whirlpools were just ahead, and I already felt them tugging at my body.

I grinned and bounded straight into the field of them, tail still glowing hot and giving the magical speed boost that was saving my fishy butt.

One by one the monsters followed.

And one by one they were picked off as their large sizes got pulled into the vortexes. They struggled, trying to break free of the whirlpools. But once they were snagged, they helplessly flailed until they were slurped into the dark holes below. Their red eyes wide in terror, mouth agape and screaming until they disappeared into the maws of the water vortex.

Rocks and kelp tumbled around the area from one whirlpool to the next, pelting the next unlucky few monsters. They lost their momentum, and too were sucked into the abyss. 

A choir of unholy screeches barely echoed above the loud ambient sound of swirling water. And when it did, it became gargled. 

Scree! Scra---gggfffhharghll… 

And then….

Nothing left but the rumbles of the water columns.


A minute of this passed until I saw that there was only one monster left tailing me. I noticed immediately it had something shiny and long stuck in its shoulders… 

Ah! It was the one with Mithril's trident!

The wounded creature screeched angrily as it toiled towards me, a red and black substance trailing behind it. 

This was risky, but it was worth a shot..!

I exhaled and coated my front body with the invisible glove spell. Bubbles and water were repelled from the fur. My teeth clenched firmly on the knife handle.

Here goes nothing!

I swiveled around and spun back towards the monster, stabbing near the trident. 

As it screeched, I did a shovel motion with the blade, trying to pry the deeply harpooned trident from the demon.

The trident thankfully budged and loosened, flying off with a chunk of monster.

Got it! 

Thank god for all those times I had to uproot those pesky swamp roots!

I kicked at the monster, taking the dagger out, trying to get away. I could feel myself sweating as I saw the monster's tar like skin stretching off my untouched hooves, before the black substance was whisked away by the draw of the currents.

The creature yelped in pain as it was pushed away, and a small push was all it needed for it to be snagged by the nearest whirlpool.


I breathed a sigh of relief as I watched the thing flush down into pouf-knows-where… and began to feel faint. Oh crap.. I think I overdid it on magic. 

My consciousness dipped into black and out, and my glowing tail and front body spell both dissipated into particles of faint sparkles.

I felt the tug of the swirling water, and I tried to swim away. The current was too strong though, I could feel my energy wane, and my clumsy swimming came back as default.

"Darn, Guess I really will be the first landwalker to find out what's down there." I chuckled weakly, as the whirlpool began to toss me around in a wide circle.

At least the monsters are gone now, Mithril was alive, and the villagers got away to safety…

I closed my eyes as water began to pound against me. 


"Wake up you idiot sea sponge!!!


I jolted awake and saw none other than Mithril swimming just outside the whirlpool, keeping up speed with my tumbling body.

He was furious looking, and was holding out his trident, pointing and stretching its hilt out toward me.

"Grab on! For clams sake!" He yelled.

I stretched my neck as far as it could go.

After a couple of missed biting, I finally chomped down hard onto the trident's handle.

The warrior yanked me out with a strong pull, and I barreled into a stack of kelp. 

I popped out, spitting kelp.

I opened my mouth, ready to thank Mithril for the help…. But I felt darkness begin to take over...

Oh no, I can't faint now… 

But I did. And the last thing I saw was Mithril swooping down towards me, his face mixed with anger and concern.


Darkness. Again.





I awoke to the sounds of bustling people. Blinking awake, the first thing I noticed was an obsidian ceiling…. Encrusted with sea shells and shiny stone…  and then to the right, black fur….?

"Seren!" I exclaimed happily.

The vespire gave a smirk. She was wearing a bandage on her arm, and was sitting next to my bed, digesting an Aequorean stone tablet book. 

"Did you know that sea sponges are quite resilient but taste awful in these parts?" She told me, "I see why that warrior called you that now."

Ah. Well that made sense. I'll take the first part as a compliment.

"Hey, where is Mithril anyways? And did the villagers make it?" I asked, getting out of the floating bed. It was a net, with a pillow stuffed with seagrass. I made sure not to disturb the ursuki resting under my net.

"Yes. Miraculously all the villagers are alive and here. You should greet them in the plaza…" Seren replied. 

The vespire paused, also adding, “Before you ask, no monsters even followed us to the capital. Great job.”

I sighed in relief.
We all evacuated safely… 

"That's great news…"

"As for Mithril… Last I heard he was back at the castle. He told me to thank you for getting his trident back. He said he might never see us again, and for us to take care." Seren shrugged. 

"Wow. He hates us that much to not see us off? Geez. Fish nobles." I scoffed. "I'm gonna go try to find him anyway. I also gotta thank him properly for saving my butt!"

"Good luck. Castle's big." Seren spoke.

I had a feeling she was exploring there while I was unconscious…. She sure doesn't miss a moment to snoop around.


In no time, I exited the barrack I was left in. It was right at the foot of the castle, for ease of moving troops around. It looked less impressive than the castle, but still had some shiny shell flair.

The streets and waters were bustling with all sorts of merspecies. Many were villagers, and some I even recognized from the one we helped. Though displaced, they continued to sell their goods, or bided time with conversation with the others.

The plaza was more crowded than ever, and I barely could tell which were real merpeoples or landwalkers.

As I was about to cross the plaza to the castle, I noticed an old Aequorean swimming towards me. 

Uh oh.

It was the ol’ Aequorean guy that threw salty kelp rolls at me the first time I came here. I asked him for some rolls at his stall and he refused to take my money... He seemed to really dislike landwalkers….

I began to paddle away, averting my gaze. I sure didn’t want any trouble…

But the Aequorean old man stayed on his path, and swam around to confront me.

“Listen… I know you don’t want me eating your rolls and stuff… I don’t want any trouble either so I’ll be on my way” I said wistfully.

But to my surprise, at the corner of my eye, the old Aequorean seemed to be on the verge of tears.

“You… Landwalker. My family told me all about you and that large black mage friend of yours… They wouldn’t have escaped the kelp farm and got here safely without you.” He said, sniffling.

“From the bottom of my old Aequorean heart, I thank you.”

I could see his hands rolling into fists. “I.. I thought all ye Landwalkers were good for nothin’s… But you darn went and risked your lives for us.”

“Feel free to drop by anytime and I’ll treat ya to my rolls. It’s the least I can do… And sorry for throwin’ em at you earlier.”

A relieved smile sprung across my tired face. 

“Hey… No worries, that history’s behind us.” I responded.


It looked like us Bellacoastans had done a bit of remedying towards that fractured relationship with Aequor. 

I sure hoped Mithril felt that way too. He had thrown quite a stink about it…

Either way, I still needed to thank him for getting me out of that whirlpool… And maybe punch him for throwing me into one before that. 


I neared the castle, ready to find that fish noble…

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In Event Quests ・ By teadinoContent Warning: stabbing

things are wrapping up... but theres one loose end left!

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